Character Tendency in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake is a special mechanic similar to most common morality systems. Demon's Souls Character Tendency determines the propensity of the player to do good deeds (white tendency) or bad deeds (black tendency). This results in special events becoming available to the player as the game progresses.

Character Tendency is specific for your character. Demon's Souls also features World Tendency, which is affected by the world. Each tendency acts on its own and doesn't rely on the other one.

  • Playing the game normally without facing many invaders will allow you to reach Pure White Character Tendency by endgame if you have killed all the NPC phantoms. Make sure you get the Ally's Ring from the Monumental at the nexus when you reach it.
  • The best time to become Pure Black if you don't like that playstyle is when you are near endgame and ready to go to New Game Plus. Get your Black Character Tendency, do the Mephistopheles Quest, and then move to the next cycle
  • Character and World Tendency won't reset in New Game Plus


Demon's Souls Character Tendency

What is Character Tendency in Demon's Souls?

The world of Demon's Souls has an absolute morality system that gives players a specific alignment: toward Black Tendency (Evil) or white tendency (Good). Not to be confused with World Tendency, the Character Tendency mechanic is specific to the player and the actions of the character throughout your playthrough. If you help other players and vanquish evil from the world, you will become purer and your tendency will become White. If you kill NPCs and invade other players as an evil phantom, you will become darker and your tendency will become Black.

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What are the effects of Character Tendency in Demon's Souls?

Character Tendency has unique ramifications that allow the player to meet specific NPCs and obtain special quests. Your Character Tendency Also affects the weapons DemonbrandtSoulbrandt and Northern Regalia.

Listed below are the various events or changes that can trigger for the player's character in both White and Black World Tendency

Character Tendency

CT Events/Changes

White CT > 90%
  • The Monumental gives the Friend's Ring.
  • Phantom Player's attack power is increased.
  • Attack Power of the player in Soul Form is increased.
  • Phantom Player's attack power is increased.
  • Attack Power of the player in Soul Form is increased.
Black CT < -50%
  • The player's max HP in Soul Form is decreased.
  • Black Phantom Player's attack power is increased.
< -90%



Changing Character Tendency


Towards White

Defeat Black phantom that invaded (Kill a Player Black Phantom in your world or other world).

Defeat Unique Named NPC Black Phantoms which appear only with Pure Black World Tendency. This applies only to these five unique "named" NPC Black Phantoms (Miralda, Scirvir, Rydell, Satsuki, and Selen). There are other Black Phantoms which won't adjust your character tendency (tested after Patch 1.04) such as the two BPs in the Crystal Gecko nest tunnel in Armor Spider Archstone or the three BPs that appear just beyond the Penetrator's hall Penetrator Archstone. Killing Black Phantoms Ostrava, of Boletaria and Garl Vinland will also not adjust your character tendency, even though they are named.

Note: Killing these 5 Black Phantom NPC in certain manner (details uncertain) will not trigger the shift in Character Tendency. Here are some tested examples:

  • Killing Black Phantom Selen Vinland with Soulsucker.
  • Let Black Phantom Executioner Miralda fall to her death in the stairwell. (A blast from Rage of God or fighting in the stair well may cause this)
  • Let Black Phantom Scirvir, the Wanderer fall to his death
  • Killing any Black Phantom exclusively with Poison Cloud seems to prevent the shift in character tendency. (I tested this with Rydell and Scirvir, with update 1.04 installed. -StefanieTN)

Towards Black

  • Kill harmless NPC.
  • Invade as a Black Phantom, kill host.
  • Note that if the host dies to anything other than your damage (environmental damage, enemies, fall damage, self-damage from Magic Sword Makoto, Hiltless, or Cursed Weapon) it will not lower your CT.

Here's a list of relatively harmless (won't hurt your game if dead) NPCs that you can kill to shift the character tendency.
(Note: please add to it from time to time.)

Killing the following Named Black Phantom NPCs has no impact (either way) on Character Tendency (both confirmed).



CT Character Parameters

Character Tendency in Demon's Souls also influences your stats as a Black Phantom and in Soul Form. Listed in the table below, you'll find the following parameters that will influence the various stats for both Black and White Character Tendency.

Character Type

CT Category

Max. HP Multiplier

Physical Attack Multiplier

Magical Attack Multiplier

Fire Attack Multiplier

Souls Gained From Multiplier

Black Phantom Player Black < -50% 1.00 1.10 1.10 1.10 1.00
Black < -90% 1.00 1.20 1.20 1.20 1.00
Phantom Player White > 90% 1.00 1.20 1.20 1.20 1.00
White > 50% 1.00 1.10 1.10 1.10 1.00
Soul Form White > 75% 1.0 1.20 1.20 1.20 1.00
White > 50% 1.00 1.10 1.10 1.10 1.00
Black < -50% 0.95 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00
Black < -90% 0.90 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00



Character Tendency Effect on Weapons

Apart from affecting the parameters of the player's character, it also affects certain weapons in the game, depending on the spiritual standing of your character. Later in the game, you can find three Weapons that can be used to measure your CT, and these weapons are the Demonbrandt, Soulbrandt, and the Northern Regalia. These weapons can grant bonuses that are based on your current CT. You'll see the bonus values of the mentioned weapons that are listed in the table below.

 Weapon Name  Base Value Bonus Attacks based on CT from Pure Black (-100%) to Pure White (+100%)
-100% -80% -60% -40% -20% 0% +20% +40% +60% +80% +100%
Demonbrandt PhyAtk +130 -130 -104 -78 -52 -26 0 +26 +52 +78 +104 +130
MagAtk +110 -110 -88 -66 -44 -22 0 +22 +44 +66 +88 +110
Soulbrandt PhyAtk +120 +120 +96 +72 +48 +24 0 -24 -48 -72 -96 -120
MagAtk +130 +130 +104 +78 +52 +26 0 -26 -52 -78 -104 -130
Northern Regalia PhyAtk +135 +135 +108 +81 +54 +27 0 +27 +54 +81 +108 +135
MagAtk +135 +135 +108 +81 +54 +27 0 +24 +54 +81 +108 +135

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