Inner Ward (Also known as "World 1 - 3" or "Inner Ward" in Demon's Souls) is a Location in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. The Tower Knight Archstone is the third level of the Boletarian Palace, which players can access only after defeating the powerful Tower Knight boss. Inside Boletaria's gates, where the streets intertwine, lie traps set by the much-reviled Fat Officials, themselves living proof of Old King Allant's madness. This area has NPC quests as well as many valuable items, so read on for a full Inner WardWalkthrough. The Inner Ward can be found in the Boletarian Palace.



Inner Ward World Tendency Events

White World

Fractured Mode Pure White World Tendency, Ceramic Coins Location

Black World

Two Black Phantom Fat Officials appear in a short passage after the Red Eye Knight and three Boletaria Soldier bowmen. You will become sandwiched between them, so be ready

Primeval Demon is located past the two Black Phantom Fat Officials, on the same platform as two Boletaria Soldier archers

  • Note: The Primeval Demon shows up in Pure Black World Tendency and is likely to drop a Colorless Demon's Soul when killed.

Fractured Mode Pure Black World Tendency, Ceramic Coins Location


Full Inner Ward Walkthrough

The Inner Ward


IMPORTANT! You won't be able to enter this area until you have completed one of the other Archstones (all 3 bosses within one of them). See Game Progress Route for ideas. When entering the area, you are treated to a short cutscene. After it, start moving forward to arrive at a plaza crowded with dead bodies and crows. Two Dogs will attack you. After dispatching them loot the three bodies near the empty fountain. You obtain x1 Storied Warrior Soul on each body. On a fourth body, separated from the other three, you can loot x3 Late Moon Grass.


Turn left and head towards the stairs. Beware, because once you are in the middle of the stairs, some fire boulders will drop from the top. Move to your left side and hide until it's safe to get out. You can loot the body that is mid-stairs. It contains x1 Dregling Shield. Keep going up the stairs, and you will be treated to another cutscene. Once it ends, turn right to go after a Crystal Lizard hiding between some columns.

An Alternate Route


Turn back again and heading towards the newly closed gate, if you turn right you can spot a few barrels, behind them there are three Boletaria Soldiers. Once dispatched head to the iron gate where the Fat Official just closed on you to loot x1 Stone of Ephemeral Eyes. See Starting Point on Map 1. Now take the narrow corridor from where the soldiers came, you will meet two Boletaria Soldiers more. Turn left and take the stairs.


At the end of the stairs, there is an Imperial Spy. After the fight, turn left and smash the crates to reach a lootable corpse that contains x1 Unknown Hero Soul. Before going up, follow the narrow path and you'll be able to loot x1 Blue-Eye Knight Gauntlets. Head back up after grabbing the item, and drop from the edge to find another lootable body, this one contains x2 Full Moon Grass. Drop to where you looted the prior body.


Now climb the ladder in front of you, beware of archers. turn right and go ahead. On the wooden platform, there's a body you can loot for x6 New Moon Grass. Continue going forward so you drop on the next structure. Keep going up, you will see a Boletaria Soldier shooting you with a crossbow, almost in front of you. Then an Imperial Spy will come rushing down the next set of stairs.


Once you've killed the enemies, take the narrow stairs. Upon climbing it, a fire boulder comes crashing down. Turn back and run to evade it. You will be greeted by an Imperial Spy and a Boletaria Soldier when you attempt to take the stairs again. You may also loot x3 Stealth Throwing Dagger from the body of an Imperial Spy. Be mindful of an archer Boletaria Soldier at the end of the corridor on the right by the steps.


Take the ladder, at your left, there is a narrow corridor, but there's nothing on it. Keep going up. You will find another corridor, this time at your right. A Boletaria Soldier shooting you from there. Keep advancing, there's another narrow corridor to your right. You will find a corpse containing x1 Dregling Shield. You will be ambushed from behind by an Imperial Spy.


After the fight, keep going up. You will find 3 Boletaria Soldiers shooting you, from the platform in front of your location. There's a gate on your right but inside you will find a Red Eye Knight and a Boletaria Soldier. Don't try to fight them there. A good idea is to lure them down the stairs. Then take the archers by using any ranged means you want, like weapons or spells.

