The Ivory Tower (Also known as "World 3 - 3" or "Maneater Archstone" in Demon's Souls) is a Location in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. This area features the Archstone of the Demon Maneater. In the Ivory Tower, prisoners hung in cages, their flesh patched together to create fleshy monstrosities. It was the doing of Latria's new master, an old man who had long ceased to be human, seeking to create demons by his own hand. The Ivory Tower can be found in the Tower of Latria.


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Full The Ivory Tower Walkthrough

The Ivory Tower

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The Ivory Tower in Demon's Souls Remake or better known as "World 3 - 3" in Demon's Souls can only be unlocked after defeating the Maneater. You can travel here, by using the Archstone of the Tower Queen in The Nexus.

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Once you start from the Archstone, go ahead and turn right to climb up the stairs. Keep going to face two Man Centipede, along the way you will face two Man Centipede more and a Black Phantom Mind Flayer. Midway through the stairs, you are treated to a cutscene.

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You'll encounter two Man Centipede again and a final Black Phantom Mind Flayer. After that fight, you enter a small room with a fog door to the left that takes you to the Old Monk. In that room, there's a Crystal Lizard

Boss Battle: Old Monk

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Fighting the Old Monk varies for each player, you can find multiple strategies below that you can use to defeat this boss. Once you've successfully killed the Old Monk, touch the archstone to obtain x1 Golden Demon Soul and travel to The Nexus if needed to prepare for the next area.


Old Monk Strategies

PvP Strategy

  • When the Host begins heading up the tower's stairs, the Old Monk cutscene will be triggered at some point. If the Host has been invaded by another player, a notification will appear immediately following the cutscene. If you prefer to play against another player instead of the AI boss, wait below the stairs until a fog gate appears between you and the Maneater Archstone, indicating that Old Monk has summoned another player to be your opponent. If you have already summoned a Blue Phantom to help you, you won't know whether you're being invaded until after the cutscene.
  • Before stepping through the boss fog, always look to see if you can spot your opponent. If you can't see him, he is probably off to the side, lining up a backstab or another sneak attack. It can be difficult to avoid, but rolling as you step through the fog will often allow you to clear the area before the backstab animation begins. If your character has the God's Wrath spell, and you think that your opponent is hiding near the doorway, you can stand at the fog gate and cast God's Wrath to preemptively strike the Black Phantom. If you hear your opponent getting knocked down, immediately charge through the fog and follow up with an attack. Keep in mind that the Black Phantom can do the same thing, and potentially kill you before you even enter the fog. Please see the PVP Tips section for more strategies.


Melee Strategy with Shield
  • If a human player does not get summoned by the Old Monk, then a computer-controlled Black Phantom will be present in his/her stead. This generic Black Phantom is equipped with the short-ranged Claw weapons, which use basic melee strikes and can cause Bleeding. He wears the Gloom armor set, with the exception of the Monk's Head Collar. The AI will simply rush at you, rolling if you use projectiles or start swinging your weapon recklessly. Just raise your shield, bait, and attack. Whether the Black Phantom hits your shield or misses you, take a swipe (be wary, however, as he has a very low but still present possibility of using a Parry and follow-up Riposte on you). Repeat as necessary. As he gets weaker, he'll start using Homing Soul Arrow. First with 2 arrows, but then up to 5 as he gets lower and lower in health. These things hurt, a lot. Keep your distance while moving sideways and they will miss, being fairly slow projectiles. He will also use healing grasses if you leave him alone long enough. So be somewhat aggressive in baiting his attacks whenever the Homing Soul Arrow spell isn't up, and then back away when it is up. This boss also has an Insanity Catalyst.
Melee Strategy - Knockdown
  • Equip the Dragon Bone SmasherMeat Cleaver, or possibly another extra-large sword with two hands, and swing away as soon as you walk in. He will go flying and when he gets up run back for some more. Swing before he gets to you and watch him fly again. Just keep repeating the process until he dies. When he comes at you with the soul arrows around him if you hit him he will fly back and they will shoot from there making them easy to dodge. You will kill him in no time, works great.
Melee Strategy - Meat Cleaver
  • Equip the Meat Cleaver and keep your Armor light enough to roll without a speed penalty. Roll towards the monk and immediately use the 2-Hand Meat Cleaver R2 attack which will slam the Weapon into the ground.
    Staying out of his melee range while not using the rolling attack should keep you safe. When he casts Homing Soul Arrow - simply roll around him in a circle motion, but make sure to keep enough stamina. Rinse and Repeat until he is dead - no shield required.


Faith Build & Heavy Weapon Team
  • If one player uses God's Wrath to knock over the Black Phantom, it gives the other a chance to get within range to enact the knockdown. If both players keep this up the poor Black Phantom will not have a chance.
Homing Soul Arrow
  • This works well when fighting the AI version of Old Monk. Constantly sidestep with shield raised and you should suffer very little damage from Old Monk's Soul Arrows as they miss if you are constantly strafing. The actual casting of Homing Soul Arrow often causes him to roll and evade but when the spell actually fires at him he does nothing and takes the full 5 hits.
Poison Cloud
  • Wear the Graverobber's Ring and equip the Dragon Bone Smasher before entering the Fog. Step through and hit Old Monk to send him flying. Run to one end of the room and stop. He will lose you and standstill. Walk (don't run!) closer until you can target lock him. Now just cast Poison Cloud a few times to kill him.
Double Firestorm
  • FireStorm does a high amount of damage if both players are mages, buff up with Second Chance or Warding and rush the phantom. If both get the cast up, chances are that the 5-10k worth of damage at close range. This will kill the Black Phantom in one hit.
  • You can easily kill him by using Firestorm, however, the spell will be canceled if you take any damage while casting it, and since Old Monk will be constantly running after you and doing quick attacks, it might be hard to get a full cast of Firestorm on him, plus the fact that the spell is somewhat unreliable, as you might get unlucky where the pillars will appear. Fear not, as it can be done alone, and quite easily in fact! Before anything, you must know his attacks, especially his uppercut, because after he does that, he will take some time to recover from it, so one way to kill him is to bait by getting near him and rolling away, and he might use that attack. After you damage him enough, he'll use Homing Soul Arrow, a rather nasty spell if you get hit by all the arrows, but it is possible to dodge it, and the way to do it is by having some space between you and Old Monk, and when the arrows fly towards you, just move away, you don't even need to roll. In my opinion, however, the best time to use Firestorm is to use it *before* he gets into melee range, so make sure you bait an attack roll away from him far enough, and after that, right before he can punch you, cast the spell. Again, remember that the spell is not reliable, you cannot force a pillar to spawn where you want it to, but generally, you'll hit him.

Blue Phantom Strategy

  • Strange enough, at the start of the level from the big square shape room and the bottom of the stairs you will be able to summon a Blue Phantom.
  • When fighting the offline NPC it will focus all of its attention on killing the person in body form leaving it open to backstabs and devastating attacks from the Blue Phantom. As a side note, if the phantom is dealing high enough damage the NPC will switch targets to the phantom allowing a loop of damage from the free fighter.
  • Keep in mind that the NPC will have more health than normal due to the fact there is more than one player present, but this won't be a problem for two or three people.




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The Ivory Tower Map

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The Ivory Tower Trivia & Notes:

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Trivia and notes go here.


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