Crystal Lizard

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A dead Crystal Lizard that has lost its shine

Enemy Type Passive
Weakness None
Resistances None
Immune None

Crystal Lizards are an Enemy in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. These special enemies are particularly valuable because they drop ore that can be used to upgrade your equipment. Be mindful, however, that they will flee as soon as they see you and vanish if you don't defeat them quickly enough.


Crystal Lizard Description

A Crystal Lizard is a small lizard which glows with a cool white light when alive. They are not hostile, but only run away when they notice you, and after running some distance they "burrow"/fade away and disappear. The reason you want to hunt them down is they always drop a nice selection of weapon upgrade stones (the specific type varies with each Lizard). If you are a new player who wants to get good custom upgraded weapons, then this is your notice that you really need to pay attention to the Lizards, since hunting them for their loot is the best way to maximize your upgrade stones without a lot of extra farming.


Crystal Lizard Strategies

  • The Crystal Lizard makes a jingling sound. You have to be near it to hear, but the sound is not stopped by walls
  • It is easiest to target them with magic from afar, they will flip over and can be rushed after
  • Crystal Lizards often run into enemies and cliffs - be careful when chasing them.
  • For the Crystal Lizard nest in Armor Spider Archstone, using an AoE spell like Firestorm is quite effective. Alternatively, bring friends and have everyone cast Wrath of God or similar AoE effects, or go after specific geckos each


How to Respawn Crystal Lizards

If a Crystal Lizard got away from you, it will reappear at the location when you reload the area. In the original game, this could be done by exiting the game and restarting. In the remake, the only way to reset Crystal Lizards is via archstone or death.

Crystal Lizards respawn whenever you kill a boss. So if You kill Tower Knight, all Crystal Lizards in Boletarian Palace will respawn (both those in 1-1 and 1-2).

Crystal Lizards are limited and will not come back once you have exhausted their spawns.


Items Dropped by Crystal Lizard

Various Shards and Chunks of Stones, used for Upgrades for your equipment. The loot depends on Luck and World Tendency.

  • In Pure Black World Tendency, the Crystal Lizards are harder to kill but they have the best drop rate.
  • In Pure White World Tendency, the Crystal Lizards are easier to kill, but they have the worst drop rate.


All Crystal Lizards Locations Guide


Boletarian Palace


The Lord's Path


Inner Ward


The King's Tower


Stonefang Tunnel


The Tunnel City


Underground Temple


Tower Of Latria


Upper Latria Fool's Idol Archstone


The Ivory Tower


Shrine of Storms


The Ritual Path


Altar of Storms


Valley of Defilement


Swamp of Sorrow


Rotting Haven

  • On the boss area, there is a path to the right that leads to more creatures. Midway through this path, you can see the lizard. Drops: Chunk of Faintstone, Pure Faintstone.



Crystal Lizard Notes and Tips

  • Original Game: To Respawn Crystal Lizards, that have escaped you.You can  go to the main menu and quit the game. Once on the main menu, reload your save. This is really useful in cases where there are many Lizards and you couldn't kill them all, for example the Crystal Lizard nest in 2-2


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    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, the trick from the PS3 version (where you check the loot but don't close the window, then quit/reload through the XMB ) doesn't work in the remake because there is no such window, however, it CAN be done another way... Go to Stockpile Thomas and fill up your inventory til completely full, then look up the weight of your desired drop as well as everything that particular lizard CAN drop, save/reload near the lizard (to restart the autosave timer), kill the lizard and immediately examine the loot drop and look at what the weight is (taking into account the possibility of multiple drops) and determine if it dropped what you wanted; if not, don't close the window, press the PS button and close the game through the switcher, then restart/reload your file and try again. Two more notes: 1. Be quick about it or the game may save. 2. You can only do ONE lizard at a time or the game will save.
      I have done this many times and it does work - with other enemy drops too. It's not great, certainly not as effortless as the PS3 version, but it's better than nothing.

      • Anonymous

        I would like to thank the crystal lizard near Sparkly in 4-1 for not dropping anything at all when I killed you with a bow with pure white tendency. Champion.

        • Anonymous

          Be careful killing the lizard near the sparkly crow, it can fall through the map losing you the loot. I don't remember the original version doing this. Shame Bluepoint can't fix this.

          • Anonymous

            Wiki should really add that Crystal Lizards have a limited number of spawns, but how it decreases isn't stated, so:
            - if it runs away and burrows underground
            - if it runs and dies ala falling or lava, AND you can't reach the resources
            - if it gets killed by the player
            - in remake, an unharmed escaped lizard DOESN'T reduce it's spawn count

            To spawn them back, it is enough to simply go to menu and load the profile (this keeps enemies dead) - be careful how close you are to the lizard you wanna spawn, it might start running before you can. In remake, you need to reload the area (by going back to Nexus, or dying). Therefore, only in remake it's more tedious to respawn them, but if they escape unharmed and burrow, you don't lose one spawn count.

            Every boss kill in that world adds +1 spawn count to ALL lizards in that particular world.

            • Anonymous

              The comment somebody left on December 1st is exactly right. Remake rules are as follows: lizards who escape you unharmed will always respawn after reloading the Archstone however if a lizard escapes you after you have damaged it that uses up the spawn and it will not come back until it’s spawned again by defeating another boss in that world. This time around you can literally stroll into the nest in Tunnel City to grab the pure stone loot causing every lizard to burrow away in the process WITHOUT using up one of the 4 maximum spawns they have.

              • Anonymous

                I've been told that the lizards have been changed in the remake can someone please explain what changes exactly were made if this is true?

                • For people who don't know this: crystal lizards spawns are cumulative; each time you kill a boss, all crystal lizards in this world get a spawn. For example, crystal lizards you see in Dragon God area have 4 spawns before killing the boss (the one they have at the beginning and the spawns from the 3 bosses you killed) and get one more after this.

                  • Anonymous

                    As much as i love this game i hate that Crystal Lizards stop respawning after a set number of tries. It would be ok if what they dropped were mere bonuses, but as it is now they drop some pretty damn important materials. It's needlessly annoying.

                    • Anonymous

                      So their spawns are no longer reduced when you fail to get one? This is a big deal because some lizards are insanely frustrating to get and if you fail in the original that’s the spawn gone even though you missed the upgrade materials. This combined with a couple of pure stones being tied exclusively to lizards made for some sweaty anxiety filled gameplay encounters

                      • Anonymous

                        Guys, I have found that if you have max items in the inventory, and you kill a lizard, you can send dropped loot to base (stockpile Thomas) and it doesn't count as a lizard kill, it's however limited to 2-3 times. So get your inventory full, kill lizards, send loot to base and repeat. This way you can get 2-3 times the loot from each lizard.

                        • Anonymous

                          How many times does a Crystal Lizard respond until you exhaust them? I was able to farm the one that drops spiderstone for a bit until he stopped respawning.

                          • Anonymous

                            In the original when you didn't get a crystal lizard and it disappeared it counted towards the spawn limitation.
                            In the remake you can easily let a lizard disappear without worrying about it not respawning, as long as you don't damage it. That means in the lizard cave, simply attack the ones you'll get and don't worry about the rest, they'll respawn as long as you didn't attack them

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