Online Information for Demon Souls and Demon's Souls Remake provides details on online play and how player trade works. You can also find a summon range calculator to assist in matching co-op and pvp players. Be mindful that the Demon's Souls Remake of 2020 increased the amount of online players to 6, which means mechanics are not the same as the original game.



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      Posted here before, a long time passed without me playing but i'm feeling it again now. Add me on PSN (Bossu72) and optionally on Discord (jrjr72 (If you aren't hearing from me on PlayStation, contacting me here guarantees me hearing you.)) if you want to co-op. While i can help you out with hard sections and/or bosses, more specifically i'd love to do a playthrough with you as your safety buddy. Basically i'd come along and let you play at your own leisure but help you out whenever you want it, which means i'd destroy the enemy considering i'm max level. (Connecting with your low level is no problem if we use passwords.)

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        So, uh...I decided to write a bit of a response to Spikeyroxas explaining the significant multiplayer differences between classic Demon's Souls and Remake - it ended up being an essay. Problem is, they posted weird. If anyone does bother to read it, the order they *should* be read in is: First, Second, Fifth, Third, Sixth, Fourth.

        1,253 is number 64! Yeah, it ended up being an Ocarina of Time puzzle. Or Capcom trying to put the Devil May Cry series "in order". Really not sure how that happened...ignore the nonsense about going to the bottom or posts being deleted. That changed too...friggin' weird...

        • The online in this game seems very underwhelming compared to the rest of the series. Even though its a remake of an old style game the mechanics have not been updated to suit online jolly coop which I think most people are accustomed to from playing the other soul games. Increasing the player limit does not seem to have given any benefit. Granted the game came out on PS5 Launch which was 8 months ago from this post. I rarely see soul signs in human form and rarely get summoned aswell.
          Why? Well this game seems to heavily benefit those who play in Soul form, with the hugely unexplained Soul Tendency system.

          Even some spells have little to no purpose.
          Relief only heals blue phantoms but not yourself, which is a waste of a spell slot if like me you struggle to even find a coop partner.
          Resurrection is basically a spell version of the item to banish phantoms from your world with no purpose, there are rumours it affects WT/CT but this does not seem to be the case. It also does not work for invaders using it against blue Phantoms.
          The only online spell which works to the users affect is the Banish Miracle for those who dislike PvP invaders.

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