The Game Progress Route in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake is a guide for players to find a recommended path to complete the game. If you are new to Souls games, we recommend reading the New Player Help and Combat pages so that you can better understand the game's mechanics.

 Where to Go Next?

After defeating the first Boss, Phalanx, players will be free to visit any Location by using the Archstones located within The Nexus. This guide is meant for players that want to beat the game, while trying to master the increasingly difficult learning curve provided by the game.
Remember that if you are having trouble with a particular area, you just can switch to a different world and come back later.

Locations in Demon's Souls are divided into different Worlds. There are 5 Worlds, each of them are divided into different Locations. Players often refer to locations by number, for example 1-3 or 4-3. The first number represents the World, while the second number represents the division or location inside that particular World. For example: If a player refers to 1-2, he is referrring to Phalanx Archstone, World 1, Division 2.






Game Progress Route for Demons Souls

The following guide describes how to clear the Game in the following order:


Demon's Souls Boss Order

Defeat the bosses on this order to optimize your playthrough - the boss list follows a natural difficulty progression by allowing you to take on the first boss of each area and move upwards as needed:

  1. Phalanx: Gates of Boletaria (1 - 1)
  2. Tower Knight: The Lord's Path (1 - 2)
  3. Armor Spider: Smithing Grounds (2 - 1)
  4. Fool's Idol: Prison of Hope (3 - 1)
  1. Adjudicator: Island's Edge (4 - 1)
  2. Leechmonger: Depraved Chasm (5 - 1)
  3. Flamelurker: The Tunnel City (2 - 2)
  4. Dragon God: Underground Temple (2 - 3)
  1. Maneater: Upper Latria (3 - 2)
  2. Old Hero: The Ritual Path (4 - 2)
  3. Penetrator: Inner Ward (1 - 3)
  4. Dirty Colossus: Swamp of Sorrow (5 - 2)
  1. Old Monk: The Ivory Tower (3 - 3)
  2. Storm King: Altar of Storms (4 - 3)
  3. Maiden Astraea: Rotting Haven (5 - 3)
  4. King Allant: The King's Tower (1 - 4)



Gates of Boletaria (1 - 1)



  • Take the left path once you reach the giant door. 
  • Go through the tower until the bottom end to unlock  a shortcut and obtain the Cling Ring
  • Rescue Ostrava, of Boletaria
  • Head through the second fog door.
  • Pass the Red Dragon on the bridge, and unlock the lever to open the big main gate.
  • Go down the tower infested with Hoplites, and interact with the last lever to unlock the door in front of you.
  • Go through the fog door to face Phalanx.

Once you spawn on the level keep going until you reach the giant door, go to the left side. Keep advancing through the building.

Head down the tower and pull the lever to unlock a shortcut and also grab the Cling Ring, a very useful item while in Soul form.

Mind the boulder coming from the stairs, and once on the top of that stair, don't go just yet to the Boletaria Mausoleum. A Red Eye Knight is guarding it, and right now is an incredibly powerful enemy to face. Go the other way and face the Blue Eye Knight.

Head through the fog door, and drop to help Ostrava, of Boletaria, to start his side quest and follow him around. Don't let him get killed or the side quest will be left unfinished until your next playthrough.

Head through the second fog door, break the gate that's holding the boulders and move aside to kill all the Enemies on the tight corridor. 

You reach a crossroad, on your left there's the dragon nest, where you will find the Red Dragon and the Blue Dragon. On the path in front of you, the Red Dragon will appear and do a bombing run. While  the Red Dragon is doing the bombing run, you can rush to the nest and loot the Purple Flame Shield. Don't get too greedy, the other dragon can use its tail to hit you.

Pass the Red Dragon between its bombing runs and interact with the lever to open the giant main door.

Go down the tower infested with Hoplites, and interact with the last lever to unlock the door in front of you. This leads to the beginning of the zone and directly in front of the newly opened giant gate.

Go through the fog door to face Phalanx. Once defeated, you start the next area Phalanx Archstone.



The Lord's Path (1 - 2)



  • At the first tower, you can take down the Red Dragon if you have enough arrows (optional)
  • Go down the stairs outside of the first tower, and turn back killing all the Enemies to rescue Ostrava, of Boletaria.
  • Turn back and head to the other way of the tunnel, head outside to find yourself at another tower. Head through the fog door.
  • Make a run to the castle, enter the fog door.
  • Defeat  the Tower Knight.

At the start of the area, go left without leaving the room to meet Ostrava, of Boletaria. He's in dire need of help again.

Cross the bridge and you can take down the Red Dragon from the first tower (Optional).

Go down the stairs outside of the first tower, and turn back killing all the Enemies to rescue Ostrava, of Boletaria.

Turn back and head to the other way of the tunnel, to find the Dregling Merchant.

