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Filthy Woman

Health 330 magic defense demonssouls 25px 160
normaldefense 25px 320 fire demonssouls 25px 133
bluntdefense 25px
320 bleeding 25px 100
slashdefense 25px 320 poison 25px 100
piercedefense 25px 320 plague 25px 100
Location Valley of Defilement
Leechmonger Archstone
Drops 22 Souls

Filthy Woman is an NPC in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. NPCs are the various characters that are encountered by the player throughout their journey. NPCs provide information, others are quest givers, while some are categorized as Merchants and/or Blacksmiths whom you can trade with or request for certain services.


The Filthy Woman is a merchant who sells a variety of items such as consumables, weapons, gear, and materials used for upgrades - she is also the only merchant who sells Rotten Arrows.


Filthy Woman Information

  • She is the only vendor that sells Rotten Arrows.
  • She is the only vendor that sells Black Turpentine.
  • Avoid attracting a Giant Goblin near her, as it will attack her even though your character is far from the Giant Goblin.
  • Also avoid bringing a Depraved Shaman near her, as the poison cloud he casts will kill her.

Note on Stone of Ephemeral Eyes

  • The actual price varies, it scales in accordance with the player's Soul Level; higher equals more expensive.
  • She will only have it listed when the player is in Soul Form, and only one available at a time.
  • It will respawn after the player dies while in Body Form (in any of the worlds or in The Nexus).


Filthy Woman Location: Where to Find Filthy Woman

Valley of Defilement


Filthy Woman Merchant's Inventory

Item Name Item Type Purchase Value
Late Moon Grass Consumable 1,000 Souls
Full Moon Grass Consumable 2,000 Souls
Dark Moon Grass Consumable 10,000 Souls
Royal Lotus Consumable 1,000 Souls
Widow's Lotus Consumable 2,000 Souls
Black Turpentine Consumable 1,500 Souls
Stone of Ephemeral Eyes Consumable Varies (max 50,000)
Grass Jelly Consumable 1,000 Souls
Mace Weapon 3,000 Souls
Halberd Weapon 5,000 Souls
War Pick Weapon 4,000 Souls
Talisman of God Weapon 5,000 Souls
Rotten Arrow Ammunition 400 Souls
Shard of Faintstone Upgrade Material 10,000 Souls
Chain Helmet Armor 2,000 Souls
Chain Mail Armor 4,000 Souls
Chain Gloves Armor 3,000 Souls
Hard Leather Boots Armor 3,000 Souls
Mirdan Helmet Armor 5,000 Souls
Mirdan Scale Mail Armor 15,000 Souls
Mirdan Gauntlets Armor 10,000 Souls
Mirdan Leggings Armor 10,000 Souls



Filthy Woman Dialogue

First encounter (Valley of Defilement)

  • Won’t you buy something? My poor child is hungry.
  • You don't deserve to die, so let me give you some advice.
    This place is buzzing with pests fattened on a diet of souls.
    In order to protect yourself, you must keep a Lotus with you.
    The price of survival can never be too high, can it?
  • How many years has it been?
    That witch Astraea came to this valley with that squid-headed knight.
    Those ridiculous white robes of hers…
    I swear I caught her glaring at my son in disgust! Yes, yes it's true!
    She is as nasty as they come. And she's a Demon to boot! Doesn't surprise me.

Second encounter (Leechmonger Archstone)

  • Hey, I know you! Won't you buy something?
    My poor child is sick. He needs your help.
  • This place? It's a proper mound of rubbish.
    All the rot of the world, living or not, ends up here.
    I thank the stars that I still have my boy…
  • Ever since that Demon witch came here, everything has turned foul.
    All the men worship her like she's the Virgin Mary.
    The same men who would snatch my child away from me!
    This was a much better place before she came. I was the apple of every man's eye.
    You’re here to rid us of her, aren't you? Well, don't show her any mercy!


Leaving after buying and returning

  • Finished already? I only want my dear boy to be happy.
  • Please buy another. For the poor child, for the poor child!

Leaving without buying

  • Curses! I wasted my breath on you! Did that witch send you to torment me?!
  • Finished already? You wretched penny-pincher. "Just let the children of the poor die," is that it?

Running off and returning

  • Don't you just walk away!
  • For the love of God… I've had enough humiliation for one lifetime.

When attacked

  • You beast! What are you doing to me?
    Even beggars can fight back, you scurvy rat!



Filthy Woman Notes, Tips, and Trivia

  • 1. Soul Level 1-10: 1.000 / 11-20: 3.000 / 21-30: 5.000 / 31-40: 10.000 / 41-50: 15.000 / 51-60: 20.000 / >60: 30.000 (guessed values)



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    • Anonymous

      Completely disappeared from my playthrough. I hope an enemy didn't kill her. The statue in Nexus offers for me to play 25K. Does that mean she died?

      • Anonymous

        I think she attacks you when you wear Garls armor cause I didn’t hit her or anything and the moment I encounter her in Ng+ she is standing up and hostile towards me and I was wearing the dark silver set at the time.

        • Anonymous

          the ****?
          she attacks me in 5-2 without me ever hitting her. she never said her lines for that

          I run past the deprived and past the fog gate fought the giant and shaman that followed me (died to them)

          can she aggro from the enemy poison cloud?
          at least I am glad that she doesn't sell things that important for me

          • Anonymous

            The giant depraved one hit her from the floor below where she sits in 5-1 on ng+++ and she didn’t die. Don’t let him enter the shack she’s in at all because his attack that crushes you can hit her while she’s above, what a mess.

            • Anonymous

              I hit her by accident and now she attacks me everytime I approach her. Can't buy anything from her. (5-1).
              His can I fix that?

              • Anonymous

                Wait she references the Virgin Mary? Is the church in the game christian or is it just a weird translation

                • Anonymous

                  The Filthy Woman is interesting. Prior to the scourge and blight, she was coveted among the Shaman. However, after Maiden Astraea and Garl Vinland arrived, the people of the valley looked to Maiden Astraea as the “Virgin Mary” (Demon’s Souls 2009 dialogue). Filthy Woman constantly talks about her sick child with the player. It’s known that Astraea harnessed the Demon’s Soul to provide healing and sanctuary to those living with the blight. This was at a cost, as it required the offering of souls to the Demon. The church knights and heroes who came to the valley would often be slain and their souls offered by the Shaman to the Demon. As the Shaman would scavenge for soul offerings, it’s my understanding that the Filthy Woman’s child may have been kidnapped and offered to the Demon. In the heart of the valley nearest Astraea, plague babies, children, rise from the filth and attack the hero. Also, as said by the King, The Old One seeks to consume humankind. It’s a poison to fight poison. As Astraea is an arch demon, who serves The Old One, what she says she does and what her actions actually are are two different things. She entered the valley to heal, however once corrupted, she became a harvester for The Old One. I believe the Filthy Woman is crazy. As humans come closer to soul form and corruption (red phantom) they lose their minds and sanity. (Ostrava was an ally, but upon dying, attacks the hero without hesitation.) I believe Filthy Woman is corrupted, but I also believe she lost her son, and his fate though never confirmed, is somewhere in the bog of death surrounding Maiden Astraea.

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