Patch Notes for Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake features an overview of all the patches released by the developers: Bluepoint Games and Sony Japan Studio, as well as game publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment. The following patches are free and are released online, these patches focus on game balance, performance, and localization issues.


Demon's Souls Patch Notes


Demon's Souls Remake

Two patches have been released between Nov 12th and Nov 25th 2020, however Bluepoint Games and Sony have not revealed what the contents of the patch are. The only information was posted on Twitter:

"Earlier today we released a patch fixing a few stability issues. We are listening to the community and continuing to work on fixes such as the gold coin glitch and other improvements."

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    • Anonymous

      I'm still waiting for Bluepoint to fix the Tower Knight multiplayer bug that disconnects the session whenever more than 1 Blue Phantom joins a player's session and the Tower Knight falls for the first time, both Blue Phantoms will be disconnected from the session. This has happened to me 100% of the time I have helped people fight this boss. However, this bug does NOT occur when you are the only Blue Phantom in the session with the Tower Knight.

      • Anonymous

        I had 3 crashes in the Nexus pre-patch, but it has not happened since installing this patch so perhaps that was included in this update?

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