Red Eye Knight

Health ???
Damage Reduction
??? Magic Attack Reduction ???
??? Fire Attack Reduction  ???
Location Boletarian Palace
Enemy Type Melee Knight
Weakness Magic
Reward/s ???

Red Eye Knight is an Enemy in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Enemies have their own behavior and unique attacks, killing enemies provide various drops that reward players with items and souls.


The Red Eye Knight is a stronger variation of the Blue Eye Knight. They are more dangerous and lethal than the Blue Eye Knight.


Combat Information

Shield and Spear

  • Running attack that ends in a thrust.
  • Winding overhead thrust.
  • Spear thrusts with shield raised.
  • Dangerous running spear attack with shield raised, will hit multiple times.
  • Does a guard breaking shield bash that will deplete stamina.


  • Running attack that ends in a fast slash.
  • Combo: Three vertical slashes and ends with a powerful overhead attack.
  • Also does the overhead attack as a separate move.



  • These knights are a huge pain in the ass early in the game, and will easily kill you in 1 - 2 hits. The benefit of killing them is that they is worth 2500 - 3100 souls each kill. If you get good at it, this will help you increase attributes.

    Start out by letting him charge you and retreat out through that room out by the trebuchets. This will provide you with two important things, one you can easily get him caught behind a trebuchet so you can heal if he gets a glancing hit on you, and two is if you die (which you probably will the first few times) is you can easily recover your souls. then let him hit you while blocking with your shield, if you have a heavy shield he will bounce back and be stunned momentarily, this is your chance to attack using a power R2 attack. ONLY ATTACK WHEN HE IS STUNNED OR USING GRASS.

    They have one attack that no amount of blocking will help you with, when they raise their shield to shield bash you, back up, or else they will stun you, then skewer your ass. If you mess up during this fight even once you will probably fail. If you're brave, you can try to Parry this attack though, since it has that nice slow wind-up. A Riposte critical can be one of the quickest ways to kill him.

    If you happen to be a magic user though, you can keep spamming Soul Arrow and backing up. Two shots will break their guard, and the third will usually deal about 180 damage. Repeat this about three times, and even a Soul Level 1 Royal can defeat him.

    These enemies also block the way to the Royal Boletaria Mausoleum where Old King Doran resides. If you manage to beat him you will obtain a handful of rare items and some VERY good light armor. Keep in mind that he is very powerful and should be dealt with later on in your game.

  • Another strategy to beat them later game is to get right up in their faces and trigger their shield bash attack. While they are recovering, immediately hit them multiple times until they have recovered. If you are using a large sword or hammer like Meat Cleaver, you can finish them in 1-2 hits. If not, then keep baiting the shield bash, and only attack when they are using grass or they are recovering.


Item Drops

Enemy Variety Item Type
All Full Moon Grass (Tower Knight ArchstonePenetrator Archstone
New Moon Grass (Boletarian Palace)
With the shield Knight's Shield (rare)
Purple Flame Shield (rare)
Spiked Shield (rare)
Kite Shield (rare)
Lance Winged Spear (rare)
Sword Knight Sword (rare)
Great Sword (rare)



Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      Keep charging charging charging charging! Keep charging charging charging charging! Keep charging charging charging charging Keep charging charging charging.

      These guy's love doing that running charge attack without cooldown after doing another one in your face.

      • Anonymous

        Lure him to the stairs that the fire sword Dreglings were lurking on and you can have him fall off the side if you line it up on an angle.
        He usually survives, but if you time it right he’ll start walking past the big hole with the lights floating in it where you encounter the crossbow enemy for the first time.
        Engage him here again and keep the hole between you, he’ll fall to his death trying to spear you.

        • Anonymous

          The first red eye knight you come across is basically designed to be a death trap. The narrow bridge combined with the knight's charge is incredibly dangerous to even higher level players. It's a difficult attack to parry, and there's nowhere to dodge. He will skewer you every time. The best way to deal considerable damage to him, as stated on the wiki, is to aggro him before retreating and wait for him to walk back to his post. Then walk up to him and backstab him. Fighting him in more open areas is also much easier, since his spear has such a narrow point of attack. Just walk/roll to his sides whenever he goes for a stab.

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