Health 1306 118
93 Plague Immune
Location Shrine of Storms 4-1
Reward/s Swollen Demon's Soul

Adjudicator is a Boss in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Bosses are special enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar with its name indicated, a variety of unique moves and abilities, an ambient boss theme, and an Archstone that appears upon their death. Most bosses appear once the player passes through a fog gate nearby.

Hitting the Adjuticator's body does no damage. He only receives damage if you hit the bird at the top of his head. Hitting the blade wedged in his belly will eventually cause him to fall and expose the bird to damage. The bird is also able to be targeted by magic.


Adjudicator Location

Adjudicator is found behind the fog door. Go through the door, take the stairs down and you will be facing the Adjudicator.
4-1 (Shrine of Storms or Island's Edge)



Adjudicator Rewards




Adjudicator Strategies

Video Strategies



Upper Level Strategy

  • You can fire at the Adjudicator from any of the tiers, but he will lash out his tongue at you and break away sections of the floor. If you insist on fighting from the upper tiers then it is best to hug the wall with the Thief's Ring on and don't stay still. The Adjudicator's weak spot from up here is his head, specifically the brown bird nesting in his crown. It is best to look down and shoot him till he is almost below you, then quickly run to the other side and repeat. If you are lucky, his tongue will never hit you.
  • Note: If you keep your back against the fog-doorway, you will be out of range of his tongue lash. You can then walk out to the edge, shoot his head, and back-up to the doorway (rolling back also helps). This way you can kill him without ever getting hit.

Middle Level Strategy - Homing Soul Arrow

  • As soon as you emerge from the fog, run to the stairs on the right. Run down them to the middle level. Start running around the level counterclockwise. After completing a half-circuit or so, cast Homing Soul Arrow. Start running again as soon as you can. After every half-circuit, cast Homing Soul Arrow again. The spell will automatically hit the demon and it will quickly kill him. With a powerful caster, two casts are enough to kill the demon even in New Game++. There is no need to even look at him so you can concentrate on running. The role of the half-circuit is to get you out of his attack arc when you stop to cast the spell.
  • You will have to negotiate the stairs during your run. If you accidentally fall to the ground level, try to quickly get back to the middle level. Often you can make it if you keep cool.

Middle Level Strategy - Fire Spray

  • As soon as you emerge from the fog, run to the stairs on the right. Run down them to the middle level. You can pace back and forth along a wall, or up and down the stairs to the bottom floor while spamming his head with Fire Spray. If you choose to use the lower stairs, keep in mind the abrupt turn in the middle to avoid falling to the ground floor. Your Fire Spray attacks are more than likely going to miss his head while on the ground floor, so don't linger. Using the stairs can confuse the Adjudicator into indecisiveness as to which type of attack to use, causing him to miss you quite a bit. With enough points allocated into your magic stat, Fire Spray can eliminate the Adjudicator fairly quickly.


Melee Strategy

  • If you choose to go pure melee, attack the broken meat cleaver on his left front side. Hack away at it when he isn't telegraphing for a swipe. You'll know you are hitting it because blood will spray out and your weapon won't be rebounding off his fatty tissue. Wield your weapon with two hands, as he'll probably one-hit you anyway. Stay close to him and keep moving to the right, when he starts his swipe his left hand will move and allow you to get away. After hitting him enough times he will fall forward onto the ground for a short period of time.

  • His weak spot is the brown bird nesting in his crown. Lock-on and hack away without mercy. You might have to repeat this a few times before he goes down. Be careful of falling pieces of the floor, especially if you're fighting him with Phantoms (or if you are a Phantom). If someone stays on the upper deck he will shoot his tongue at them. Try not to be under the floor when this happens.

  • Also, a Phantom or two can easily distract the Adjudicator on the ground while a magic/bow user fires away from up above, without having to worry about getting smacked by his tongue. Try using a Sticky White Stuff if you can, as this really messes him up.

Ranged Strategy

  • For ranged users, once on the ground level, you can stay behind him, safe from attacks. If you back up a little bit, you can lock on to and shoot at his head, damaging him easily. A handful of arrows and he's dead. Also note that if he gets you stuck in a corner, you can roll away and run to the opposite corner and he'll turn around and walk towards you a bit before attacking again.

  • Cast Warding if you have it. On NG+ and beyond, his cleaver attack will almost certainly kill you in one hit. With Warding activated, he will barely manage 500HP damage, even on lightly armored players.


Attacks & Counters

Phase 1
At medium range and further, the Adjudicator will lash out with his tongue. This will break away the upper floors, where falling blocks might land on his head and injure him.
If the player is on the ground level, he will occasionally execute a chopping attack with the broken cleaver in his left hand. Roll to either side to avoid the damage
  • Periodically he will choose to swing with the bigger cleaver in his right hand in a horizontal sweep while turning slightly. The attack is preceded by a bird call (from the bird that nests on his head).
  • The Adjudicator is weak to magic and his head is vulnerable once he is knocked down.


