Demon's Souls Walkthrough: Full Walkthrough for Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake will help you find the path or tips you need to get past that annoyingly hard part you just can't beat. If you are looking for 100% completion, finding all rare items and equipment, completing all quests and character and tendency events, this is the page for you. Our in-depth Demon's Souls Walkthrough comes with complete and updated Maps, reflects the new Fractured Mode added for the 2020 Playstation 5 version, and gives veteran tips and tricks to deal with Black Phantoms, Enemies and Bosses.

You can find complete Soul and Ore Farming Guides, as well as NPC quest locations and their progress as you move through the game. You may also consider searching by Locations or seeing our Game Progress Route for a simplified "don't miss this" overview. 


Demon's Souls Walkthrough Guide

The recommended path to complete Demon's Souls and unlock all possible paths is outlined below. Players will likely want to adjust their progress based on their chosen Builds, but this is a good outline for recommended progression. If you feel you have messed up your character, you can try to reduce your soul level to correct your build. Follow the instructions here.





Boletarian Palace

Boletarian Palace is a Location in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. In the Boletarian Palace, players can find the following areas that can be explored as you progress: the Gates of Boletaria, The Lord's Path, the Inner Ward, and The King's Tower. You can find a detailed walkthrough below, starting with the Gates of Boletaria. For an overview regarding a recommended path for progressing the game, you can also check our Game Progress Route page.


Boletarian Palace Walkthrough

Gates of Boletaria (Also known as World 1 - 1 or "Boletarian Palace" in Demon's Souls) is a Location in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. The Boletarian Palace features a huge stone castle in the heart of the northern kingdom of Boletaria. Hungry soldiers whose souls have been stolen by demons attack trespassers, while nearby terrible dragons have taken roost. The Gates of Boletaria can be found in the Boletarian Palace.



Gates of Boletaria World Tendency Events

White World


The door on the left near the starting point will be unlocked. Requires Pure White or Pure Black World Tendency. Once unlocked, it will stay unlocked even if World Tendency changes later.


When you reach the execution grounds, you'll encounter x3 Black Phantom Dreglings. Once you've killed all three, you'll also find a Crystal Lizard nearby and a pile of corpses that you can loot to obtain x6 Unknown Warrior Soul.


From where the bodies were, turn to your right, go up the slope and turn left. Just around the corner near the execution platform where you'll see a cage on the ground, look around the corner to find another slope. Head down to find a body that you can loot to find a Blue-Eye Knight Helm. If you continue going up the slope, five more black phantom Dreglings will appear. Once you've defeated them, you'll be able to loot the body the enemies were guarding to find x1 Renowned Warrior Soul.


Pick up the set of Brushwood Armor at the bottom of the pit. This is the heaviest armor set, so bring your Ring of Herculean Strength along. Remember that heavy items will disappear forever if you examine them and then leave the level without picking them up. (Remake only: you can send it to your storage)


In the same pit, on one of the beams, is a Colorless Demon's Soul, don't miss it! Look for a broken beam near the ladder, walk carefully into the gap. If you walk straight, you will land on the beam below. You can get further down by carefully dropping to a lower beam; you should line the jump up from the central beam. Walking straight and turning on the narrow beams can be made simpler by using a bow in sniper mode.


Executioner Miralda in Body Form appears, hiding to the right inside the stairwell building. Pure White World Tendency required. After you defeat her, go back to the stairwell building where Miralda was hiding. Go down the stairs and you'll find a body that can be looted to find x1 Ring of Poison Resistance.

Drops the following if killed:

The Red and Blue Dragon disappear (there are claims that sometimes they do not but they should). If this occurs, you can grab the goodies in the field in front of their usual nesting place. You can obtain:

Fractured Mode Pure White World Tendency, Ceramic Coins Location

Black World

The door to the left near the starting point will be unlocked. Pure Black World Tendency or Pure White World Tendency required.

Black Phantom Executioner Miralda appears; drops Guillotine Axe. Pure Black World Tendency required.

Two Black Phantom Blue Eye Knights appear outside the Mausoleum, beside the Red Eye Knight


Full Gates of Boletaria Walkthrough

The Gates of Boletaria


The Boletarian Palace (or known as "World 1-1" in Demon's Souls and the "Gates of Boletaria" in Demon's Souls Remake) is the first area you will have access to, once you interact with the Archstone of the Covetous King from The Nexus, you are treated to a cutscene in which you see a Red Dragon. Then you can resume control of your character.


First, move towards the stairs. Two Dreglings will lunge to attack you. Dispatch them. You will find a corpse, just before the stairs. You can loot x3 Crescent Moon Grass from it. Go to your left and you will find another corpse, there you can obtain an Unknown Warrior Soul. Beware the Dregling behind the barricade, near said corpse.

