Magic Spells in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake are a type of magic that is associated with dark or black magic. Magic Spells are used for offensive strategies that can both inflict damage and apply negative Status Effects against hostile characters such as Enemies and Bosses, as well as some self-buffs.

  • There is a total of 22 Magic Spells available in Demon's Souls.
  • Magic Spells are affected by Magic Power, which increase their efficiency.
  • In order to equip Magic Spells players will need to have enough Magic Slots which are provided by Intelligence. 40 Intelligence points provides a maximum of six Magic slots. However, by equipping the Ring Of Magical Nature an additional slot will be added increasing the total slots available to seven.


All Magic Spells in Demon's Souls




Magic Spell Effect


How to Acquire

Acid Cloud
Creates an erosive cloud that reduces enemy equipment durability. (1) Magic Slot

Makes it harder for enemies to see the caster. (1) Magic Slot

Curse Weapon
Boosts weapon damage by 50% and gradually lowers HP. (3) Magic Slots
Death Cloud
Creates a plague cloud, infects the enemy with plague. (2) Magic Slots
Familiar's Prank
Familiar's Prank
Makes noise in the distance, enemies look toward Spell landing point. (1) Magic Slot

Enchant Weapon
Adds low Magic damage to a right-hand weapon. (1) Magic Slot

Launches a large ball of flame. (2) Magic Slots

Fire Spray
Very weak damage, but high rate of fire. (1) Magic Slot

A large Area of Effect fire damage Spell. (3) Magic Slots

Flame Toss
Launches a single bolt of flame. (1) Magic Slot

Homing Soul Arrow
Creates several orbs of light. (2) Magic Slots

A fast, point-blank fire attack. (2) Magic Slots

Light Weapon
Adds high Magic damage to a right-hand weapon. (2) Magic Slots

Poison Cloud
Creates a poison cloud, infects the enemy with poison. (1) Magic Slot

Slightly reduces physical damage taken. (1) Magic Slot

Fully recovers a touched ally. (2) Magic Slot
Soul Arrow
Soul Arrow
Fires a soul arrow. (1) Magic Slot
Soul Ray
Soul Ray
Shoots off a light that pierces the target. (1) Magic Slot

Instantly kills any non-boss Demon NPC. (3) Magic Slots

Soul Thirst
Increases souls gained by 50%. (3) Magic Slots
Greatly reduces physical damage taken. (2) Magic Slots
Water Veil
Water Veil
Slightly reduces Fire damage taken. (1) Magic Slot


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    • Anonymous

      Small interesting note, and please correct me if I'm wrong as I don't see this listed anywhere on the wiki, but the majority of Magic Spells don't actually scale with Magic at all, and all you need is a high enough INT to cover the Magic Slot/MP cost, meaning you can still access some really powerful spells using a Faith build with high INT (which you need anyway to cover the MP cost of high level miracles) and no extra levels into Magic. Spells that have no scaling with Magic (as well as no Magic requirement) include:
      - Acid Cloud
      - Cloak
      - Curse Weapon (LMAO)
      - Death Cloud
      - Familiar's Prank
      - Poison Cloud
      - Protection
      - Relief
      - Soulsucker (also LMAO)
      - Soul Thirst
      - Warding
      - Water Veil
      Now I believe none of these actually scale with Magic, even the damage based ones like Soulsucker and Curse Weapon, and if I'm right, this would mean that 12/22 of the Magic Spells in this game DO NOT scale with the Magic stat AT ALL. Combining this with Miracles can make things pretty nutty, like how Regeneration counters the HP drain of Curse Weapon, essentially giving you a free flat 50% damage boost on buffable weapons with 0 investment into the Magic stat. Makes Faith seem kinda bonkers imo.

      • Anonymous

        according to ds1 izalith staff "Before the birth of pyromancy, their wands were mediums for sorcery, but knowledge of this flame sorcery has long since vanished." so its cool that all fire spells are under the "spells" category

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