Near the corner of the balcony, you will be able to loot a body for x1 Unknown Hero Soul. Now turn right and enter the room where you initially found the Red Eye Knight. You will be ambushed by a Boletaria Soldier.


Destroy the crates you unveil a door, enter it, and head up the stairs to the left. At the top, you will find the Dregling Merchant. Leave the room from the gateway directly in front of the stairs, on that balcony you will find a corpse by the corner on the right side that contains x1 Great Sword.


Drop from the balcony by going to the left, and you will be in front of a fog door. Enter and turn right, you will be attacked by a Red Eye Knight, keep going through the corridor and turn right.


You will reach an open area where you will be confronted by a Fat Official. When you loot the body, you can obtain x1 Iron Key Ring. An Imperial Spy will appear after the fight and attack you. Once done, head up the stairs, where you'll encounter four more Boletaria Soldiers.

Keep heading up, and you will fight two crossbow-wielding Boletaria Soldiers. Go back to the open area where you fought the Fat Official, and head to the left. Climb the ladder and loot the corpse to obtain x1 Storied Hero Soul.


Keep heading up through the main stairs, you will find an Imperial Spy and a Boletaria Soldier. Behind the Imperial Spy, you will find some breakable crates and a corpse where you can loot x5 Late Moon Grass. Keep going up but be cautious. A Boletaria Soldier will attempt to crush you with a burning boulder. Dodge it and then face the Soldier.


Turn right and keep going through that corridor. You'll encounter another Red Eye Knight just around the corner, kill it, and loot the corpse nearby that contains x1 Storied Hero Soul.  Cross the short bridge to fight three crossbow-wielding Boletaria Soldiers.


After the fight, take the corridor, and keep going. You will find another corpse behind the wooden furniture. You can obtain x2 Full Moon Grass. Take the left stairs down. You will find two Boletaria Soldiers. Dispatch them, keep going through that narrow corridor until you arrive at a bigger area. You can loot x8 Half Moon Grass from a corpse.

Help Ostrava, of Boletaria


Head down the next set of stairs, you will find another Fat Official, this one drops Official's Cap. Pull the lever on your right to unlock a shortcut, opening the gate the Fat Official originally closed on you. It also enables you to save Ostrava, who is fighting against two Red Eye Knights and one Boletaria Soldier on the other side.


You should find yourself at Point A on either Map 1 or Map 3. Ostrava, of Boletaria gives you x1 Pure Clearstone. Now turn back to the beginning of the area and head to the Tower Knight Archstone.



Head to the wooden door near the first Blue Eye Knight and use the Iron Key Ring on the wooden door you couldn't enter before. This is the prison area that houses a Fat Official who drops the Bloody Iron Key. You can also find Biorr, of the Twin Fangs locked up in a cell on the right and x1 Storied Hero Soul in the other cell that's on the left. Biorr helps you during the boss fight against the Penetrator. In the same prison holding cells, if you continue further on the left side, you'll encounter a Crystal Lizard and you'll also find x1 Tower Shield that can be looted off a corpse at the end of the path, by the iron gate.

Yuria, the Witch


Head to the plaza at the start of the area. Put on the Official's Cap. Now take the alley to the right, until you arrive at a rusty iron door. Open it with the Bloody Iron Key. Continue until the end of the corridor and turn left, to obtain x1 Stone of Ephemeral Eyes. From where you looted the body, attack the wall ahead to reveal it to be an illusory wall, you'll unlock a secret path that has a mysterious looking locked door behind it.


Now turn back and take the other little corridor. Keep going until you arrive at an Iron Door, once again, use the Bloody Iron Key to open it. Head to the tower. Once inside, take the stairs and start going up. If you have equipped the whole Official's Set, a bridge will lower for you to continue going up. Before doing that, loot the two bodies on the last floor. You can obtain x1 Ring of the Accursed and x1 Ring of Magical Nature.


The Fat Official will not attack you while you are wearing the cap. Backstab him and once he is gone, you can talk to Yuria, the Witch. This will lead her to be available in The Nexus, where she will teach you powerful magic in exchange for Demon's Souls.

