Projectiles in Demon's Souls are offensive items used to inflict damage to enemies and bosses. These projectiles are usually thrown at the hostile character that inflicts a small amount of damage. This page covers a list of all the projectiles in Demon's Souls.


Demon's Souls Projectiles



Name & Icon Usage Location

Throwing Knife

Throw it to attack. Deals a small amount of damage  Sold by the Dregling Merchant.


Throw it to attack. Deals a small amount of damage and chance to poison Sold by Graverobber Blige.

Secret Throwing Dagger

Throw it horizontally to attack. Deals a considerable amount of damage. Dropped by the Imperial Spies.


Throwing it produces a large flame. Deals a small amount of splash damage and fire damage  Sold by the Dregling Merchant.

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