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Dregling Merchant

Health 400 magic defense demonssouls 25px 160
normaldefense 25px 400 fire demonssouls 25px 133
bluntdefense 25px
400 bleeding 25px 100
slashdefense 25px 400 poison 25px 100
piercedefense 25px 400 plague 25px 100
Location Boletarian Palace
Phalanx Archstone
Tower Knight Archstone
Drops 16 Souls

Dregling Merchant is an NPC in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. NPCs are the various characters that are encountered by the player throughout their journey. NPCs provide information, others are quest givers, while some are categorized as Merchants and/or Blacksmiths whom you can trade with or request for certain services.


The Dregling Merchant isn't so much related to the plot as he is a helpful vendor in the early game.


Dregling Merchant Information


Dregling Merchant Location: Where to Find Dregling Merchant

Dregling Merchant can be found at:

  • Boletarian Palace. At the stairs with a rolling stone on top, after it falls down, go up the stairs and across the bridge. You'll find a fog door on your left in the middle of the bridge. After going through the fog, head down the stairs and into the hall., then turn right at the first corner. You will find Dregling Merchant behind a wooden plank near Ostrava.
  • Phalanx Archstone, He's at the end of the lower hallway.
  • Inner Ward, on the upper level of a building guarded by Red Eye Knight.

Note that the Dregling Merchant moves on to the next stage when you beat the major demons in Boletarian Palace and Phalanx Archstone


Dregling Merchant's Inventory

Items that are added to the merchant's list after reaching Phalanx Archstone:

Items that are added to the merchant's list after reaching Tower Knight Archstone:

Item Name Item Type Purchase Value
Crescent Moon Grass Consumable 150 Souls
Half Moon Grass Consumable 400 Souls
Soldier's Lotus Consumable 200 Souls
Turpentine Consumable 500 Souls
Late Moon Grass Consumable 800 Souls
Full Moon Grass Consumable 1,600 Souls
Firebomb Projectile 500 Souls
Throwing Knife Projectile 1000 Souls
Long Sword Weapon 1,500 Souls
Club Weapon 500 Souls
Short Spear Weapon 1,500 Souls
Light Crossbow Weapon 2,000 Souls
Broad Sword Weapon 2,000 Souls
Claymore Weapon 6,000 Souls
Knight Sword Weapon 20,000 Souls
Crescent Axe Weapon 10,000 Souls
Wooden Shield Shield 500 Souls
Soldier's Shield Shield 1,000 Souls
Slave's Shield Shield 200 Souls
Knight's Shield Shield 20,000 Souls
Large Brushwood Shield Shield 80,000 Souls
Wooden Bolt Ammunition 10 Souls
Bolt Ammunition 20 Souls
Heavy Bolt Ammunition 50 Souls
Plate Helmet Armor 1,000 Souls
Coat of Plate Armor 1,500 Souls
Plate Gauntlets Armor 1,200 Souls
Plate Leggings Armor 1,200 Souls
Brushwood Helmet Armor 50,000 Souls
Brushwood Armor Armor 80,000 Souls
Brushwood Gauntlets Armor 60,000 Souls
Brushwood Leggings Armor 60,000 Souls


Dregling Merchant Dialogue


  • Good day to you. Care to look over the wares? Mostly stolen, but who's telling, eh?
  • Hello. What can I do for you?
  • Ah, we meet again. Fancy that. Hope you find something that suits you.

First encounter (Boletarian Palace)

  • Be you brave knight or depraved slave, the Demons will snatch your soul, then you'll go mad.
    And those who dare cling to their humanity are hunted down.
    It is the end of Great Boletaria as we know it.
    But hell, at least the Demons don't send us to our deaths in battle! Heh heh heh heh.
  • There's this skinny fellow, clad in fabulous armour, who is always mumbling about some mission.
    He's another one who's managed to stay sane like yourself.
    Probably some pampered son, by the looks of his attire.
    I'd give an arm just for the buttons off his shirt!

Second encounter (Phalanx Archstone)

  • The giant lizard? One of the kings pets, just like those Demons.
    That monster leaves a trail of charred carcasses. Which is great for business, of course!
    But unless you're a scavenger like me, you'd better stay clear. Heh heh heh.



Third encounter (Tower Knight Archstone)

  • The King? He's gone mad like the rest of them.
    Or perhaps he was mad in the first place. I can never tell with those eccentric royal oafs!

Leaving after purchase

  • Thanks for that. Come back soon.

Leaving without buying

  • Go ahead, take your time. I'm not going anywhere. Heh heh heh.
  • Hard times, eh? I'm sure you'll turn things around. Heh heh heh.

Walk away without "Leave"

  • Hold it friend! Going so soon?

Next return

  • Go on. Treat yourself to something.

When attacked

  • I'm not afraid! I'll tear you limb from limb!


Dregling Merchant Notes, Tips, and Trivia

  • Note: He will repeat lines 3 and 4 after exhausting his dialogue.
  • The Brushwood set is only available if Biorr survives, and leaves the world by himself.
  • Note that his inventory only changes after he moves.



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      The original Dregling Merchant had the most ridiculously funny voice acting in the series it easily made him my favourite NPC and I think the remake did a pretty good job at recreating this guy. The original would just be too difficult to fully recapture imo.

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        I love the facial animations in the remake and I think the Dregling merchant in particular was done fantastically. His animations pair so well with his voice and character.

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