On your left there is a locked door that will only open if you achieve Pure White or Pure Black World Tendency. Once unlocked, the door will remain like that even if World Tendency changes later. You can find a Crystal Lizard after that door.


Keep going through the stairs. Once you get past the dead animal with crows over it, you can see on your left another barricade, that hides two Dreglings. On the right side, you will find another Dregling and beneath the giant door there are two more. Dispatch them. Another Dregling will come out of a wooden barricade, located left to the giant door. On the other side of the door, there is also a Dregling, but it will remain hidden until you get much closer.

On your right, there is a closed door and on your left a small staircase. Go to the staircase. Mind the Dregling on it. To the left, you will see a small gap for you to pass. You will find a Boletaria Soldier over a wood structure wielding a crossbow, and two more Dreglings on the ground. Beware of the gap on the floor, because falling there will automatically kill you.


On the wooden structure, there is also a corpse. Looting it to obtain x2 Half Moon Grass. Go down and enter the small door. There is one Dregling on your right waiting to ambush you, and one that will come from the left side of the room. Keep going to the next room, and another Dregling appears. Dispatch it.


You will arrive in a room with a staircase to your left. Don't go up just yet, smash the crates in front of you to reveal some remains, examine them to loot x5 Firebomb. Now you can go up through the staircase.  Pass the corner you will find two Boletaria Soldier, they are harder than Dreglings so take your time. Enter the fog after killing the two soldiers. 


Again you will have a set of stairs to your left, this time with a Boletaria Soldier standing at the top. Don't go up just yet, stick to the right, smash the barrels to loot an Unknown Warrior Soul. Keep going until the end of the corridor to loot Mail Breaker from another corpse.


Now you can approach the stairs, beware of the soldier, he can throw a Firebomb at you. Keep going through the stairs, you will eventually find a Dregling equipped with a flaming sword. Kill it. Now turn around, to see another Boletaria Soldier on the top of the short stairs. Rush him to prevent him to throw the Firebomb at you.

Beware of the next staircase, there is a soldier on top of it throwing Firebombs, try to rush after he has thrown a bottle. Once you pass the stairs you are cleared from his range, but there are two Dreglings with flaming swords coming at you. Keep going forward until you reach an archway leading outside.


Turn left and you will find another Dregling. Face him, and continue going up. There are two Boletaria Soldiers near the upcoming door frame, so don't stay too close to it. You will need to go up through a set of stairs but look at the top of it.


There's a boulder that comes off if you start going through the stairs. Before attempting to go up, turn back and go until the end of the corridor to obtain x2 Half Moon Grass from the corpse lying next to the barrels.


Get down from the gap to find another lootable body, this one holds a Bastard Sword. You will have to climb again from the outside of the building, following the same path as before until you arrive at the long stairs with the giant boulder on top. Or you can walk up to the long set of stairs, wait for the soldier to push the boulder, and immediately run down or jump down to avoid getting hit. The boulder will destroy the wooden barricade that's blocking the section where the body holds the sword.

Obtain the Cling Ring

Now start going up and once you see the boulder coming down, go back as fast as you can. If you don't manage to avoid it, heal yourself before going up. There is a Boletaria Soldier standing at the top. Dispatch him. Turn back and face the Boletaria Soldier that wields a crossbow.


Keep going beyond the siege machines, a Soldier with a spear will approach you while a crossbow-wielding one will shoot you. Try to lure the melee one and don't attempt to fight both at the same time. Once that's done, approach the ranged soldier and kill it. At his side you will find a corpse, that has x4 Half Moon Grass.


If you go past them and turn left, you will find a Red Eye Knight that is guarding the entrance to the Boletaria Mausoleum. Right now, this enemy is incredibly difficult to face, and you will need the Mausoleum Key to unlock it. (Ostrava, of Boletaria side quest)


Now go back to the top of the stairs where the boulder was and go to the other side. There you will see a Blue Eye Knight. Just be patient when facing it, remember to use your shield when needed, and don't get too greedy when you are on the offense. On your left, you will see be able to enter through the fog, but don't do it just yet and keep going forward. Enter the next room, and head towards the bottom right of the room to grab x6 Firebombs.


Now head left and go down the stairs, you will see two Dreglings approaching. Don't get closer, just stay in the base before continuing. One of the Dreglings, will probably hit the barrels and burst up in flames, killing himself. Face the other one, try to lure him upstairs, so you can fight without having to worry about falling down while rolling or dodging.


Keep going down the stairs, another Dregling will approach you. Dispatch it, and take the left exit to what looks like a small balcony. At the sides of the door frame, you will find two chains, one left and one right. Attack both chains and they will break. Return to the stairs and keep going down.

Before the stairs turn to the left, don't rush and take a slower pace. Three Dreglings with fire swords will start going up. You can go back to the balcony and wait for them so you can take them out one by one. Now resume going downwards than the stairs.


