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Maiden Astraea

Health 3055 magic defense demonssouls 25px 99
normaldefense 25px
fire demonssouls 25px
slashdefense 25px
poison 25px
bluntdefense 25px
116 plague 25px Immune
piercedefense 25px
bleeding 25px
Location Dirty Colossus Archstone (5-3)
Reward/s Pureblood Demon's Soul

Maiden Astraea is a Boss in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Bosses are special enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar with its name indicated, a variety of unique moves and abilities, an ambient boss theme, and an Archstone that appears upon their death. Most bosses appear once the player passes through a fog gate nearby.


Maiden Astraea Location

Get down using the second ladder. Keep going until you reach the fog door. Maiden Astraea is behind the door. 
World 5-3 (Dirty Colossus Archstone)

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Maiden Astraea Rewards




Maiden Astraea Strategies

Video Strategies



Strategy Writeup

Option #1: Saint Astraea

  • When you enter the area, you should see three worshippers that are too preoccupied to bother with attacking you. Kill them and proceed to the right cliff, where there are several more worshipers and a short wooden walkway. Kill them all (they will eventually turn on you when you attack her) and move to the edge of the walkway. From this safe point, you can shoot arrows at Maiden Astraea, without any fear of retaliation. This is the easiest way to kill her, assuming that the combination of your bow, arrows, Strength and Dexterity stats are strong enough to outpace her healing spells. Just keep pumping arrows into her as fast as you can.

  • Optional: If you have pure magic build you can knockdown Garl Vinland with Firestorm when he is in attack animation. Then you can run straight to Saint Astraea and one shot her with another Firestorm spell. Remember to bring spell buffing gear (Kris Blade, Ring of Magical Sharpness, Monk's Head Wrapping
  • After Astrea dies, Garl Vinland will stand with his head lowered, and will not engage you unless attacked. You can either fight him, or just load your current game and he will be dead. His armor and shield will be available at his spawning point.

Option #2: Garl Vinland

See Garl Vinland for strategies.

  • If you kill Garl Vinland first, you can casually walk up to Maiden Astraea and talk to her. Instead of fighting, she commits suicide, telling you that she can no longer defend herself and that you can have your precious Demon's Souls.
  • If you attack her instead, she will attack you with the God's Wrath and try to guilt-trip you if you are close enough to her and have directly attacked her.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Garl Vinland
Mace smash: Garl smashes the mace in front of him mightily Garl takes a lot of time to recover, dodge roll to either side and hit him.
Mace Slam: Garl attacks diagonally downwards from right to left using his mace Dodge roll to his right.
Healing Spell: Garl casts a spell to heal himselft Garl takes a lot of time casting, interrupt him by dealing damage to him.
God's Wrath Garl takes a lot of time casting, interrupt him by dealing damage to him.


Maiden Astraea Lore

She is a tall, blonde lady who works to help the plague-stricken and disease affected inhabitants of the Valley of Defilement. When players find her, she is perched on a rock, blood, swamp water and plague staining her skirt and helpless. Her bodyguard, Garl Vinland, is her only form of offense and defense.


Maiden Astraea Notes & Trivia

  • It is said that Maiden Astraea discovered the truth about God’s existence - or lack thereof - and thus explains why she accepted the Soul of a Demon. Hers is ironically referred to as the most impure Soul. Yet still, Garl will never leave her side.

  • After you beat Maiden Astraea, and you have Pure White World Tendency, you can go back to 5-3 and fight Black Phantom Garl Vinland, who drops an important trophy weapon, the Bramd. Also note that if you left Garl Vinland alive, Black Phantom Garl will be in the way of his drops after a reload or revisit.



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    • Anonymous

      I love you so much Maiden Astraea, you are literally perfect. Garl Vinland was wise to die for you, you wretched demon

      • Anonymous

        This f***ing bulls*** simp body-f***ing-guard f***ed me half to f***ing death!!! F*** this f***ing fight to f***ing death!!!

        • Anonymous

          Just cause we have to kill her for the best of the world doesn't automatical mean shes in the wrong or evil. It was just a meeting of fates.

          • Anonymous

            I found Astraea (and thus all Soulslikes) through a certain unofficial game containing Astraea that shall not be mentioned for the betterment of everyone's mental health. I have been stricken with its hex and now I enjoy it unironically. I wonder how many other people here know what it is?

            • Anonymous

              She’s supposed be a saint but is out there banging her bodyguard. More of a hoe if you ask me. No wonder God left her.

              • Anonymous

                Still think her story is fairly sad. The world went to **** and there wasn’t really any choice for her. Should she just have prayed to the unanswering God till she and everything around her got slaughtered by the demons? I’m not really a fan of Saint Urbain’s who essentially does nothing and preaches for others to do the same. At least it looks like she tried to help and ease the suffering of the Valley’s inhabitants, even if the results are questionable. Then again, we really don’t know how it was in the Valley before. Can we really trust the old hag when she says it went to **** after Astrea arrived? The Archstone image for the Valley is literally a plague doctor. I don’t think it were all sun and rainbows before.

                • Anonymous

                  I died about 10 times after the boss fight just trying to get all the items around the plague pool. I used the plague ring (useless) and used the lotus anti plague stuff but the babies ganked me every time. Was there a better way?

                  • Anonymous

                    After you kill her, the defiled in the boss arena start worshipping you. It's like they can sense her soul on you.

                    • Anonymous

                      She's a great example of "the road to hell is paved with good intentions". Initially a pure soul that wants to help the downtrodden people of the Valley, she ended up overtaken by the Deep Fog, and her ties to worship turning her into an ArchDemon, and a subject of the Old One, constantly feeding it souls from whoever tries to penetrate deeper in the Valley.
                      So your mission is still necessary, you're not the "rEaL bAd gUy", regardless of how the ArchDemon came to be, ultimately you have to end them and lull the Old One back to sleep, because the Saints sure as hell won't do it by themselves.

                      • Anonymous

                        My daughter born in September named her Astraea. Didn't know there's a boss fight with her name. Check Astraea in Mythology sometime..

                        • Anonymous

                          Today in my first playthrough i killed her and Garl haven't said anything during the entire fight. Kinda off-putting, i have to say

                          • Anonymous

                            People be like “ayo this fight sad” then there’s me like “no stupid. The filthy women literally says the valley of defilement went to garbage when she arrived. Furthermore she’s chosen to become an arch demon, feeding the old one souls.”

                            • Went back in fractured mode with PWWT to fight Black Phantom Garl and he just stood there with his shield up. It took several shots of fire, as each shot only did 36 dmg in NG+, and he only tried to heal twice, which was negligible.

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