FAQs for Demon's Souls features a variety of questions with its corresponding answer regarding the game. Please feel free to add any FAQs that are not listed if you know the answer to them. This page covers a list of the frequently asked questions regarding the game.


Demon's Souls FAQs


Getting Started

See our About page to get some general ideas on the concepts of the game. You should then visit the Classes page and select a class you believe would be approachable to your style. To proceed through the game, you can refer to our Walkthroughs page for an overview of the recommended route.


What is the Best Class?

Starting class system doesn't limit what you can use in the game. For example, you can begin with a mage build, but put all of your points into strength and have a good melee build instead. For actual beginners of the souls games we would recommend using the Knight class as it begins with a relatively good armor set, weapons and stats. 


Where is the Jump Button

The ability to jump is not available in the game. Details on the Control scheme can be found in our Controls Page.


Is there a bonfire equivalent in Demon's Souls?

Unlike the Dark Souls games there are no bonfire or other mid-level respawn points per location. The only respawn point can be found is at the beginning of every world and in the Archstone of the defeated boss. Finding shortcuts are more important in this game to reduce the amount of backtracking.


What are Souls for?

Souls are a form of currency and experience points in Demon's Souls. They are dropped by some enemies when they die, but can also be found as loot. Players spend souls to level up their character as well as to purchase items from merchants. Each level up requires an increasing number of souls. If the player dies however, all the souls that he's collected so far are lost, and are left at the bloodstain where he was killed. If the newly resurrected player can make it back to the bloodstain he can recover the lost souls. However, if he dies again on the way back to the bloodstain he will lose the souls permanently.


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