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Patches, the Hyena

Health 638 magic defense demonssouls 25px 116
normaldefense 25px 130 fire demonssouls 25px 119
bluntdefense 25px
130 bleeding 25px 101
slashdefense 25px 145 poison 25px 92
piercedefense 25px 119 plague 25px 84
Location The Nexus
Adjudicator Archstone
Armor Spider Archstone
Drops Thief's Ring
215 Souls

Patches, the Hyena is an NPC in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. NPCs are the various characters that are encountered by the player throughout their journey. NPCs provide information, others are quest givers, while some are categorized as Merchants and/or Blacksmiths whom you can trade with or request for certain services.


Patches is a scoundrel who enjoys setting traps for unsuspecting travelers, often using their greed against them to lure them to their demise and loot their corpse.

If players resist the temptation to kill Patches in revenge for trapping them, he will return to the Nexus where he is a useful merchant.


Patches, the Hyena Information

  • He wields a Short Spear and the Adjudicator's Shield.
  • Mephistopheles will reward you with a Colorless Demon's Soul if you kill him for her.
  • When killed, he will drop the Thief's Ring.
  • If you found Patches in The Tunnel City and he appeared in the Nexus, killing the Adjudicator will cause him to leave. You must find him in The Ritual Path and complete the event in order to have him return to the Nexus.
  • Occasionally after having Patches return to the Nexus and become a vendor after the events in The Tunnel City and The Ritual Path, he can no longer be found there. If this happens you must talk to him in The Tunnel City or The Ritual Path at his usual location to get him to reappear once again in the Nexus. The world you can find him in is the one you didn't first meet him in, i.e. if you first encountered him in The Tunnel City, then talk to him in The Ritual Path to trigger his reappearance.
  • After your 9th or 10th playthrough and depending on the World Tendency, the explosion of the bug during the  The Tunnel City event will kill Patches. To prevent this you must either avoid killing the bug by rolling through the wooden boxes to its left or quit the game immediately after killing it. Meaning: once the death blow has been dealt, and before the explosion. Once you reload your game, patches will still be there, although his "side quest" not finished. To finish the side quest, pick up the ring of flame resistance, then talk to Patches.
  • Patches is the only merchant who can offer an unlimited supply of Heavy Arrows. It is very unwise to kill him or let him die in a game where you're using bows frequently.


Patches, the Hyena Location: Where to Find Patches, the Hyena


Patches, the Hyena Merchant's Inventory

Items that are added to the merchant's list after killing two Archdemons:

Items that are added to the merchant's list after killing three Archdemons:

Items that are added to the merchant's list after killing four Archdemons:



Patches, the Hyena Dialogue

Stonefang Tunnel, Armor Spider Archstone

(if it's your first encounter with him)

  • Oh, you're not mad like the rest, are you?
    Well, what jolly travelling companions are we? Pleased to meet you; call me Patches.
    Oh, see that treasure over there? Go on and take it! My gift to you, just to show that we're friends.
    Phew, I'm glad to meet you. These soul starved imbeciles will drive you mad.

(if you met him before)

  • Oh, hello again.
    Hey, don't turn a cold shoulder. I didn't mean to do you wrong, really!
    O, I have an idea! That treasure over there should be mine, but I'll let YOU have it!
    I promise, no tricks! I won't move a muscle until the treasure's safely in your hands.
    You can trust me… can't you? I'm just trying to do right and make amends here, hmm?
  • What's the matter? You're too good for treasure?

If you take item

  • Oh, oh!! Who'd have thought it? Bearbugs!
    My apologies, it's just not your day.
    As promised, the treasure is all yours.
    If you survive, that is!
    Good luck to you!

After escape (not killing bearbug)

  • You… How did you do that? I really didn't attempt to fool you. It was just bad luck.
    And besides, you're safe and sound, right? Worry not, worry not.
    Here it is, your little treasure, safe and sound. Go on. Take it, take it! Heh heh heh heh.

After Escape (killing bearbug)

  • You… How did you do that? Worry not, the treasure is all yours!
    Tough luck with the Bearbugs, but you certainly showed them, didn't you?
    Here it is, the treasure, safe and sound. Go on. Take it, take it! Heh heh heh heh.
  • Heh heh heh. You're simply unlucky. Worry not.
    Stay by me, and my luck'll rub off on you soon enough!

If you kill bearbug instead of taking treasure

  • You… How did you do that?

(if it's your first encounter with him)

  • Oh! the Demons haven't got to you, have they? I'm in luck.
    You see that pit? It's filled with treasure, but, er I can't get to it myself.
    Go on, have a look! It's more riches than I've ever dreamed of!
    That's it, that pit just there. Go on, get a little closer.

(if you met him before)

  • Oh, hello again.
    Hey, don't turn a cold shoulder. I didn't mean to do you wrong, really!
    C'mon now, we've got better things to fret about!
    That pit there is filled with treasure, but, er I can't get to it myself.
    Go on, have a look! It's more riches than I've ever dreamed of!
    That's it, that pit just there. Go on, get a little closer.
  • What's keeping you? Have a look at that treasure, down in the pit.
    Then we'll work out a way to fish it out. Heh heh heh heh.