Adjudicator Lore

A strange-looking demon with a golden crown on its head and an extremely long tongue which he uses to attack victims who are out of the range of his cleavers. He grew fat from eating the demon slayers who attempted to penetrate deeper into the Shrine of Storms.


Adjudicator Notes & Trivia

  • The Adjudicator grew fat from eating the demon slayers passing through the shrine.



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    • Anonymous

      Had gotten frustrated and put down this game for a little while. Then, I had a dream where I fought this guy and came out victorious. I picked it up again the next day and 48 hours later I had beaten Demon's Souls

      • Anonymous

        The little birdy will fly straight towards you and spread your ass cheeks wide open for that sticky white slime to flow in. Don't resist, let nature do its work.

        • Anonymous

          "Note: If you keep your back against the fog-doorway, you will be out of range of his tongue lash. You can then walk out to the edge, shoot his head, and back-up to the doorway (rolling back also helps). This way you can kill him without ever getting hit."
          Wrong. You will still get hit by his tongue even when you have your back up against the fog.

          • Anonymous

            I wonder if he was originally meant to be fought in a wider area, like the space depicted on his shield. It's strange that the demon equivalent of St. Peter is just stuck in a random staircase

            • Anonymous

              I really like the redesign version, I always thought the original was a bit goofy like the **** around his lips looked more like jam or tubby custard than blood or viscera, good job bluepoint

              • Anonymous

                Lmao someone put a summon sign down before the boss fog like no soul lvl 90 is gonna summon you to fight this fat bastard

                • Anonymous

                  So just so we're clear on the lore, the Adjudicator's Shield mentions that "eating of birds" is forbidden to become "Hero of the Storm." It also explains that this "Golden Crow" is the Adjudicator's "master," and that displeasing it prompts the Adjudicator to devour the person in question.

                  That much is offered by the game, but if I may speak subjectively, the fact that the Golden Crow is not THE Adjudicator, and that the two beings are connected so symbiotically that killing the Golden Crow kills the Adjudicator, suggests they are one and the same entity anyway. Perhaps this Golden Crow is the Adjudicator's consciousness (as Freke explains, souls are how beings observe the world around them, the loss of which results in the perception of a colorless fog blanketing the world), whereas the body of the Adjudicator is controlled solely by its gluttony, being a colossal stomach in and of itself. The Golden Crow is the last, fragile semblance of reason that holds it back from devouring all in its path It's also worth mentioning that the crow is apparently in soul form, like the Old Hero later on. This furthers the dichotomy between the Adjudicator's body and its soul.

                  Considering the Shadowmen's evident worship of the storm and sky, the Golden Crow and its judgement could have to do with the real world ritual of sky burial, in which corpses (or sometimes punished individuals) are laid out on a high scaffold or tethered to a wooden beam to be pecked at and devoured by carrion birds. Since the demons are formed from the spiritual speculations and superstitions of the living, it could be that the Golden Crow and the Storm King are each formed of the souls of those buried by air—or at least that is what the Shadowmen believed they were. This would also explain why the consumption of birds is forbidden: it would be the equivalent of devouring the souls of those who had been returned to the skies.

                  In that sense, to be swallowed by the Adjudicator was merely the preferable outcome to these Shadowmen. If they failed to please the Golden Crow, death was preferable to lingering on earth without purpose. The Old Hero exemplifies this concept, having been totally mummified, his soul remaining within his body beyond death, dutifully defending the shrine of the Storm King. (Curious, however, is his apparent lack of eyes, perhaps suggesting they were plucked by crows, or that maybe he wears the blindfold to prevent them from being plucked, turning his "search" to a place within. This would later become a recurring concept in Miyazaki's works.)

                  Of course, the demons had not presented themselves until King Allant had unleashed the Old One once again. To the Shadowmen, the Adjudicator, the Golden Crow, and the Storm King were all merely legends. Hence, the island is littered with skeletons, their flesh having been stripped from their frame by the swirling cloud of crows long before the Slayer of Demon's arrival. When the colorless fog swept across the world, draining the living of their souls and obscuring reality, the demons were given form at last, some out of fear, others out of veneration, and sometimes, perhaps they were born from the confusion of the two.

                  • I'm familiar with pretty much every boss in the series, but this one I find particularly creepy. He's humanoid, but he seems to be a twisted mockery thereof. His head scares the hell outta me- teeny tiny with nightcrawler lips, a bizarre bird nestled on his crown, and a tongue that's he uses to violate and kill you.

                    • Anonymous

                      Ok, the Dark Souls 3 comments are way saltier than Demon’s Souls’. If this proves something, let me know!

                      • Anonymous

                        It's the bird, nothing will dissuade me. This game gave us a kind-hearted demon, a blind demon, magic robes that were a demon, and a flying stingray... that seagull on it's head is a demon too.

                        • Anonymous

                          Only us, chosen of the Demon's Souls, could even ponder if the bird on his head was technically the real Demon Boss all along. Since critical damage is done when you hit that area, I always liked to think that the tiny bird was the real Demon running the Shrine of Storm area.

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