Blacksmith Ed

General Info
Location Stonefang Tunnel
Drops Hands of God
Health ???
Souls ???

Blacksmith Ed is a NPC in Demon's Souls.

He is the second of the two blacksmiths the player can encounter. He will upgrade materials to superior levels that what Blacksmith Boldwin is capable of. Additionally, he is able to create boss weapons after being given a Red Hot Demon's Soul. He sells all of his wares for souls, as do all other merchants.

Blacksmith Ed Information

  • Can upgrade weapons using any ore (does not require Red Hot Demon's Soul)
  • Can upgrade many weapons into unique weapons using Demon's Souls once given a Red Hot Demon's Soul from Flamelurker.
  • Must talk to him until he doesn't say anything different to get him to take the Red Hot Demon's Soul
  • Drops Hands of God if killed.

To give the Red Hot Demon's Soul






  • First encounter
    • Hm? I haven't seen you around these parts.
      Bah, what does it matter? You need a blacksmith, show me some coin. If not, head straight for the door.
    • I am busy. I'm not here to chit-chat.
      Forging a weapon strengthens it, and alters its character.
      Ores are transmogrified sprites. Their presence blesses the weapon.
  • Second encounter (after beating Armor Spider)
    • Bah. What be your need? If it be a blacksmith, then show me some coin. If not, head straight for the door.
    • Demon Souls? The Demons are powerful spirits; some can even bless weapons.
      But doing so requires a powerful flame… For the soul of a Demon is an inferno of wrath.
  • Third encounter (after beating Flamelurker)
    • I told you that I am busy.
      Each ore has a grade. Mighty weapons can only be blessed by ores of high grade.
      The highest grade of all is a pure ore that shines in utter brilliance. A spirit force that delights the eyes…
      Keh heh heh heh.


  • Fourth encounter (with Red Hot Demon Soul)
    • Yes, that's the one, a red-hot Demon Soul. Now you can bless your weapon with another Demon Soul.
  • Give Red Hot Demon's Soul?
      • Yes
    • Hm, a wise choice. You have done well to put your trust in the great blacksmith Ed.
      Bring me a Demon soul, and I shall use it to bless your weapon.
      • No
    • Surely you jest. Why talk all that nonsense if you have no such intention.
      The poor lad doesn't know a good blacksmith when he sees one, and hardly deserves a Demon soul.
  • When approaching
    • Bah. What be your need? If it be a blacksmith, then show me some coin. If not, head straight for the door.
  • Running off and returning
    • Wait! Come back this instance!
      • I have no business with your kind. I'm busy, begone with you!
  • Leaving after doing business
    • All done? Then be gone. I work alone.
  • Leaving without doing business
    • Bah. Don't waste my time.




  • Note: There is a bug which causes Ed to disappear from the game. It's been reported that if you achieve PWWT, and then drop it down to PBWT, and then bring it back to PWWT, Ed will vanish from the game without a trace. Making it impossible to gain trophies, upgrading weapons with rare ores, and forging weapons from Demon's Souls. However, like all NPCs, he will return on your next playthrough.



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