Giant Depraved One

Health 726
Damage Reduction
80 Magic Attack Reduction -
57 Fire Attack Reduction -
Location Valley of Defilement
Enemy Type Humanoid Enemy
Reward/s 198 Souls

Giant Depraved One is an Enemy in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Enemies have their own behavior and unique attacks, killing enemies provide various drops that reward players with items and souls.


Shambling, pained and horrifically disfigured. The Depraved ones were once people, but discarded into the Valley of Defilement, living in putrid disease and decay, they are every bit as horrific as the valley itself.

The moans and wails of the depraved can be heard throughout the valley, serving as a grim warning to those who would intrude in their horrific sanctuary. The depraved ones will cut down any human they find, hoping to offer their souls to the corrupt saint, Maiden Astraea.


Combat Information

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  • Ouch! These enemies hurt. If you go head to head with one, expect a club to the face followed by imminent death. They move fairly fast as well. If you can fight them in an open area you can dodge their swings. Otherwise, the best bet is to use ranged attacks, and take full advantage of the terrain available. These guys can't climb, so backtrack to a place where you have to pull yourself up to get away from them. Barring that, try a Thief's Ring and run away when they approach.

  • To clear the island with four of them (!) in the poison swamp of Leechmonger Archstone, drop the ramp that leads back to the beginning of the area, then snipe them from this area of raised walkway. With the Thief's Ring equipped they'll walk back to the island after you stop shooting for a bit. Since you're safe on the shortcut walkway, you might try buffing your attacks with a Clever Rat's Ring to save time (Magic Sword "Makoto" helps since it carries a curse that drops 0.5% of your maximum hp/sec).

  • Whatever you do, don't fight them while standing in the swamp. You'll probably get poisoned and they can move quickly through it whereas you can not. Always fight from dry land! Prepare to die if you don't because you cannot and I repeat cannot dodge at all in the swamp. At least, not while you're locked on to anyone. The key thing is to go out of lock-on mode! Giant Depraved Ones attack slowly enough that as they wind up for a swing, you can run out of their range as long as you're not locked on to them, and thus avoid death by clubbing.

  • Obviously you'll want to be running towards dry land, preferably somewhere with plenty of space to work with. In the meantime, keep an eye on how close the Giant Depraved One is to you, and make sure that you've got enough stamina for a quick dash (not a roll) away, as the Giant Depraved One comes up behind you and stops to swing. Even at a full dash, the Giant Depraved One is likely to catch up to you, and if that moment is when you run out of stamina, you get a club to the head.

  • Eventually, the Giant Depraved One may give up its chase as it gets too far away from its origin point or you get far enough away from it that it doesn't see you any longer, or you'll get to dry land where you can take up the fight.
    Do not try to melee a Giant Depraved One in the swamp unless you're 100 percent certain that your attack is going to kill it. If you get a comfortable distance away from it, you can shoot arrows or magic. However, considering that you're probably at the very least poisoned, it's usually best to use that little respite to pop a quick antidote and/or herb instead, and keep on moving.


Item Drop

Enemy Variety Item Drops
All Great Club (very rare)
Morning Star (very rare)
Stone of Ephemeral Eyes (rare)
Black Phantom Stone of Ephemeral Eyes


Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      I have attempted to swamp roll , it was an attempt. Falling forward fail animation…. The large depraved being was the Babe Ruth to my baseball head …

      • Anonymous

        Who writes these articles? The way its written is very annoying and no offense but seems like it was written by a scrub.
        I want actual tips and info not garbage strats.

        • Anonymous

          The page for Pure Faintstone says it can be obtained from these guys, but it doesn’t appear on the loot table.

          Also, if you use Cloak or a Thief’s Ring, you can run past them. You will have to kill the two small deprived on the bridge without aggroing the second one though and then dash for the boss room.

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            These f***ing re***ds can go f*** themselves, for all I f***ing care!!! F*** you to death, f***ing Bluepoint!!!

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              These bastards can go f*ck right off. Trying to fight them in the Swamp of Sorrows (especially in the PS3 version) is an absolute nightmare.

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                Why nobody mentioned they drop these stones? You can farm them this way!i killed 2 of them both of them dropped the stones!

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