Near the end of the stairs, you will find two more Dreglings. Don't fight them too close to the barrels, or they will explode. Once all the Enemies are killed, pull the lever at the bottom of the stairs to unlock the doors in front of you. Loot the corpse to obtain a Cling Ring, which is incredibly useful when fighting in soul form.


If you head through the iron gates you just unlocked, go straight and turn right, you'll see two bodies here which you can loot. You'll find the following items on each of the bodies: Old Raggedy RobesOld Raggedy GlovesOld Raggedy Boots, and x2 Aged Spice on one body and x1 Jade Hair Ornament on the other body - take note that the Jade Hair Ornament is a key item that you can give to Sparkly the Crow to obtain the Regenerator's Ring or to Stockpile Thomas in exchange for the Ring of Herculean Strength.


If you go back outside and by the Fog Door, you'll see a gap that you can drop down that's on the right side, you'll just receive a small amount of fall damage upon impact, but just to be sure, make sure to replenish your HP if your health is really low. At the lower platform, you'll find x16 Wooden Bolt and x1 Light Crossbow. After grabbing the items, head towards the door and you'll find yourself back to the path leading to the fog door.

Ostrava, of Boletaria

Once you're back, pass through the fog door to progress towards the next section. Go to your right and get down the stairs. Turn around, to see a Boletaria Soldier at the end of a corridor. Beware of the explosive barrels, don't get too near. The Boletaria Soldier will throw a Firebomb blowing everything up in flames, so be patient and wait until this attack. Once he does, face the soldier.


Go back to the corridor and try to jump on the edge of the railing, you may have to unequip some pieces of armor to do it. Roll from the stairs to the right side of the railing, and you'll be on top of it. Equip all your armor back on and jump down. You will find Ostrava, of Boletaria. He will ask for your help dealing with the Dreglings and you can see from where he is standing.


Behind him a lootable corpse that contains the Thief Ring. Once you are ready, head down to face the six Dreglings, try to hit them fast. Beware of the exploding barrels. Once you have killed them, Ostrava, of Boletaria will jump down. You can also examine two bodies to loot x1 Unknown Warrior Soul and x1 Crescent Moon Grass. Ostrava thanks you for rescuing him and gives you the Brass Telescope.


Keep going forward for the only way available, two Boletaria Soldiers will emerge from the building to the left, deal with them as fast as you can. Continuing to your right, you will spot a Blue Eye Knight wielding a two-handed sword. Before following Ostrava to the right, get into the building in front of you, at the end of the corridor you can find a ScimitarFollow Ostrava to find two more Enemies. One melee-based and the other ranged-based. Deal with them and loot the body in the little corner. That body contains x1 Unknown Warrior Soul.


Going along the little staircase at your left, you can spot eight Dreglings hidden by some explosive barrels. Try to sneak up on them and use a Firebomb to reduce their numbers as much as possible. At the end of the room, you can loot a body to obtain, x3 Hardstone Shard and x3 Sharpstone Shard.

Head back to where the room you were before with Ostrava, of Boletaria. and now head towards the inside of the building by turning right. You will find a long corridor. Go to the left of the corridor, and at the end of it, you can loot a corpse to obtain an Unknown Warrior Soul. Takedown the Boletaria Soldier protecting the gate at the end of the corridor. Go past the gate and turn right. You will find some crates. Be sure to be healed because you will find 4 Dreglings. From the staircase at the bottom of the room, a Boletaria Soldier will come towards you. 

Go up the stairs and once on top of them, turn to your left and keep going until you reach the little wooden bridge. Turn left again, keep going without stopping because an archer will start to shoot you from a roof. Once you reach the archway, go through it to your left, you will find yourself in a room with explosive barrels. Now turn right, and you will face a Boletaria Soldier wielding a halberd.


Once he's dead, keep going through the corridor. Once the corridor opens up, you will find another Boletaria Soldier at your right side. When he catches a glimpse of you, he will throw a Firebomb, be ready to either block or dodge. Turn around and in front of you, you should see a corridor full of wooden barricades. Smash them until you reach a room. Here, you can interact with the Dregling Merchant.

Go back to the room with the explosive barrels. Once past it, two Boletaria Soldiers show up. Defeat them. Keep going forward to the stairs. Fight the Dregling guarding the first steps. Keep going up through the stairs, and once you reach the top, turn right to face the archer. Loot the body hanging on the wooden ledge to obtain an Unknown Warrior Soul. Now get back to the stone staircase and keep going up.

At the top of the staircase, you will spot a Blue Eye Knight. To fight him, try to rush and position yourself far from the void to avoid falling. On the left side, you will find another Boletaria Soldier wielding a crossbow. Eliminate him and there is also another lootable body there containing x2 Late Moon Grass.