If you look 

  • Heh heh, don't hold it against me, eh?
    Take your time starving to death; then I'll sell every last trinket off your corpse!
    Keh heh heh heh!

After escaping Adjudicator Archstone cavity

First time you speak with him

  • Y-you. Hey look, I'm really sorry, I didn't mean what I said. I mean, a man's got to make a living, right? Here, look I can make up for it. There aren't many humans like us. We need to stick together! I know! Here, take this, as a token of my friendship. You've seen one of these before, surely?
  • Heh heh heh.
    C'mon, let's be friends, what do you say! No need to drag each other down.

Nexus, after encountering him in any world

  • Well, I remember you.
    I'm glad I found you. I've found some really nice trinkets.
    Well, we've been long acquainted, so I'm willing to part with them at a special price, but only if you buy today!
  • Nothing here is stolen, I swear.
    I no longer partake in the whole corpse-robbing thing.
    Yeah… No, I'm completely free from my vice.
    My old Mother would be proud indeed!
    Aren't you proud of me too?
  • I've not seen YOU of late.
    Heh heh heh, have I got some stuff for you!
    No, no, don't mention it! It's the least I can do for a dear friend!
    But do pay for them.

Nexus, after rescuing Saint Urbain

  • You see that priest and his disciples over there?
    They still don't trust me after that little incident behind the altar.
    Shouldn't they believe in forgiving and forgetting and all that?
    Well, I have news for them. Praying has not put food in my mouth, nor anyone else's.

Nexus, after beating 2nd Archdemons

  • I have bad news.
    There's a rumour that the silent chief Yurt has infiltrated Boletaria.
    Yurt's a mercenary; he'd kill his own kin for the right price.
    Now, I'm not a saint, but compared to Yurt I'm as saintly as they come.
    So I implore you to stay away from Yurt, the assassin in black.

Nexus, after beating 3rd Archdemons

  • No no, don't mention it, it's the least I can do for a dear friend. But do pay for them!
  • Did you ever visit the Valley of Defilement?
    The bog there is filled with the corpses of honourable knights too foolish to stay out of harm's way.
    You may have heard of some of them.
    Vito the Moonlight Knight, Risaia of Istarel, and many, many more.
    I reckon they left behind some fine armour and weapons.
    Why not have a visit… see what you can find?

Leaving without shopping

  • Well, do as you please, but you may yet regret refusing my offer.
  • Well, do as you please, but don't come a-crying when it works not.
  • Fine, fine, fine, I cannot make you.
    Though I know you'll come back soon.

Leaving while talking

  • Hey, where are you off to?

When attacked

  • You slimy little wretch! What did I ever do to you?


Patches, the Hyena Notes, Tips, and Trivia

  • If you obtain Pure Black World Tendency in Adjudicator Archstone before encountering Patches, he will not reappear for that play through.
  • Voiced by: Will Vanderpuye
  • Completing Stonefang Tunnel and then Shrine of Storms without encountering Patches in World Armor Spider Archstone first may cause him to disappear from the game until New Game +. This is not linked to the Black World Tendency Event above, although it may be a White World Tendency Event (as it is noted to have occurred during the October 2010 White World Tendency Event). However, it may also be a glitch, because the disappearances of Graverobber Blige and Saint Urbain from their positions in World Adjudicator Archstone, as well as the continuous re-spawning of the Black Phantom in Saint Urbain's pit in Adjudicator Archstone, may also be related to this situation.



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    • Anonymous

      There’s unlisted dialogue for if you kill the explosive bug before talking to him,”Whoa, you… You’re no joke, are you?”

      • Anonymous

        Actually on your first playthrough you can aggro him if you kill the bug, and then if you were buying something or were but left and came back to only touch the controller and cause your character to hit him. I don’t know what I could of done but holy cow I don’t remember in the original the explosion from the bug to hit him.

        • Anonymous

          Why does he say Yurt The Silent Chief has infiltrated Boletaria even if you kill Yurt right where he stands when you open his cage? This dialogue shouldn’t happen after completing Latria if you killed Yurt in Latria. This is a bug right?

          • Anonymous

            Patches has a special dialogue for if you retrieve the great club without talking to him therefore evading his trap he says "You, you're no joke are you?"

            • Anonymous

              Patches died randomly in my nexus. I got a soul of a wandering hero iirc only, but I want to buy heavy arrows. anyone else experience him just dying?

              • Anonymous

                I think someone killed him in my game. I go to his spot in nexus this evening and there’s his bags and an item (thief ring if I’m not mistaken) but no Patches. Happened right after defeating storm king. I think he’s dead tbh. That monk (who didn’t like patches) shows up and then patches disappears... coincidence? Either way i really was good customer. Always his shop (cheapest goods)... sucks he’s gone now

                • Anonymous

                  Hey I just wanted to mention that if you kill the bearbug before talking to him and the explosion does damage to him he will only say "Woah, you're something now aren't you" and will still come to the nexus after (it doesnt seem to break his questline thankfully)

                  • Anonymous

                    The OG survivor.
                    Made it till' the end ol' buddy, only 'cause I didn't MURDER you for all that treachery.

                    I totally killed him. A lot.

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