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Biorr, of the Twin Fangs

Health 1216 magic defense demonssouls 25px 450
normaldefense 25px 637 fire demonssouls 25px 605
bluntdefense 25px
637 bleeding 25px 169
slashdefense 25px 692 poison 25px 148
piercedefense 25px 637 plague 25px 63
Location The Nexus
Boletarian Palace
Drops 740 Souls
Brushwood Set
Ring of Great Strength
Large Brushwood Shield

Biorr, of the Twin Fangs is an NPC in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. NPCs are the various characters that are encountered by the player throughout their journey. NPCs provide information, others are quest givers, while some are categorized as Merchants and/or Blacksmiths whom you can trade with or request for certain services.


Biorr of the Twin Fangs is the older member of the King’s elite duo known as the Twin Fangs. When the second-half, Vallarfax, fled the Kingdom and escaped the fog to warn the rest of the world of Boletaria’s plight, Biorr stayed behind to defend the honor of the True King Allant.

He soon found himself at a great disadvantage against the Kingdom’s new demonic inhabitants. He possesses great wisdom and knowledge about Boletaria and an undying devotion to the real King, which he valiantly shows while aiding the player in battle.


Biorr, of the Twin Fangs Information

Drops the following if killed:


Biorr, of the Twin Fangs Location: Where to Find Biorr, of the Twin Fangs


Mephistopheles Quest

  • He is very dangerous to fight head-on because of his high stamina, large health, heavy armor, and high damage.
    You can kite normally as with any NPC but this will take a while to kill.
  • If you have Poison Cloud, you can simply cast it on him, then wait. Rinse and repeat and he will die, with no effort required. (You can use this tactic on any of the Nexus NPCs and on Old King Doran)

Easy way to kill anyone in the Nexus:

  • Stand far away and shoot an arrow just so the target stands up. Run up to the target and roll at and away from their starting position. If you manage to push them far enough away they will begin to walk back to their position. Dual wield your strongest weapon and backstab them while they are walking. You can get about 3 backstabs before they start being agro. Rinse and repeat.


Biorr, of the Twin Fangs Dialogue

First encounter (jail cell, Phalanx Archstone, rescued before killing official)

  • Who goes there!
    Have I been freed? Ah! Mmmmmmnnn… Ah-hah!
    That vile insect, I shall tear him limb from limb!
  • You obsequious larvae! Growlin soul-starved abomination!

After official dies:

  • Hm? Who are you?… Ah, you're the one who saved me.
    I am called Biorr, the elder of the Twin Fangs of Boletaria. I thank you.
    You deserve a handsome reward. Only I have none! Gah hah hah hah hah.
    I'm going to sleep. Go on ahead.

First encounter (jail cell, Phalanx Archstone, rescued after killing official)

  • Who goes there!
    Ah, you killed that vile insect, and saved me, heheh.
    I am called Biorr, the elder of the Twin Fangs of Boletaria. I thank you.
    You deserve a handsome reward. Only I have none! Gah hah hah hah hah.
    Go on ahead. I shall sleep a while.

Nexus (after rescue, before fighting Penetrator)

  • Our great King is a magnanimous leader.
    He is stolid, spirited, caring of his subjects.
    He fought vigilantly against the vile and depraved.
    The seditious claims that our Lord brought this scourge upon us-
    -they are mere fabrications woven by jealous conspirators.
    I am certain of it, for there is no other explanation.
  • My brother-in-arms, Vallarfax of the Twin Fangs, was a brave and mighty knight.
    Unlike myself, he was the master of more than the sword, Vallarfax's mind was sharper than most scholars.
    Dark times has befallen us. If our Lord, with the esteemed help of Vallarfax, could not prevent it…
    then no one could have.

Nexus (before rescue of Yuria, Tower Knight Archstone)

  • Hm, you've seen the lone stone tower that sprouts forth from the outer wall of Boletaria castle?
    According to that spineless warden, a young sorceress is held prisoner there,
    where she is subject to, um, all manner of untold acts in the name of purification.
    Regrettably, I cannot find my way into that tower.
    How long will those vermin dishonour the King's good name?

Nexus (after rescue of Yuria, the WitchTower Knight Archstone (1 - 3))

  • Ah, hello there.
    You rescued the young sorceress from that tower!
    I express my gratitude. There is no excuse for such ill treatment of a young innocent.
    The King would be proud.