Now take the exit to the right and you are in another tower, head through the fog door on your right.

Take the bridge until the end. Defeat the Enemies

Head through the Fog door to enter the boss room.

Defeat the Tower Knight.



Smithing Grounds (2 - 1)



  • Go up the stairs and kill the Crystal Lizard to your left.
  • Enter the building to the right and go all the way to the end. 
  • Activate the lever to open the door next to the fragile wooden bridge.
  • Enter the first fog door.
  • Keep going fighting Scale Miners until you reach the second fog door, but don't enter yet.
  • Go past it and activate the lever to unlock the shortcut and be able to trade with Blacksmith Ed.
  • Now go back and enter the second Fog door, travel the area until you reach another lever, activate it to remove the lava.
  • Return to the second fog door entrance and go across to where the lava was. Pass through another Fog Door.
  • Go until you activate another lever, this time to go to the elevator that leads to the boss.
  • Defeat Armor Spider.

Go up the stairs and kill the Crystal Lizard to your left.

Get back to the top of the stairs, and enter the building, mind the boulders being thrown at you. Once inside, turn left and head all the way to the end.

Turn right where you fight the Fat Official, and go along the corridor. 

You will eventually reach a room where a Fat Official is beyond a fragile wooden bridge.  If you attempt to cross the bridge, it will collapse. Once it does, reach the lever on the other side. That will open an iron door.

Now go back to where the crumbled bridge is, and take the walkway on the right through the fog door.

Keep going and pass the second fog door, head outside, and turn right.

Pull the lever to activate the elevator that leads to Blacksmith Ed and also acts as a shortcut.

Turn back and enter the fog door, pass the workshop room, turn left and face the mob of Scale Miners.

Keep going until you eventually reach another lever, activate it to let the water flow over the lava.

Return to the entrance of the second door, and head down to where the lava was, now head to the accessible stairs on the other side. 

You will find a Fat Official surrounded by exploding barrels, and behind him, a fog door.

Travel through the next area, take the elevator and prepare to face the Armor Spider.

Defeat Armor Spider.



Prison of Hope (3 - 1)



Take the Prison of Hope 3F Cell Key on the first corridor of cells.

Take the Prison of Hope 3F Key on the next set of cells.

Unlock door on your right at the beginning of the level, and pass through the fog.

Go upwards.

Enter the room with the Iron Maidens, and head to the next corridor. 

Grab the Prison of Hope 4F Key and Prison of Hope 4F Cell Key on your right 

You can find the Once Royal Mistress, inside one of the cells, if you are in need of supplies.

You can find Sage Freke, the Visionary locked in one of the cells of the 3F. You can also find Lord Rydell, locked in in another cell. 

Go downstairs to find Prison of Hope 1F Key and Prison of Hope 1F Cell Key.

Go all the way down, face the Prisoner Horde, go past it and you will be treated to a short cutscene when you see the giant ballista-like structure getting activated.

At the edge of the ballista hallway you can obtain the Prison of Hope Warden's Key.

Go past the second fog door, and approach the ballista from behind to deactivate it. Climb the tower all the way up, cross the corridor until you find a man in the end. He tells you he won't cause you trouble., he's lying. Kill him, if you let him live, he will keep reviving the next boss. Grab the Prison of Hope Special Key behind him, you can use it to free Sage Freke, the Visionary.

Take the stairs, beware of the black phantom and face the Fool's Idol



Island's Edge (4 - 1)



  • Fight the Silver Skeletons and pass the fog door.
  • Turn left and go to the top of the building, head to the end and go down the ladder. 
  • Go down to obtain the Copper Key.
  • Turn back and this time take the stairs all the way down. Hit the wall to break the illusion.
  • Go all the way to the end to free Graverobber Blige using the Copper Key.
  • Go back to where you broke the illusion door, turn left and there's another illusory wall. Hit it to dispel it.
  • Head up the stairs and you are in front of the second  fog door, and you can fight the optional boss Vanguard.
  • Take the fog door and go up the stairs. Keep going until you are on some narrow ledges fighting Gold Skeletons
  • You will reach the third fog door. Pass through it.
  • Enter the boss room. Defeat Adjudicator

Enter the area through the Archstone.

Fight the skeletons and go through the Fog door. Turn left and head outside again, there's a Black Skeleton protecting a Crescent Falchion +1, a great Weapon for magic users.

Go back to the building, head up the stairs and take the right path. Head to the end and go down the ladder. Mind the trap in the middle and obtain x1 Copper Key from the corpse near the iron door.

Now go back to the building and take the left path, go up through the stairs and take the exit to the right. Climb the hill and on top of it you can find Sparkly, the Crow.

Turn back and take the stairs all the way down and hit the door frame to break the illusory wall. If you go to the end you will find Graverobber Blige, use the Copper Key to free him. You can trade with him.

