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King Allant

Health 5370 magic defense demonssouls 25px 217
normaldefense 25px
fire demonssouls 25px
slashdefense 25px
poison 25px
bluntdefense 25px
207 plague 25px Immune
piercedefense 25px
bleeding 25px
Location Penetrator Archstone (1-4)
Reward/s x1 False King Demon's Soul
x75500 Souls

King Allant (or False King Allant) is a Boss in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Allant, driven by a lust for power, became a demon after he made a pact with The Old One. This boss is known as the 'False King' because it is not the REAL Allant. After Allant allied with the Old One, he was given immense power. Using this power, he fashioned a demon made in his own image, made to look like his old self at the height of his power. This demon would lead the demon armies against Boletaria. Bosses are special enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar with its name indicated, a variety of unique moves and abilities, an ambient boss theme, and an Archstone that appears upon their death. Most bosses appear once the player passes through a fog gate nearby.


False King Allant Location

False King Allant is found by using the lift to access the dilapidated throne room in Boletaria's King Tower. This is the final boss of the game, and can only be accessed by players who have hunted down all other main Bosses of the game. Although he is intended to be the penultimate boss, he may be accessed after defeating any of the other 4 archdemon bosses and the other bosses from Boletaria. For a full guide to progress through to the boss, see World 1-4 Walkthrough (Penetrator Archstone The King's Tower)

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Old King Allant Rewards




Old King Allant Strategies

Demon's Souls King Allant Video Strategies



Melee Strategy

The Eternal Warrior's Ring is recommended to help keep up stamina. Purely physical weapons with range, such as Spears work best. Magical damage weapons have little effect. You can also use Turpentine if you have the time.

A good shield is highly recommended. He has a unique Soulsucker attack at melee range which will actually steal one Soul Level from you, so don't stay too close to him.

You should be constantly backing away with your shield raised unless you are good with your dodges.

Being close will leave you vulnerable to combo attacks, and his Soulsucker move.

When he points his sword straight down into the floor and starts glowing, he is about to execute an area explosion attack.

It is possible to outrun, but far better to run up and bash his face in. After you interrupt this attack, immediately roll backwards to avoid his counterattacks.

When he raises his sword at an angle, he is about to rush you. Roll aside and he should miss you entirely. As soon as he stops behind you, turn and smack him once before rolling away again.

All other attacks do negligible damage and can be safely absorbed by your shield. If you need to heal, the best time to do it is when he is slowly walking.

Ranged Strategy

The White BowSticky Compound Long Bow, or Quality Compound Long Bow will do excellent damage with Heavy Arrows or White Arrows if you have them.

The goal here is to stay at a distance while he moves back and forth. With a proper lock on, you can hit him while he walks around, while he charges up a move, and especially while he charges up his glowing sword explosion.

If he attempts the explosion once he'll usually attempt it several times in a row, giving you free shots.

Never stay within range of his Soulsucker ability. Always dodge to keep your distance if he closes to melee. Be cautious when you heal as he turns aggressive when you're at far range. It's fairly easy and safe to whittle him down with a bow.

Super Cheap Ranged Strategy

Wear the Thief's Ring and just after you enter the fog, don't move. You can backstep and he still will not notice you and you get a better view of him. Pull out your bow and manually aim at his head. If the King's life bar is not showing across the bottom of the screen, then he won't attack you. So just hammer him with arrows for the easy victory.


As he gets hit with arrows he will slowly take steps back and gets further away from you. If you're doing less than 25 damage, you won't be able to kill him because he will get too far away for you to hit him.


Use Hyper Mode by equipping the Morion Blade and/or Clever Rat's Ring and getting your health below 30%. You will have an easier time with the added attack power from these items.


If you're having trouble doing enough damage before he steps out of arrow range, Rotten Arrows are recommended. It takes approximately 150 arrows to kill him. It's expensive, but extremely effective.


Using a White Bow with about 100 Heavy Arrows should just about kill him, making it a much cheaper way to fight.
At this extreme range, long-range bows (White BowSticky Compound Long Bow) and Light Arrows will usually do the most base damage.

Magic Strategy

Area of Effect exploit


Equip Soul Ray and Warding only, so that you don't have to constantly search for the spells you want. Make sure you have enough Spices to keep your magic points up. Old Spice being the best choice.


Use the Kris BladeMonk's Head Collar, and a light set of armor that doesn't eat stamina. Wear theRing of Magical Sharpness with the Cling Ring if you are in Soul Form. The Eternal Warrior's Ring and Ring of Magical Sharpness if not.


Using a bow is really optional for the opening shot, but not really necessary. Cast Warding as soon as the fight starts, and be mindful that it only lasts 40 seconds, so you'll have to recast. Move towards the center of the room and keep him at a medium distance. When he charges up his horizontal sword swipe, dive left or right.


