Health 2960 148
140 Plague Average
Location Tower Knight Archstone (1-3)
Reward/s Silver Demon's Soul

Penetrator is a Boss in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Bosses are special enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar with its name indicated, a variety of unique moves and abilities, an ambient boss theme, and an Archstone that appears upon their death. Most bosses appear once the player passes through a fog gate nearby.


Penetrator Location

Penetrator can be found at The Main Plaza behind the barricades.
World 1-3 (Tower Knight Archstone or Inner Ward)



Penetrator Rewards




Penetrator Strategies

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General Strategy

  • Penetrator has a pretty large sword and uses sweeping attacks. The pillars in his room offer no protection as Penetrator's attacks will destroy them. As his name hints, his sword attacks penetrate, so you will still take partial damage even if blocking with a 100% protection shield. Luckily, his attacks are all reasonably slow, and he's not particularly fast.

  • You can also roll through all of his attacks and take no damage. Just avoid the "penetrating" attack (His sword starts to glow like the Tower Knight's Ranged Attack) that he used to kill that Fat Official. Most likely you will die (without Second Chance). Also be aware that he can hit multiple people with this attack at the same time, so try to roll away from other players when his sword starts to glow.

  • The best tactic is to walk around the room firing arrows or Soul Arrow (use Homing Soul Arrow if you have it; Firestorm will do a hefty amount of damage as well), rolling through any of his swipes. He moves so slowly you can easily use one of the many herbs you received from the knights on the way in (the best time to use a herb is when he starts an attack which you are already out of range of).

  • You can successfully melee Penetrator, but you need patience, a good Shield, and a lot of restorative items. 

  • The trick is to keep moving and keep your shield up. Try to stay out of range of his sweeping attacks. Some will probably hit you. When they do, back way off and pop some herbs before he gets close again.

  • Always try to stay in a big open area - don't let him back you up against a wall or into a corner. Watch for his sword to glow for the stabbing attack. When you see this, be sure you are moving sideways, and try to stay back. He will always miss as long as you stay moving at a safe distance. This is the key - only attack him right after he makes the stabbing attack.

  • It you try to hit him after any other attack, there is a chance he will quickly switch to the stabbing attack (usually fatal) and you will be too close to get out of the way. 

  • Using a spear/heavy shield combination makes the fight pretty doable, too. While avoiding being backed into a wall, like before, you'll want to bob and weave in and out of his range to bait an attack, and once he misses one, do an R2 attack (lunging forward). With the range of, say, the Winged Spear (which you should've upgraded by now if you're using it), it's not hard to hit him after he's swept the air in front of you.
    Much like the Blue-eyed/Red-eyed Knights, Penetrator will flinch if he's hit after certain attacks, but not after certain others. The attack to look out for if you want to play it safe, is the one where he sweeps his sword horizontally. If he sweeps his sword diagonally, he seems to be more likely to follow up with an attack that he can't be flinched out of with the spear's R2.
    Working with the spear's range, his stabbing attack isn't a huge threat as long as you watch out for it. When you see him charge, simply back away while strafing. Roll to the side just before he stabs if you're feeling uncertain… It's a straightforward stab, after all, with plenty of charging time.

  • Another way to do it with a spear and shield is to bait his forward lunging sweeping attack by staying just out of range of his other attacks. When you see him start the attack, back up a bit while moving sideways, and then move sideways and slightly forward, and you can actually be inside the visible attack arc without taking damage. At that point you will be in range to hit him with a simple R1 attack (at least with a winged spear). You will have plenty of time to move out of the way of his followup attack by simple walking. Mostly he will followup with the charged penetration attack, and if you move to just the right distance he will start another forward lunging attack immediately. This takes some practice with timing and movement patterns, but makes for really easy kills with melee oriented characters. Sometimes you may take a blocked hit from one of his swings (some of which do damage through your shield) if you make a mistake, to offset this wear a regenerating ring. You should never need to slow down by using grass.


  • If you rescued Biorr first, he will assist you in this fight. He will draw most of Penetrator's attention(Note: On your first play through, Biorr can almost kill Penetrator by himself. If you're having trouble, you can just hang back for most of the fight).
  • In New Game+ though Biorr can only take a handful of hits before dying. Use this to your advantage! While Biorr has the attention of the Penetrator, start casting away (either Homing Soul Arrow and/or Firestorm works really well).
  • Do not cast Area of Effect Spells on the boss when Biorr is engaging him. Biorr will ask what are you doing, turn hostile, and start hitting you. Like all NPCs, once he is hostile, even if you flee to The Nexus and come back, Biorr will continue to fight you. (Biorr will only remain hostile if you damage him significantly or repeatedly)


Fire Spray

  • Fire Spray makes this a fun fight. Lock on, hold down R1, and just walk backwards making a big circle around the room. If you've found Biorr, his help will be invaluable. A few swings of his sword, and the foul demon will be defeated.


