Storm King

Health 1172 156
203 Plague Strong
Location Old Hero Archstone (4-3)
Reward/s Storm Demon's Soul

Storm King is a Boss in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Bosses are special enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar with its name indicated, a variety of unique moves and abilities, an ambient boss theme, and an Archstone that appears upon their death. Most bosses appear once the player passes through a fog gate nearby.


Storm King Location

Once you are at the archstone, go ahead and pass the fog door. 
World 4-3 (Old Hero Archstone)



Storm King Rewards




Storm King Strategies

Video Strategies



Important Info

First run to where there are a lot of flying Storm Beasts, as you approach they will start attacking. Run and roll as fast as you can to the end of the big outstretched cliff on the left. You will see the Storm Ruler, take it out and run back to a safe zone. Equip it, and go back towards one of the safe zones. Lock on to the Storm Beasts and attack them with your new sword. Keeping Thief's Ring equipped is very handy. The Storm Beasts will only attack you if they are close, and if they are attacking you, then they are close enough to be hit with Storm Ruler.

Try to stay in the area where you got the Storm Ruler, as the Storm Beasts don't fly over this area and it's safe from them. It's also where the Storm King flies over for his first swoop and you can attack him from here. The pillars are also safe points.

Damage does increase when wielded with two hands. When there are only around four Storm Beasts left, the boss will fly closer to the ground, run quickly to a safe zone. He will swoop over the area from one side to the other. When he approaches, hide behind something and wait for the flying stingers to end, then step out and lock onto the boss, attacking him with a sword. You should easily be able to land two or three hits on each pass.

Remember that you can lock onto about 5 segments of him, 3 in a line on his body, and his 2 wings. So switch between them as necessary to continue hitting him. Once he has gone past you go back to a safe zone or try to kill any other stray Storm Beasts. When the boss comes for another round hide in a safe zone and repeat the pattern until he falls. Be sure to pick up the two Chunk of Cloudstone, located at the far side of the cliff, since they are only found as a treasure here.

Ranged Strategy

  • Similar to the previous strategy, although you don't need to use the Storm Ruler. Instead, use a ranged attack of your choice. Using the Lava Bow, hide behind the house. The Storm King will die in 2-3 passes.

Magic Strategy

  • You can use the Soul Ray Spell while he is flying overhead, boosting your power with the Clever Rat's Ring and the Morion Blade combo. It is however very dangerous with no safe zones to hide in. Rolling back and forth as the spikes come at you does work, but it is one of the more difficult dodging methods.


Attacks & Counters


Attack Counter
Stingers: When the Storm King approaches it will shoot many stingers to the ground. Dodge roll to either side until you reach a pillar or a column.


Storm King Lore

  • The Storm King is an oversized storm beast with a large multi-spear attack which homes in on the player's location.


Storm King Notes & Trivia

  • Notes, tips, and trivia of the boss go here.



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    • Anonymous

      I didn’t know this was a gimmick boss so my zero iq self proceeded using wooden arrows for the next 1 hour…I had a ton and it worked but I wish I knew the sword existed

      • Anonymous

        I thought the f***ing A**judicator was bad as a f***ing melee, but this f***ing pr*** is 10 f***ing times worse!!!

        • Anonymous

          I have some sort of bias towards this fight. Gameplay-wise, it's nothing special, but it looks awesome taking an airborne giant down with a sword penetrating the sky. It's also neat that you can give those Storm Beasts a taste of their own medicine.

          • Anonymous

            I lost storm ruler - was overburdened when trying to grab it, and it dissapeared next time i entered boss arena (PS3 game). I had to kill storm beasts with soul arrow (10lvl magic), and then killed Storm King with compound long bow +5 and heavy arrow. It took less then 20 arrows to kill boss.

            • Anonymous

              Storm ruler misses the boss a lot even when locked on. I think it was similar in PS3 version but remake is a little worse in my experience.

              • Anonymous

                Probably my favourite experience in the remake, the atmosphere was incredible. Only thing I disliked was the opening cinematic. In the original it was a laid back shot of the Storm King flying into view for several seconds almost like an opportunity to gaze at this giant creature without thinking of the fight that would follow but the remake has hype up music playing from the get go which is more like a build up for the fight before it starts. That said though, everything that came after the opening cutscene was perfect especially using the Storm Ruler to summon winds in the pouring rain. I’d say this a fine example of how to build on an existing thing to make it even better.

                • This boss is super easy, you run up, get the storm ruler, run back to the house, stand in the front left corner, spam on all of the little rays, and then wait for the boss to fly over and hit him until he dies. There is no risk once you get in position because you can hit them but they can't hit you.

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