Inner Ward: Secret Door


As mentioned earlier, you'll come across an illusory wall, as you head towards the path leading to Yuria, the Witch. If you're at the starting point of the Inner Ward and take the side gate from the entrance as if you were going to rescue Yuria. instead of going towards her path, take a right at the first intersection and you'll see some barrels at the end of the path, break it by rolling and attack the illusory wall. Now, behind that wall is a Secret Door that requires a unique key for it to be opened. You can hop onto the Ceramic Coin page to learn more about it and you'll also find a video guide that indicates its location.


Once, you have obtained the Rusted Key which can be acquired by trading x26 Ceramic Coins with Sparkly the Crow, you'll reach an open balcony where you'll find a corpse that's lying on a bench. Here, you'll be able to acquire the Penetrator Set, an exclusive armor set that's added to the remake of the game.

Inner Ward: The Main Plaza


Get back to the main plaza and again take the stairs to the left, this time go through the iron gate. Once past it, turn right. Two Boletaria Soldiers wielding halberds will come to face you, after facing them turn right to find a body that contains x5 Late Moon Grass.

There are two more Boletaria Soldiers, and on your right, you can see two Boletaria Soldiers wielding crossbows. Try to take them first so you can fight the melee ones without having to worry about dodging incoming arrows. Behind the Crossbow-wielding Soldiers on the upper platform, you will find a body containing x1 Unknown Hero Soul.

Now you can see behind the barricades that there is a huge amount of Enemies. As always don't rush in. Try to separate them or engage in small groups of two at most. There are three Red Eye Knight amongst the Boletaria Soldiers.  Just right before the group, you can spot an item located on the ground where a group of bodies converges, you can obtain x1 Legendary Warrior Soul.


When approaching the group, you will be treated to a short cutscene where you see a Fat Official, leaving the area through the fog door. After you deal with the group and pass through the fog door yourself, you are treated to another cutscene. This time the Fat Official is impaled from behind by the Penetrator.

Boss Battle: Penetrator


The Penetrator is a knight-like demon that wields a long Penetrating Sword that glows light blue during every blow. It can perform a devastating thrust attack, but it's rather slow as the rest of his offensive maneuvers. To learn more about the strategies on how to defeat this boss, hop on over to the Penetrator's page. Once the battle is over, touch the archstone to obtain x1 Silver Demon Soul.

Ceramic Coins Location

Fractured Mode, Pure White World Tendency


In the side area near the start of the level, after the guards open the side path with ninjas and a boulder that goes down the stairs, go up a small ladder and you will see a door you cannot open in front of you. Break the box to get a coin. Video Location: Shown in our walkthrough video at 2:25. Click here to watch it.


For the second coin, you'll find it in the courtyard overlooking the boss fog gate, where the Primeval Demon spawns, go on the upper walkway and break a box in the corner where there are crows that fly away. Video Location: Shown in our walkthrough video at 3:15. Click here to watch it.

Fractured Mode, Pure Black World Tendency


The third coin that can be found in this location requires Pure Black World Tendency in Fractured Mode. Right before the two Fat Official Black Phantom spawns, there is a railing you can vault over on the right side. Break the barrel below it to find the coin. Video Location: Shown in our walkthrough video at 9:09. Click here to watch it.




Inner Ward Video





Inner Ward Map






Inner Ward Trivia & Notes


This Archstone is an excellent place to farm Half Moon Grass and Late Moon Grass. Turn around and head back towards the Phalanx Archstone. The two Blue Eye Knights that guard the Tower Knight's arena entrance respawn with their backs to you. Each time they die, they always drop at least two of each kind of grass. The archers behind them have a chance to drop Crescent Moon Grass, this can be repeated quickly and indefinitely.

Use the Rusted Key to open the door found behind a hidden wall in Tower Knight Archstone (Inner Ward or World 1-3), to get Penetrator Set. (The Entrance is near a wagon, require Blood Iron Key to enter the passage.)
(Enter the passage from here)
(Break the illusionary wall)


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