  • If you time things right, it is possible to defeat him in two casts of Firestorm. Have it readied before you enter the fog. First thing he typically does is charge you and perform a swinging attack, dodge under the attack, end up right behind him, cast Firestorm and run.
  • Use the next minute or two eating spice to get Firestorm ready to cast again. Try to get some real distance between you two again so that he starts running at you.
  • When he runs, chances are that he'll do another swinging attack. Once again, roll under the attack, end up behind him, and cast. These two casts are usually enough to bring him down, but you can always melee or cast a third time in the event that it doesn't.

Soul Ray Strategy

  • The Penetrator can be quite a challenging boss in later playthroughs. Meleeing requires a lot of skill and patience so if you want to kill him safely, use Soul Ray; it is the one of the fastest projectiles in the game. It is possible to beat him with a Magic stat below 20 but it will take much more time.
  • Wear light armor to dodge his attacks or this strategy will be nearly impossible to do. Your chances at using Soul Ray will be when he's either far away and walking slowly or running at you. If he's running at you'll have a chance to stagger him, but it won't do anything if he's already in his attack motion. Be aware of the range his sword has at all times and avoid casting when inside his range.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Double swing from right to left. Dodge roll to your left.
Lunge forward and attack horizontally from left to right Dodge roll to your right.
Diagonal upward slash from left to right  Dodge roll to your right
Penetrating attack. The sword glows blue and the boss thrusts forward. Deals massive damage and can't be blocked. Move aside from him to either side, and hit.
Horizontal swing from left to right Dodge roll to your right


Penetrator Lore

Knight-like demon, the Penetrator wields a long Penetrating Sword that glows light blue during every blow. It can perform a devastating thrust attack, but it's rather slow as the rest of his offensive maneuvers.


Penetrator Notes & Trivia



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    • Anonymous

      I beat him in the ps3-version easily.
      His movement and patterns are easy to telegraph.
      Just equip throwing knifes to interrupt him while he's trying to put back his sword like king arthur did it.

      • Anonymous

        I swear this boss was hardwr to dodge in the ps3 version, mainly because his sword has this weird trace making youbthink the swings are wider than it actually is.

        • Anonymous

          hes gonna anally probe you with his sword and no that's not a dic joke he literally will shuv the sword up your butt

          • Anonymous

            It’s funny how ppl and even guides are like « if you want an easier time try magic » okay but you realize putting my stats towards magic means I have insanely low vitality and strength. Meaning I die one or two shot. Do you know how infuriating it is to always get boss down to 10% rolling through a million sword swing just to die at the only hit that got you ? No you don’t. Stupid warriors.

            • Anonymous

              Makes a lot of sense that he has his own theme now. It might seem like budget issues but the original had a reason for reusing the soundtrack, the laughing choir mimics the Fat Official laughing at you before the Tower Knight and you laughing at him before the Penetrator fight when he gets totally wiped out after luring you through half of the palace. The laughing choir is gone in the remake so the only choice Bluepoint had was to create a new theme.

              • Anonymous

                So I went into ng+ and died while screwing around, and I respawned in the penetrator boss room. Not only was he invisible, but the AI was broken and he just stood there. I walked to where you enter the boss fog in the front of the room and the cutscene triggered and he appeared as normal. I killed him and talked to the maiden in black in the nexus, and she told me to go to the monumental and let me level up. I haven’t killed phalanx or the tower knight yet, but kings tower is now open for me, even though the lords path and inner ward aren’t. I was wondering if this happened to anyone else.

                • This boss was a joke in NG+. After taking aggro away from Biorr using soul arrow, I just had to keep target lock on and walked backwards around the room continuing to pummel him with Soul Arrow. I had only had to dodge roll maybe 4 times at best.

                  • Anonymous

                    I don't mind that they changed his sword from light to cursed in the boss fight, but it feels like a missed opportunity for a subtle phase 2 transition, you know? Or maybe only when he... penetrates you... the sword go cursed for a bit. You know, like Alonne's does. The slightest difficulty uptick for bosses seems like a nice tradeoff for giving the players omniroll, you know?

                    • The Penetrator Set has been added with the Demon's Souls Remake. Details on how to get it are on its page:

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