Status Effects in Demons Souls are covered in this page. Check the information down below.

Status Effects

Name & Icon Usage


  • Player is bleeding and will continue to bleed overtime, victims will take small amount of damage for a period of time.
  • Remedy for bleeding: Soldier's Lotus and Cure


  • Player is poisoned. While a character is poisoned, victims will take damage (more than bleeding) for a period of time.
  • Poison reduces the effectiveness of any healing items
  • Remedy for Poison: Royal Lotus, Antidote and Cure


  • Player got Plagued, While plagued, victims will quickly lose HP and will not survive without cure or powerful healing items or miracles. 
  • Plagued also reduces the effectiveness of healing items and slows Stamina Regen.
  • Remedy for Plagued: Widow's Lotus and Cure

 Health, Magic Stamina Regen

 Second Chance Active

 Nulified Falling Damage

  • Shows up when the Cat's Ring is equipped
  • Fatal fall will still remain Fatal but other fall kinds of fall will be nulified

Increased attack dealth when health is below 30%

 Increased defence when health is below 30%

 Increased Souls Gained

Increased Stealth Effect

 Increased enemy aggro

Increased Faith, Magic damage dealth

Increased Physical, Magic, Flame Resistance

Increased damage dealt while in Phantom form

Increased Status Ailment Resistance

 Increased Physical damage dealth

  • Shows up when a specifc weapon equipped is buffed

 Increased Sweet spot damage

Improves weapon durability

Broken Equipment

  • Shows up when a specific armor or weapon equipped is currently broken

 Anti Magic Field Active

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