Graverobber Blige

General Info
Location Shrine of Storms

Graverobber's Ring

Health ???
Souls ???

Graverobber Blige is a NPC in Demon's Souls.

Graverobber Blige Information



Shrine of Storms









  • First encounter (Shrine of Storms):
    • Phew! You saved me.
      Heavens, I can't believe I fell for that trap. I suppose I owe you now.
      I'm graverobber Blige. As thanks I can provide you with useful goods.
      Who couldn't do with a little help down in these parts?
    • This shrine was used in a ghastly ritual by an ancient tribe.
      They have long perished, and now Demons have put the souls to work.
      At least here you're killing things that are already dead, like skeletons and shadow lurkers.
      That's what I like about this place. Better than killing those poor soul-starved humans, right?
  • Second encounter (Adjudicator Archstone):
    • Hello, there. We meet again. You look terrible. Cheer up, life is an adventure! Hahahah.
    • There's somebody I ought to warn you about. A fellow who lacks common decency.
      They call him Patches the hyena, and he's the one that laid that trap for me.
      He's the kind of person who'd stab his mother in the back.
      If you happen to spot him, you'll be doing us all a favour by putting him out of his misery.
    • Have you been to the altar where sorcerers summon shadows?
      Well, I think someone may be trapped in the lower cavity. I heard them praying for dear life.
      Pity the poor fool. He probably fell for one of Patches' old tricks.
    • This is where the ancient barbarians offered their honoured heroes to the winds.
      To seek winds in life, and meet winds in death, that was the warriors code.
      And all that's left here now is a fine pile of dust.
      I've never been so wrong about a dig. I've disgraced the Blige line of graverobbers.


  • Approaching after first conversation:
    • A, hello, I'm here to please. What can I get you?
  • Leaving after buying:
    • Satisfied? I'll have more for you next time. May we have a long and fruitful relationship!
    • All done? Good day. Be sure not to get yourself killed.
  • Leaving without buying:
    • Hmm… Well, suit yourself. But a bit of Indulgence goes a long way.
    • Nothing suits your fancy? Well, don't be too frugal. But a bit of Indulgence goes a long way.
  • Running off and returning:
    • Hey, wait! I'm not finished yet!
      • I'll forgive you this time, but don't do it again.
  • Running off and returning a couple of times in a row:
      • I have nothing to sell to the likes of you.
  • When attacked:
    • What the hell's wrong with you? Have you been possessed by a soul?




  • Voiced by: Rupert H. Evans



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