The Nexus is a Location in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. The Nexus is a hidden temple that "binds together the northern land of Boletaria." It binds the souls of all would-be demon soul hunters so they cannot leave; they can only travel to the 5 worlds connected by the archstones. This is your place of retreat and refuge, which contains a variety of NPCs and vendors to aid you in your journey.

This sacred space, which holds together the northern land of Boletaria, connects to all other Archstones across the earth. The Old One is contained inside the nexus, where the Monumental awaits the slayer of Demons.



General Information


Video Walkthrough

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  • Stone of Ephemeral Eyes, Follow the balcony onward past the Monumental, take the narrow staircase down to the lower level, and search left to find it.
  • Stone of Ephemeral Eyes, Enter the Pantheon, search the inner ring on the far left side.
  • On a broken ledge high above Blacksmith Boldwin, there is a body with 2 New Moon Grass. To reach it, you must jump down from the curved staircase high above, and then walk from the other end of the ledge to reach the corpse.
  • Symmetrically opposite of the above corpse on the ledge is a Renowned Warrior Soul. Access it the same way but from the opposite stairs.
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Key Items


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World Tendency Events

White World

  • Once pure white character tendency is achieved, speak to The Monumental to receive the Ally's Ring. This will only happen if you answered "Yes" when he asks of you to "accept the mission" during your initial conversation with him. Note that if you missed this chance, the opportunity will not present itself again until the next playthrough.

Black World

  • Once pure black character tendency is achieved, Mephistopheles will show up on the second floor of the Nexus after Yurt is killed. To obtain all items from Mephistopheles, all Nexus inhabitants must still be alive except for Yurt.

Full The Nexus Walkthrough

First Visit
After Phalanx

First Visit


The Nexus acts as the hub world in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. You are treated to a short cutscene explaining how you can't escape The Nexus but you can travel between worlds thanks to the Archstones. You'll receive the Nexial Binding upon awakening.


Behind you, slightly to your left, you find Stockpile Thomas. He offers to lighten your load by looking after the excess baggage you may carry. You can deposit an item, withdraw an item, talk to him, and leave.


Next to him, you find Blacksmith Boldwin. He offers his services in exchange for souls. Boldwin can upgrade your weapons, repair equipment, sell items, or talk.


Turn around that column, and you find the female Worshipper of God. She doesn't sell you anything, you can talk to her only at this moment.


On the left side of your starting point, you find the Crestfallen Warrior. He points you towards the Boletarian Palace Archstone.


Straight ahead of your respawn point, you can see The Maiden in Black. She can upgrade your stats for souls, but you can't do that until Phalanx is defeated.


On the right side, behind a column, you can see Freke's Apprentice. He asks you to free Sage Freke, The Visionary from the dungeon of Latria.


Behind the Crestfallen Warrior, interact with the Archstone to travel to Boletarian Palace.

Return to the Nexus


After defeating Phalanx, you activate the Archstone and return to The Nexus. You will be received by The Maiden in Black. She tells you that The Monumental is waiting for you.  Once the cutscene ends, go through the two sets of stairs until you arrive at the top of the building.


Take another set of stairs, until you arrive at a balcony full of sitting bodies. Find the one with a lit candle in front of him, that's The Monumental. He tells you his story, and you are treated to another cutscene. After the cutscene, you are told that the four sealed archstones have been released. As stated in the White World Tendency part, The Monumental will ask you if you accept this mission.

Once finished with him, go to the end of the corridor to the left. You will notice a small gap, go down there all way to find a lootable corpse containing x1 Stone of Ephemeral Eyes.

Now go back but this time turn left and keep going up. You will arrive at a door that asks you if you want to enter the Pantheon. Do so. Pass the archway and turn left and go until the end of the corridor to obtain another x1 Stone of Ephemeral Eyes.


Go back all the way to the central part of The Nexus and talk to The Maiden in Black to receive x1 Blue Eye Stone and x1 White Eye Stone. Talk to her again to level up, spending the souls you've gathered during your journey.

Touch the Archstone of the Small King again, and this time select Phalanx Archstone. Nevertheless, you can select and visit any world in the order you prefer.



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Unlockable NPCs

During your playthrough you will encounter many NPCs that will eventually stay at The Nexus full time or for a period of their own journeys.

Trivia & Notes

  • The Nexus contains the Archstones, which allow a character to travel to the 5 worlds overtaken by the fog and demons. There is a sixth Archstone which appears shattered and unusable.
  • At the highest point reachable by the stairs, there is a door which leads to the Pantheon, which is the visual high-scores display. You can examine the stats and appearance of top online players, and your own 4 characters at the last time they "United the World" (beat the game).
  • The central transparent seal in the center floor of the Nexus is the entry point to the end game area, where the Old One is bound. Once you have defeated all the boss demons for all 5 worlds, the seal is broken, and The Maiden in Black can escort you to encounter it. (Note: You must speak to the Maiden in order to be escorted; jumping in without doing so will result in a very long fall, followed by death)
  • Once you have defeated three Archdemons (the very last boss demon of a given world), the normal background track becomes an organ track.
  • If you attack any of the vendors or NPCs in the Nexus by accident, immediately quit to the in-game menu. Doing so may prevent them from permanently attacking you whenever you draw near. This can be a game breaking experience, as some NPCs like Stockpile Thomas are vital for smooth gameplay. Merely reloading your game or letting them kill you will not rectify their hostility; they will stay aggressive until you either kill them or progress to the next playthrough. Note that this does not apply to The Maiden in Black, who will merely revive herself after being killed and not commence any hostilities towards you.
  • If you ever feel the need to suicide, the fastest way in the Nexus is to climb up the first set of curved stairs. You should be immediately above Patches, the Hyena. If you sprint or roll off this ledge so that you land on the central transparent seal, you should die. Make sure you don't land on Patches and hurt him, as this could turn him aggressive towards you.



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