If you turn left after the first illusory wall and attack again, another illusory door will break.  Mind the trap along the way. This leads you outside in front of the second fog door and behind the Vanguard, you can face him now (Optional).

Go through the fog door, take the stairs up, to your left there's a Black Skeleton guarding an Adjudicator's Shield.

Keep moving through the ledge fighting Gold Skeletons, you will reach the third Fog Door. Pass through it. 

Go to the end of the room, and turn right, and you will reach the door leading to the boss.

Defeat the Adjudicator.



Depraved Chasm (5 - 1)



Go down the way through the precarious roofs.

You will reach the first fog door, go through it.

Keep going down and cross the bridge, you can find the Filthy Woman if you feel like trading.

Downstairs, there are a lot of Rats, that can leave you Plagued.

Take on the Giant Depraved One across the bridge.

Go up that room, take the bridge and go down until you reach the second fog door.

Defeat the Leechmonger.



The Tunnel City (2 - 2)



Once you start the zone, you have a Crystal Lizard to your right, among many Scale Miners.

Take the left corridor, dodge the exploding ore carts, use the elevator to go down. Mind the two Black Phantoms guarding the entrance of the Crystal Lizards' nest.

Head to the cavern-like area, meet Patches, the Hyena and start his sidequest. Grab all the loot available, including Dark Heater Shield +2.

Enter the tunnels and expore them to obtain x1 Dragon Long Sword+1.

If you want to take the shortcut to just go directly to the Flamelurker. Take the right path, past the whole mob of Scale Miners.

Start doing some calculated drops on the wooden platforms until you reach ground level. 

Face the Rock Worms, turn right and you are in front of the Boss area, get ready to face the Flamelurker.

Defeat the Flamelurker.



Underground Temple (2 - 3)



  • Destroy the debris on the right.
  • Reach the ballista
  • Activate it.
  • go down and keep going forward to the next ballista.
  • Actvate it, mind the Crystal Lizard in the area..
  • Head directly to the Dragon God and finisht it off.

Enter the area,  advance and destroy the debris on the right.

Reach the ballista, activa it to trigger a short cutscene. 

Go down the stairs in front of you.

Keep advancing and destroying the debris. 

Reach the second ballista.

There's a Crystal Lizard near it.

Activate the ballista to trigger a second cutscene.

The Dragon God will stay immobilized, with its head on the ground. 

Go towards it and finish it off.

You can now take advantage that the boss is gone, to obtain any remaining loot.



Upper Latria (3 - 2)



  • Enter the tower with the beating heart.
  • Go upstairs and head to the next tower.
  • Enter the fog
  • Kill the cultists to break the first chain.
  • Free Yurt, the Silent Chief.
  • Go down the swamp,
  • Enter the second tower thorugh the fog door.
  • Kill the cultists to break the second chain. 
  • Return to the heart with the beating heart, go all the way up.
  • Face the Maneater.

Enter the center tower with the beating heart, go upstairs. Take the exit to the left, and keep advancing towards the fog in the distance. 

Enter the fog, go up, kill the cultists to break the first chain.

Leave the tower through the near platform and jump to another one where you will find Yurt, the Silent Chief trapped in a cell.

Enter the cell where he was trapped in and go down to the swamp. Traverse it, and head to the wooden structure, behind it you will se a fog door.

Head up, and turn left, enter the next tower.

Kill the cultits to break the second chain.

Return to to tower where the giant beating heart was.

Climb the two ladders all the way up, mind the Black Phantom Mind Flayer in the second one.

Turn left and enter the fog door, to face the Maneater.



The Ritual Path (4 - 2)



Enter the cave, you will find Graverobber Blige.

Enter the next room, face the Reaper.

Activate the switch behind the sarcophagus to open a door leading outside.

Go downstairs and you will find Patches, the Hyena. He will tell you that there's treasure on the hole in front of him. He pushes you down once you take a lookl.

You can meet Saint Urbain, to free him, defeat the black phantom on the area.

Head outside and traverse the ledge full of Skeletons.

Enter the fog door.

Kill the second Reaper

Enter through the second fog door, that leads outside.

Keep traversing the outside ledges, and enter again the ruins.

Kill the third Reaper.

You will reach an open cavern filled with slugs.

Reach the end and enter a narrow path to reach the last fog door, 

Defeat the Old Hero.



Inner Ward (1 - 3)



Enter the area, pass the plaza wwhere the dogs attack you and go left to the big stairs. There's a Crystal Lizard on your right. A cutscene will trigger. 

Enter the passage on your right and go all the way past the crossbowmen at the rooftops. 

Turn to your left to enter the first fog door, turn right and you will find a Fat Official, and loot him to obtain the Iron Ring of Keys.