Nexus (after rescue of Ostrava, of Boletaria, Tower Knight Archstone (1 - 3))

  • I heard an odd piece of news from a merchant dregling…
    He claims that the son of the King, Ariona, has come to Boletaria alone.
    Ariona is a wise and kind soul, almost too kind; he would not be safe in this accursed land without protection.
    If you find Ariona, do look after him, and tell him to return to the Nexus immediately…
    and that Biorr of the Twin Fangs will look after His Highness.

Second encounter (Penetrator, Tower Knight Archstone (1 - 3))

  • Do you need some help? By the honour of the good knights!
    This demonic folly shall be stopped once and for all!

After defeating Penetrator

  • One more Demon down! Gah hah hah hah hah!
  • Fine work back there.
    There again, how could a Demon ever stand up to a Bonafide Knight?
  • Now, you go on ahead. I must be getting older. I need some rest.

Nexus (after Penetrator)

  • Do you intend to challenge the King?
    You may be a great Demon hunter, but I fear you may not be ready.
    The King is defended by the black souls of mighty knights, and a fire-breathing dragon.
    They defeated even myself; that's how I ended up in the dungeon.
    Beware the limits of your own power.

Third encounter (Blue Dragon, Penetrator Archstone)

  • Do you need some help? Leave the flying lizard to me!
    May light shine upon our Lord and our proud Boletaria!

After killing dragon

  • Boletariaaaa! Gahahahahahah!
  • We managed did we? That leaping lizard was more trouble than expected.
    Now you go on ahead. You know me, I need a nap.
    That swooping monstrosity (gasps for air) was quite a drain on me.

When attacked:

  • Hrggk! What the…! What has possessed you? I may be old, but I'm not frail.


Biorr, of the Twin Fangs Notes, Tips, and Trivia

  • Voiced by: Mike Carter



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    • Anonymous

      He will not respawn if the Penetrator kills him even if you also die. I learned this when I was standing aside watching them fight and the Penetrator was actually beating his ass even though it was only NG. I let the boss kill me thinking it would reset but I was wrong :(. It was my fault for not helping poor Biorr.

      • This is as strange as annoying: First encounter with the blue dragon, halved its hp, flies away.
        When I face it again on the stairs leading to the throne room Biorr is there too. Says he's going to help but as soon as the dragon hits him, Biorr starts attacking ME. I had to kill him to proceed. Has this happened to anyone?

        • Anonymous

          GUYS! If you defeat all the bosses like I did and then go unlock him he will appear on the stairway to Allant kill the two officials and attract the great sword red eye knight to him and he will lock on to him he will kill him without him fighting back

          • Anonymous

            So, something is really weird about Biorr's location after the dragon fight, and this page isn't correct. I have played through Demon's Souls 5 times now. Once he died before I could kill the dragon, the other 4 times he disappeared completely afterward, and not once did he ever return to the cell I found him in as it says here. But what causes him to disappear from the Nexus and the world must be something other than just killing the dragon, because this 6th time, I beat the dragon with his help, and now he's back at the Nexus. I even left to farm some souls in 4-3 and he's still here asking me if I'm going to challenge the king. I haven't done Valley of Defilement yet, so there's still 2 archdemons left. Maybe it's a glitch, or maybe there's something about his behavior triggers we don't understand?

            • Anonymous

              So, I did save him from the Blue Dragon. With quite a lot of HP remaining as well. He seems to have disappeared, though...
              Was his sleep after the fight actually him passing away? Seems pretty vague for someone who's entire gimmick is "I sleep all the time".

              • Anonymous

                I managed to kill the blue dragon before Biorr died! Now, does he go back to the Nexus so I can still kill him for the Mephistopheles quest, or can I kiss that Colorless Soul goodbye?

                • Anonymous

                  ***** stole my penetrator fight from me. shouldve read wikis and freed afterwards. why does he basically steal the penetrator fight and yet be completely useless against blue dragon? wack. also the only "npc summon" except you can't summon him, loser just walks in uninvited.

                  • Anonymous

                    I found the location for Biorr and even rescued Yuria with the key from the fat official in that area, but Biorr wasn't in his cell. Does anyone know what could have caused this?

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