Keep circling around him until he lifts his sword and looks like he's going to stab the ground. (He makes certain yells when winding up for certain moves. They become pretty obvious after a while). He will do a rather large and damaging Area of Effect attack. Quickly shoot him with Soul Ray and wait for him to try it again. Usually, he does it around three times. After the third attempt, move back and get ready to recast Warding.


It's imperative that you always keep your camera facing Old King Allant so that you can see what he's doing. Keeping him in the center of the arena, so that you always have an exit to either the stairs or near his throne, in case you aren't close enough to catch his Area of Effect attack.


Equip Warding and Firestorm and make sure to wear Monk's Head Collar, Kris Blade, and Ring of Magical Sharpness for added damage. As soon you enter the room, cast Warding.

Rush for the stairs and turn left (or right) immediately after. You should be in a corner. Wait for the king to charge you and as soon as he touches you, cast Firestorm

Poison Cloud

An easy, yet time-consuming method is to use Poison Cloud. As you enter the fog, wait for king to turn back facing the stair, walk to the top of the stairs while wearing the Thief's Ring.

Cast Poison Cloud. Wait until it wears off. His health meter will stop moving, and you'll stop hearing the poison sound. Cast Poison Cloud. You'll need to repeat this six times (900 damage each time), so a good deal of patience is required.


Attacks & Counters

Old King Allant is highly resistant to magic and partially resistant to fire. He also is difficult to knock down or stunlock, unlike most humanoid-esque enemies.

Attack Counter
Rapid Slash: He growls  and swings his sword over his head. Immediately, rushes towards the player and performs a horizontal attack from left to right sending a shock wave. When you realize he is doing this move, dodge roll to either side. He usually does it when you are at a medium-long distance from him.
Sword Smash: Smashes the sword against the ground in front of him and sends a shock wave Dodge roll to either side and attack.
3 hit combo: Swings the blade three times, the last swing sends a shock wave. Dodge roll to either side, can be blocked but it will probably end up depleting all your stamina mid combo.
Soulsucker: Charges energy in his left hand and lunges forward to grab you. If it lands, if deals massive damage and drains one Soul Level from you. Dodge roll to either side, and attack.
Jump & attack: Jumps towards you emitting a growl and attempts to hit you  with a single slash from his sword from left to right Dodge roll to either side and attack.
Back step shock wave: Performs a small back step and send a shock wave from his sword. Dodge roll to either side and attack.
Massive Aoe: Old King Allant stucks the sword on the ground, growls twice. First when he is starting the attack, and a second time when he is almost unleashing it. Covers a huge amount of space of the battlefield and deals massive damage, and emits a shock wave at the end. Can be interrupted during casting. If you feel you are not near enough to interrupt him, get as far as you can and dodge the shock wave at the end.


Old King Allant Lore

Allant, driven by a lust for power, became a demon after he made a pact with The Old One. This boss is known as the 'False King' because it is not the REAL Allant. After Allant allied with the Old One, he was given immense power. Using this power, he fashioned a demon made in his own image, made to look like his old self at the height of his power. This demon would lead the demon armies against Boletaria.


Old King Allant Notes & Trivia

  • Soulsucker Note
    As mentioned above, Old King Allant has a Soulsucker attack that can drain one soul level from you and might kill you at the same time. However, those souls aren't necessarily lost forever. Instead, if you die while fighting Old King Allant any souls that he stole from you will be deposited with the rest of your souls on your bloodstain. This also applies if he steals from you more than once and if he kills you with a different attack. For example, if he stole from you twice and you survived both times, but you died because of his explosion, you can recover the souls for both of those levels. However, if you die again without touching your bloodstain, those souls are then lost forever.
    If Old King Allant steals one of your soul levels and you beat him, you do not get back the souls you lost.
  • Invasion Glitch
    It is reported that when invading in 1-4, it is possible to enter the boss room while the host is fighting.
  • Ostrava of Boletaria, his son, was searching for him and after being severely wounded by the demon impersonating his father. Ostrava gave the Mausoleum Key to the Slayer of Demons so that the hero could free Old king Doran and get the legendary sword, Demonbrandt, to kill Allant and save Boletaria.
  • Has the highest hp of any boss in Demon's Souls.



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    • Anonymous

      niga drains your balls till level 1 the worst boss ever no wonder des has no pc port comparing to dark souls des sucks its beta souls afterall

      • Anonymous

        if you're using melee DO NOT USE A SHIELD this stupid ass guide made the fight 100x harder for me by recommending to use a shield, get your weight under 50 and roll away him, his 3 hit combo will eat through a shield and kill you every time but you can just roll away from it without it

        • Anonymous

          Well, if you are on PBWT this boss is surely NOT easy, not even for Souls veterans. Of course there is a cheese or you can go hyper and spam firestorm, but he is not easy at all.

          • Anonymous

            "This is the final boss of the game, and can only be accessed by players who have hunted down all other main Bosses of the game."