Red and Blue Dragons


Turn around and you will be facing a Foggy door. Go through it, keep advancing forward, until you have no choice but to turn right. Before doing so, in front of you, there is a cage holding several boulders. Don't position yourself in front of it, and try to hit it from the side. Doing so will release the boulders along the corridor this will kill a lot of Enemies, making the passage safe.


Keep going until you reach the stone stairs at your right. Go through them. Wait before the crossroad. At your left there are two Enemies, try to lure one enemy at a time. Once both are dead, turn to the staircase and start going up.

Before you, there is a bridge infested with Boletaria Soldiers. Lure the first one and take it down 1 on 1. Then start moving towards the bridge. The Red Dragon will appear at the end of the tunnel and position itself over the soldiers. When he does this, run to the place you came from. The Dragon will send a terrifying screech and will come at you breathing fire, killing all the Enemies at the bridge. Now the Dragon stays at the bridge, making it incredibly difficult to pass.


Go back at the crossroads, and take the path to your right. Go past the hall with the columns, and turn left. Go to the bottom part of the stairs and wait there until a second Dragon arrives. Don't be tempted to make a run for the items, if you do so the dragon will crush you. 


Now return to the bridge. Once you are there try to run as fast as you can. If there are a few Enemies left after the dragon attack, go past them and position yourself at the other end of the bridge and take them 1 by 1. The dragon will appear again and unleash his fire attack again, so if it catches you mid-bridge you will die.


Go down the little staircase and turn right to obtain an Unknown Warrior Soul. Turn around and get back to the base of the bridge. This time, move forward. In that room, you will find a lever, pull it and this will open the giant door you found at the beginning of the game. Now you can collect all the items at the bridge, without worrying about the dragon.

Turn left and go through the small corridor. Be ready to face two Dreglings, one on your left and one on your right. After dispatching go left and smash the furniture. Continue traveling until you reach a corpse that can be looted for x4 Pine ResinGet back and now head right, you will follow a corridor until you reach a seemingly dead end. There's a hole on the right, beware of the three Boletaria Soldiers in there. At the end of the room, you can go down a wooden staircase.


Dreglings are in the bridge, try to lure them one by one to the upper room to fight them in a more comfortable environment. You will also find three Hoplite. Try to position yourself behind this enemy. Trying to make a frontal attack won't hurt them. While going down, you'll notice a hole on the wall to your right. Go through it to a small balcony to obtain x1 Unknown Hero's Soul. Go down all the way to loot x3 Half Moon Grass from a corpse and pull the lever next to the door to open it.

This will lead you in front of the big iron gate at the beginning of the level. Don't go in just yet. In case you missed it earlier, head to the west section where you previously obtained the Cling Ring, and you will find two corpses by the unlocked iron gates to loot the following. Old Raggedy Robes, Old Raggedy Gloves, Old Raggedy Boots, and x2 Aged Spice on one body and x1 Jade Hair Ornament on the other.

Boss Battle: Phalanx


Now you can move towards the big gate and through the fog, to face the boss Phalanx, you can click on its name to see strategies on how to defeat him. Once Phalanx is gone, an archstone spawns in the room. Go ahead and touch it to receive x1 Lead Demon Soul. With that said, you can return to The Nexus.

Boletaria Mausoleum


Once you obtained the Mausoleum Key from Ostrava, of Boletaria, you can access the Mausoleum. Inside, you will be greeted by Old King Doran. He demands you prove him your strength to take the King's Sword.


You will fight him, and once you remove a quarter of his energy, he will approve of you and let you get the sword. Approach the altar and select the option to withdraw the weapon, you will obtain Demonbrandt.

Ceramic Coins Location


You'll be able to find one Ceramic Coin in this area but it requires the player to have Pure White World Tendency in Fractured Mode. To find it, head to the area where you jump down to rescue Ostrava, there is a small room where two soldiers break the doors to attack. Inside this room, simply destroy the furniture to find the coin. Video Location: Shown in our walkthrough video at 1:20. Click here to watch it.




Gates of Boletaria Video



Gates of Boletaria Map




Gates of Boletaria Trivia & Notes:


Trivia and notes go here


Altar of Storms  ♦  Boletarian Palace  ♦  Depraved Chasm  ♦  End Game  ♦  Inner Ward  ♦  Island's Edge  ♦  Prison of Hope  ♦  Rotting Haven  ♦  Shrine of Storms  ♦  Smithing Grounds  ♦  Stonefang Tunnel  ♦  Swamp of Sorrow  ♦  The Ivory Tower  ♦  The King's Tower  ♦  The Lord's Path  ♦  The Nexus  ♦  The Ritual Path  ♦  The Tunnel City  ♦  Underground Temple  ♦  Upper Latria  ♦  Valley of Defilement




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