Depraved Chasm (Also known as "5 - 1" or "Valley of Defilement" in Demon's Souls) is a Location in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. This humid valley is a haven for the used and forgotten. Its inhabitants, afflicted by poison and plague, await their deaths in this forsaken place, attacking those who wander in, hoping to offer their souls to the one woman who showed them compassion. . In this Valley of Defilement Walkthrough, we guide you through all the World Tendency events and help you get all the loot.



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Depraved Chasm World Tendency Events

White World

Between the Rats, and the first Giant Depraved One, there will be a ladder leading upwards on the face of the wall to the left. Pure White World Tendency required.

  • Once this ladder is unlocked, it will stay unlocked even if World Tendency changes later. The ladder might NOT appear if the world is pure white then you shift it towards black before visiting 5-1. (I had pure white and killed BP Garl and then Selen and when I visited this area afterwards, no ladder, but I did go through the nexus in between each killing and again before coming for the spear)
  • Climb the ladder and watch out for a Giant Depraved One, halfway through.
  • Eventually, the path leads to three Giant Depraved Ones guarding the Istarelle Spear.

Black World

A Black Phantom Flame Pole wielding Depraved One is just before the first fog-gate.

Black Phantom Knife-wielding Depraved One is on the last suspension bridge before the boss area.


Full Valley of Defilement (Depraved Chasm) Walkthrough

The Depraved Chasm


The Depraved Chasm in Demon's Souls Remake or better known as World 5-1 in the original Demon's Souls can be explored if you touch the Archstone of the Chieftain in The Nexus. Once you arrive at the Valley of Defilement. under a wood beam next to you at your left, you can loot x4 Noble's Lotus. Now start going up through that same wooden beam that's on the left.


Once at the top of the wooden platforms, you will find your first enemy, a Depraved one. Once you have dealt with it, stick to your right side and move forward hugging the wall and you will find a Renowned Hero's Soul. Destroy the debris and you will find another Depraved One, this one wielding a flaming pole. Mind the pitfall and try to stay as near to the wall as possible.


Once the path opens up a little, wait at the improvised bridge because stones will fall down and could cause you severe damage. Move slowly, and two Depraved Ones will fall down and try to ambush you. Defeat them. Turn to your left and walk slowly to the next platform, fall down, and examine a body to loot Morning Star from it. See Point 1 on Map 1 for reference.

You can drop from your position going forward to another platform, you will drop behind a wooden structure, stay covered behind it and try to push it to improvise a bridge to cross to the other side. There will be two Depraved Ones to your right, if you are lucky they may confuse them and throw them straight to the void. If they don't do that, wait for them on the platform so you have more room to fight.

Now go through the improvised bridge to the other side. There's another Depraved One wielding a flaming pole. Take care of it. On the corpse there you can find x1 Talisman of God and x2 Widow's Lotus.

Drop over the lower platform. There you will fight 3 Depraved Ones. After defeating them turn back on the other bridge and take down another Depraved One.

Keep going back and position yourself in a way that your character faces slightly towards the waterfall. Slowly, start moving forward to drop down. You will arrive exactly over a corpse that contains x3 Crescent Moon Grass and now turn back and head to the other body on the platform, that has a Renowned Hero Soul.


Drop from the hole in the wood, and loot a body near the edge that has x2 Crescent Moon Grass. Now turn left and keep moving forward towards another platform. Be careful, there is another Depraved One there. 

You can loot another body here to obtain a Ring of Magical Dullness. Get down to the next platform, there are 4 Depraved Ones. Don't let yourself get ganged up, and kill them. You will see a door covered with fog in front of you but don't go in there yet.


You can walk the plank at your left, by walking forward and you will drop over a nest-like place. There are two Depraved Ones there, and you can loot a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes from a corpse. On your right, there is another Depraved One. Kill him. You will see a Crystal Lizard, try to rush him and kill him quickly. 


There are two downed Depraved Ones that will rise once you pass by them, so don't relax just yet. Once you have killed them you can loot the bodies and the Crystal Lizard. There is one corpse near the edge of the wooden structure that has x1 Storied Warrior Soul, near that one there is a body against a wooden pole that also has x1 Storied Warrior Soul.


You will spot a red cocoon at the end of the corridor. That is the Giant Tick, if you have a Bow equipped shoot it from a safe distance it will render it harmless. Shoot it and then kill the bug that emerges from it. Behind it, you can loot  x1 Blessed Mace +1.


On your left, there is a vertical structure that you can push to improvise a bridge to cross to the other side. Kick it down, and pass through the fog door where you will arrive in a room infested with Rats. Run as fast as you can to the exit on your right and follow the wood beam until you arrive at the first wood platform.

From there you can take the rats safely with a Bow or throw a Firebomb at them. Once you've dealt with the Rats, you can loot the body in the room to obtain x1 Crescent Moon Grass.

Merchant: The Filthy Woman


Go up using the wood beams and you will meet the Filthy Woman, a merchant. She's the only merchant that sells Black Pine Resin and Rotten Arrows. She also sells Stone of Ephemeral Eyes. (Only available when you are in Soul Form, and the price is dependent on your Soul Level)

If you go all the way up from where you find the Filthy Woman, you can turn left fight a Depraved One, and keep going to the treasure far ahead to loot x1 Saint's Robes, x1 Saint's Gloves, x1 Saint's Boots, and x1 Stone of Ephemeral Eyes.


Go down, and return to the platform from where you killed the Rats. You will see a Giant Depraved One, guarding a hole in the wall.  It is really strong and the place has not much room to fight properly. If you manage to beat him, you will find three Depraved One past the hole on the wall. On the left side, there is a wood beam that goes up to the second floor., make sure to grab x2 Crescent Moon Grass by the grass before going up the wooden beam. At the top, you can find three Giant Ticks, try to hit them with some ranged weapon to prevent being poisoned.


Turn left, take the wooden bridge, and fight the two Depraved Ones on it. Dispatch them. On the other side of the bridge, there is another Giant Depraved One. You can lure him towards the room before the bridge, and make a run for the other side of the bridge if you don't feel like fighting it. Past the bridge there is a room with a few Depraved Ones' corpses, on the right side, you will find a beam going down, leading to a door covered with fog. Before going inside, make sure to loot x3 Full Moon Grass under the wooden beams at the bottom section by the fog door.


After a short cutscene, you start a fight with the next boss which is the Leechmonger. This boss is incredibly weak to fire, make sure to bring some Pine Resin and Firebombs to the fight. For more tips and advanced tactics on how to fight the Boss click Here

Boss Fight: Leechmonger


Once gone, you can loot the bodies all over the place. You can obtain x5 Crescent Moon Grass, x1 Faintstone Chunk, there are four bodies containing x2 Crescent Moon Grass, x2 Faintstone Shard, and beyond a destructible wooden debris, you find x2 Suckerstone Shard. On a narrow path, you will see the Archstone, interact with it to receive x1 Writhing Demon Soul to finish the area.




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Depraved Chasm Trivia & Notes:

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