            He can actually be beaten anytime after one other Archdemon is killed, which opens the Tower Knight's fog. King Allant, (not Old) is the actual final boss who can only be reached when all other Archdemons are killed.

            • Anonymous

              I wish fromsoft would create a final boss who is so op that if the boss kills your character; that character is permanently dead, I want a from soft game that is deadlier than sens fortress but still fair in the mechanics, idk maybe I’m asking or wishing for too much

              • Ok either this game is easy af or I'm over leveled (SL 55) this is the only boss I haven't first tried and do you want to know hoe much tries it took me 3 only 3 is a dragon claymore+1 lava bow and Soul level 55 over powered?

                Also I mainly used the claymore I only really used the bow when he did the big aoe attack

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                  This f***ing c*** reduced my f***ing Soul Level!!! F*** this f***ing game!!! Anybody who likes it is a moron!!!

                  • Anonymous

                    Out of curiosity just went straight to allant in ng+2. You actually don't need to kill the other arch demons, you can just do the boletaria Archstone if you want

                    • Anonymous

                      Destroyed him with all 16-17 stats using lava bow and heavy arrows right after I ended 2nd world. Too pitiful without his AoE, grab, and triple melee combo.

                      • Anonymous

                        So, I dodged his Soulsucker, yet it still somehow "got me", drained a soul level, even though he was just grabbing the air and I was moving around like normal. Wtf?

                        • Anonymous

                          Since this boss can steal soul levels, it is more than fair to cheese him with Poison Cloud. If you want to fight him, i suggest fighitng him near the entrance so you can get your stolen souls back. However I think if you kill him, those levels are gone forever. That is a Gameplay grief if you ask me.

                          • Anonymous

                            i've just killed this guy 3 times in a row as a blue phantom and none my character or world tendency variated. why is this?

                            • Anonymous

                              It’s interesting how the game sets this boss up to be final but it doesn’t have to be. You can choose any of the 5 arch demon’s as your final boss of the game.

                              • Anonymous

                                0 effort strategy: thief's ring > wait until he turns his back > poison cloud (you can aim at the roof to arc it from far away) be sure to stock up on the magic sniff juice > do this a bunch of times

                                • Anonymous

                                  Funny ! I beat the game a first time, then started a NG+.
                                  I arrived in 1-1 and got invaded and killed.
                                  I re-popped in old king alant’s arena and he was standing, doing nothing.
                                  So I kicked his ass while he was standing.

                                  I wanted to go back to the elevator and it triggered the boss cinematic and the fight started... with no opponent.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Is there any way to get down from the "Throne of the False King" archstone? Seems like the elevator is out of order lol

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Can I use this boss battle to push my tendency to pure white, then double back through the entrance instead of touching the arch stone & starting NG+?. I need to get the ceramic coins from world one still & I haven't done any Black tendency play through yet... I don't want to start the NG+ until I've acquired everything possible on my first play through.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        It’s a shame he looks like an elderly man in the remake when the point of the false king is to represent allant in his strongest and most intimidating state. They didn’t care about the games visuals at all but stayed faithful to the gameplay even keeping bad enemy AI and pvp issues in which needed tweaks unlike the games aesthetic. I just don’t understand the thought process behind any of it.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          The Super Cheap Ranged Strategy don’t seem to work now (PS5 remake). No matter how close you are to the fog gate, his bar is active and one hit with an arrow draws his attention.

                                          Cheapest strategy is:
                                          Thief ring on.
                                          Enter and wait for him to walk to the middle then turn away.
                                          Sneak up and stand at the top of the stairs (just off the end of the blue rug).
                                          Lock on and keep using Poison Cloud. He won’t turn around

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Man, after all these years I expected him to be way harder than that. I killed him with the Secret Dagger and Lava Bow... Basically I just stayed far away to bait his power slide, rolled behind him, slashed away at his back, rolled backwards, repeat. If he began to charge his AoE, I switched to the Lava Bow (any bow is fine though) and interrupted it. Took about three minutes tops, only got minor damage from his projectile waves.

                                            I feel like this game was not intended to have omnidirectional rolling. Either way, it suffers from the same flaws as DS2's bosses—just dodge backwards and practically nothing has the tracking to hit you. EZ

                                            • Anonymous

                                              HAD TO DEFEAT KING ALLANT TWICE!!
                                              Playing the remake, I passed the game for the first time and started over in the Nexus as usual and entered world 1-1. I stupidly died there and was transported back to King Allants throne room and had to defeat him again. I kept reviving back in the throne room until I finally defeated him and received 151,000 souls and now have 2 False King Demon Souls. I have to assume this is a glitch of some kind. Also, I can transport to the throne room now whenever I want and it just sits empty. Did this happen to anyone else?

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Having a boss capable of manipulating your SL is a truly frightening concept. I feel like a damn goof whenever he does it to me.

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