Armor Spider

Health 1732 80
122 Plague Immune
Location Smithing Grounds (Stonefang Tunnel 2-1)
Reward/s Hard Demon's Soul

Armor Spider is a Boss in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Bosses are special enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar with its name indicated, a variety of unique moves and abilities, an ambient boss theme, and an Archstone that appears upon their death. Most bosses appear once the player passes through a fog gate nearby.


Armor Spider Location

Armor Spider is the main demon of  World 2-1 (Stonefang Tunnel or "Smithing Grounds" in the remake). The boss can be found by descending a lift after traversing the caverns.




Armor Spider Rewards




Armor Spider Strategies

Video Strategies



Melee Strategy

Equipment with high fire resistance is recommended i.e. Binded Cross armour set, Ring of Flame ResistancePurple Flame Shield, Large Brushwood Shield, etc)

  • Enchant your weapon with Sticky White Stuff before going through the fog door.
  • Run through the tunnel while blocking or dodging her webs and fireballs.
  • Block her cross-leg sweep or roll towards her to completely dodge her attack.
  • Remain in the center of her body to avoid her crushing attack.
  • When you see fire start coming out of her mouth, raise your shield or run towards the entrance.
    Rinse and repeat.


Ranged Strategy - Using Hiding Places

There are a number of places to hide while still being able to attack the Armor Spider with relative safety.

  • There are small alcoves on the sides of the hall, where you can stand and be safe from the spiders ranged attacks except perhaps the web (look for the blocks on the ground).
  • Use the Thief's Ring. As soon as you enter the stage move to the right, hugging the fog. The tunnel curves a bit here and there's a small alcove.
  • Move along the left-hand side of the tunnel, shortly after lock-on range there is a small spot in the wall which is not covered in cob-webs behind a small pile of rocks (just after the first upside-down dead guy stuck in the cobwebs), in online mode, there is often a message here to show it as a safe place, from here the spider's flame attacks will not be able to hit you, the web attacks still may however but this is rare.
    Hide behind one of the wooden pillars inside her nest.

Use the Thief's Ring and the Cloak spell. The spider will stop attacking you if you stay close to the entry fog, you need dodging the attacks already underway. Then you can easily shoot arrows from there without resistance until the spell runs out. *Repeat that pattern until it's dead, it won't take long.

Ranged Strategy - Bow and Spells

For this plan to work you must use the Thief's Ring. Distance is the advantage of the Armor Spider. You must have a bow with a competent range, such as the Compound Long Bow or Compound Short Bow, and around 80+ Arrows, any other bow (besides the Lava Bow) with high range and damage make this battle even easier. Equip the Crescent Falchion +1 on the other hand as it has an MP regen effect.

  • As soon as you walk through the fog gate, stand against the left-side wall. Aim your bow and repeatedly shoot the body of the Armor Spider.
  • This strategy should not take too long, however, if you run out of arrows or simply get bored, you can defeat the spider using magic.
  • Walk forward till about halfway through the tunnel and lock-on the spider and shoot with soul arrow, be careful not to get too close.
  • Be careful - the spider's attacks are powerful and are frequent, try your best to avoid all incoming attacks, primarily the 'flame-ball attack'.


Ranged Strategy - Hyper Mode

In NG+ the hyper mode with Clever Rat's Ring and Morion Blade can be very effective with a bow. Thief's Ring is required. With the White Bow, Heavy Arrows and 30 in both strength and dexterity, you'll do a good few hundred damages with each arrow. You can bring the Makoto to drain down your HP to 30%. You don't need to be in body form for the extra HP since you'll dodge everything the Spider fires at you.

  • With Hyper Mode active, stand to either side of the hallway while backed up against the fog and fire an arrow.
  • The Spider will retaliate with either fire or web. Dodge it to the side regardless. If it shoots a web, don't dodge it right away due to its slight tracking. The web shot will be followed by a fireball, but you don't need to dodge this since the spider can't see your new location. Sometimes it will retaliate with its short-range attacks.
  • Fire a new arrow and dodge back to the side you came from.
  • Rinse and repeat, this shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes.


Attacks & Counters

The Armor Spider has two different modes of attacks. She will use her ranged attacks while the player is in the tunnel and shift to melee when player makes it into her nest.

Attack Counter
The Armor Spider's main melee attack is a cross-leg sweep. The attack starts with the boss crossing its two short front legs and sweeping outwards. Dodge roll to either side, can be blocked with a Shield.
After 1-3 cross-leg sweeps, the boss will raise its body and smash down with both front legs coming down straight, perpendicularly. Dodge roll to either side, can't be blocked with a Shield.
Raising her upper body up and fires a single stream of web towards the player. The web deals minor amounts of physical damage but will encase the player in a thick web, even if blocked. While encased in webbing, the player's movement speed is heavily impaired and cannot roll for a duration. Dodge roll to either side.
Alternatively, two streams of webbing will be launched to the middle of the tunnel, covering the area in webbing. If the player touches the webs, he/she will be encased in it.  Roll to the other side, evade the webs on the ground.
Fireball: The Armor Spider spits a fireball from its mouth    Dodge roll to either side, can be blocked with a Shield
It also sprays three fireballs 2-3 times. These fireballs reach only about halfway into the tunnel, and the middle one will always land a little further. Dodge them one by one.
Flamethrower attack: The Armor Spider will start to charge up fire in its mouth and will spray  fire in a cone shape. Once you see the Armor Spider charging up, try to position behind it or if you are too far away to do that, run to the beginning of the tunnel.


Armor Spider Lore

Lore notes, information on folklore, etc go here

Lore theories should be clearly marked as such.


Armor Spider Notes & Trivia

  • The Armor Spider, as a fireball spitting arachnid, is evidently well-protected against fire, especially Firestorm. For those determined to use melee despite her taking significantly more damage from magic, make use of the Sticky White Stuff you should have found earlier in 2-1.
  • Alternatively, for those of a more ranged persuasion, the bow enchantment glitch (detailed in several other places on the wiki) can be used to make this relatively easy fight even easier.
    Ideal for melee would be a decent magic stat and a crescent/moon weapon, however on a character who has those kinds of magic stats, using ranged magic is just as, if not more, viable.



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    • Anonymous

      This boss is so bad it makes the entire game VERY unenjoyable. I would rather do a Dark Souls run where I can only fat roll than fight this shitty boss again.

      • Anonymous

        I died at smithing grounds and somehow respawned right behind this boss?? I was so confused but it was a welcome surprise for easy kill

        • Anonymous

          I've played every souls game, including bloodborneand Elden Ring, and fighting this guy on Ps5 makes me want to die. Literally the most frustrating boss ever

          • Anonymous

            I love how almost every boss has some form of backstory, then there's just a giant spider vibing in the caves

            • My 8 years old boy discovered a cheese in this fight. If you are having too many problems with this boss, halfway through the tunnel on the left side, there is a dent in the wall where you can be encased by the web but the fireball will hit you (it will hit the wall one meter ahead.)

              • Anonymous

                Easy way to cheese is to get just outside of the range of the cross slash with magic. It will only use melee until the big spit up move so you can rack up damage fast

                • Anonymous

                  I didn't do any research (first souls game) and started as a Soldier and had to melee the crap out of this boss... then I see all of these cheese range guides and now i'm going to reroll Royalty...

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