Traverse the rooftops and once you go down, turn left. Face the Fat Official that is standing behind the iron door and loot the Official's Cap from the officer's body.

Pull the lever yo your right to open the iron door to enable a shortcut, and help Ostrava, of Boletaria who is being attacked by soldiers. He gives you a Pure Clearstone for the assistance.

Head back to the Tower Knight Archstone, and keep going to the room  right before the boss and use the Iron Ring of Keys on the door on the right side.

Enter the dungeon to rescue Biorr, of the Twin Fangs. Fight the Fat Official to obtain the Bloody Iron Key. There's a Crystal lizard in the distance, behind the Fat Official.

Head back to the plaza, take the tight alley and open the door useing the newly acquired Bloody Iron Key. Equip the Official's Cap, and enter the tower.

Grab the Ring of the Accursed and the Ring of Magical Nature.

The Fat Official will drop down the ladder for you to go up if you have the Official's Cap equipped. Go up, kill him and rescue Yuria, the Witch.

Return to where you rescued Ostrava, of Boletaria turn right past the group of soldiers, enter the fog door to face the Penetrator.

Defeat the Penetrator.



Swamp of Sorrow (5 - 2)



Go along the narrow alley, take the wooden ledges to the right and start dropping down to the swamp.

You will be exploring small islands for items and equipment, especially try to get the Regenerator's Ring, that will help you traverse the swamp without suffering too much the effects of being Poisoned.

Beware of the Meat Cleaver Black Phantom that patrols the area.

Follow the lanterns to guide you if you are lost. It will lead you to a big island with a Giant Depraved One. Past the first fog door.

On the right. you can find Selen Vinland on one of the islands. Talk to her to start her sidequest. She is looking for her brother Garl Vinland.

Go to the shanty town at the end, it's  the second fog door.

If you go to the left side, you will find a wooden platform, take it. Go all the way, to find the Slugs' nest. It looks like a lot of Slugs tied together. Hit it enough times and a lot of slugs will drop. 

Get down there and kill them to withdraw the Large Sword of Moonlight.

Now access the second fog door.

On your left, you will find the Filthy Woman. Traverse the shanty town. Go all the way to the left, hugging the wall, across the wooden ledges. Eventually you will reach a vertical wooden plank that you can use to enable a shortcut, from the beginning of the area to the shanty town part.

Return to the shanty town and head through the final fog door to face the Dirty Colossus.



The Ivory Tower (3 - 3)



Take the stairs up.

There's a Black Phantom Mind Flayer midway through the stairs.

There's another Black Phantom Mind Flayer near the end of the stairs.

Enter the boss area.

Defeat the Old Monk.



Altar of Storms (4 - 3)



Go outside, a cutscene will trigger where you see the Storm King approaching. 

Go down the hill towards the graveyard and look for a sword.

Once found, withdraw it to obtain Storm Ruler, equip it.

Use it to kill the Storm King and the other Enemies.

Once killed, you can loot the place without having to worry about being hit.



Rotting Haven (5 - 3)



Enter the fog door, to trigger a cutscene.

On your right there's a Crystal Lizard.

Kill as many Depraved Ones as you can now that they are not attacking you. Once Maiden Astraea is attacked, they'll turn hostile.

Garl Vinland will position himself between you and Maiden Astraea.

If you manage to kill him before her, she will commit suicide. If you kill her, Garl will stand with his head lowered. After this, he won't engage you unless attacked.



The King's Tower (1 - 4)




 WARNING - Once you defeat Old King Allant, you must complete the playthrough, enter the next NG and defeat Phalanx before you can level up with the Maiden In Black. All keys, rescued NPCs, and warp points are reset when starting a new game, so finish your exploration and collection of items before defeating this area boss.

Enter the area and face the three black phantoms.

Kill the Crystal Lizard on your right.

Take the alley on your right and take the stairs up. 

You will see a cutscene where the Blue Dragon appears.

It will attack the bridge, you have to pass, so try to cross in between attacks.

Kill the Crystal Lizard in the next room, leave the area and the dragon will change position.

If you rescued Biorr, he will appear here to fight it.

Go all the way up the stairs. You can use a ranged weapon or spell to kill the Blue Dragon (Optional)

Keep going and you will find Ostrava, of Boletaria if you have saved him in the previous levels.

He will give you the Mausoleum Key. Upstairs you will face Black Phantom Ostrava.

Keep advancing and take the elevator to face Old King Allant.

Defeat Old King Allant



Below The Nexus

below the nexus locations demon's souls remake wiki guide 300px

Once in The Nexus, a cutscene will play.

Talk to The Maiden in Black when you are ready, she will take you to the final boss of the game.

Enter the Old One and prepare to fight King Allant.

Defeat King Allant.

Loot Soulbrandt.

Keep advancing to trigger another cutscene.

Here you have to choose what to do:




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