NG:   3720

NG+: 4903

160 Plague Strong
Location The Tunnel City (Armor Spider Archstone 2-2)
Rewards Searing Demon Soul

Flamelurker is a Boss in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Bosses are special enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar with its name indicated, a variety of unique moves and abilities, an ambient boss theme, and an Archstone that appears upon their death. Most bosses appear once the player passes through a fog gate nearby.


Flamelurker Location

Flamelurker can be found in The Tunnel City (2-2, Armor Spider Archstone). Players will have to descend down a large pit either by falling carefully or by taking a longer way through caverns infested with powerful bug demons.




Flamelurker Rewards




Flamelurker Strategies

Video Strategies



Melee Strategy

In general, stay in front of him, it's much better to deal with the Flamelurker face to face. Often after attacking or being hit it likes to jump backwards or to either side, so don't be caught off guard and stay in front. The only time you want to be behind him is when you have rolled under him and are attacking - to do this, see the below strategy:


Furious Fist strategy

You are aiming to be flame resistant and mobile - which means you can roll smoothly. Take one flame resistant shield, such as the Purple Flame Shield,, and a magical melee weapon - a perfect example are the Hands of God - which you can get right before the battle. It is a fist weapon and you'll need to get up close to attack, but for new players it might be your only option. Make sure you've got a Ring of Flame Resistance too. As for your armor, you can equip the Black Leather set, or whatever you can get away with before it affects your mobility. All of this gear you can obtain relatively easily.

As for the tactics, you need to be defensive the entire time - this means keeping your shield up and on the move constantly, avoiding its attacks whenever possible. You are only attacking him after its one move - pounce. When you see him starting to do a big jump, roll forward. You will roll under its jump and will end up behind him - leaving him open to an attack. You should be able to hit him 3 or 4 times with your Hands of God (or your preferred magical weapon). Don't deplete all your stamina on the attacks though, you may need to block soon after. You can use this tactic the entire battle, however…

As its health gets lower a few things will happen (as stated above):

  • It will become brighter with flames, making it a little harder to see what it's going to do next.
  • It becomes much more aggressive, often times relying more on its pounce attack than anything else.
  • Its fireball AOE attacks get much larger, and its standard melee attack do more damage.


Dragon Spine Strategy


This strategy is a bit difficult to execute. To the immediate left of the entrance to the Flamelurker's arena is a bit of dragon spine sticking out, walling off a little enclave. If lead properly, the Flamelurker can be coaxed to charge at you from the other side of this bit of spine. The catch is that it'll run endlessly into the spine, making no attempt to go around. A long sword, used in the proper place, can whack him from the other side. Then it's just a matter of taking a nimble step backwards to avoid its swipe, throw up your shield to block the brunt of its fire blast. If it loses interest and starts to walk away, it should get caught on the end of the spine, and just walk in place. Peek around the corner for a quick swipe to get its attention in; or magic or arrows.


Melee then Magic Method

Equip Ring of Flame Resistance and Purple Flame Shield and some sort of magic damage spell (ie. Soul Ray). Those are the essentials. Optional but makes the fight alot easier are the Regenerator's Ring (since you be taking mostly tick damage, this helps keep your health up) and a magic weapon. Best to use a weapon already permanently enchanted but if you want to micro manage, you can temporarily imbue a metal weapon if you like.

Always keep a lock. Continually circle (or roll back when the AOE attacks are coming if you're brave). Always keep your shield up. With the ring and the shield up, none of its attacks can really hurt you. Drop the shield when safe to recharge stamina. Take opportunistic shots with the magic weapon when you get in a good position (usually after the non jumping non AOE swipe).

Your attacks temp stun him usually so you can get a 2 or 3 hit combo, but watch the stamina since you may need to block. When it gets down below about 30% health. it really gets aggressive and does the AOE attack more often. This is when you switch the weapon in your right hand to the Catalyst of your choice and start lining up magic shots. This should finish him off relatively easily. Save the magic for last since it is harder to land a melee shot near the end of the battle.

The key to this fight is defense and flame resistance. If you don't have the proper gear though, this strategy wont work.


Stealth strategy


Equip the Thief's Ring and make sure to be wearing light armor. The pillars in this room are your best friend, if you keep the Flamelurker on the opposite side of the pillar from you, it will quickly lose track of your position and proceed to sit still and do nothing. Approach him from behind with your melee weapon two handed and attack a couple of times. Shield up, run away and hide. 


Light Weapon Strategy

This is best done in Body form, unless you have ~900HP in soul form. This method can successfully be used in NG++.

Equipment suggestions:

Cast Water Veil and Light Weapon and switch back to the Adjudicator's Shield as your left hand weapon. Switch up to using your melee weapon with two hands. Run towards him and be ready to dodge its melee attacks. Once you see an opening, rush him and relentlessly pound in some attacks. Now, it's just a simple matter of finding a rhythm and sticking to it. If extra time is required to heal then equip the Thief's Ring.

If you stick to it and use the above mentioned spells/gear, it'll be down in no time. 

Heavy weapon/stagger strategy

If you use a large enough weapon ( Meat Cleaver + Sticky White Stuff for instance ), it will stagger even with a light hit. If you have endurance, you can stagger him until it dies. When you are low on endurance move out circle and attack again.

Ranged Strategy

Run toward the rear of the area, and up the steps, where the hallway to Dragon God's level will eventually open. Facing back out into the main area, position yourself on the left side, almost against the back wall. If you can get him to follow you on that side (it might take a few attempts), it'll get stuck at the bottom of the steps just in front of you, and gallop in place for a while.

When you're both in place start firing. Use Soul Arrow, Soul Ray , Homing Soul Arrow or a bow (it is weak to Holy Arrows). After a while, it'll hop to your right, pause, then hop back to the left, and gallop in place again. Leave him alone while it's hopping and just shoot him when it's directly in front of you. Eventually, it'll stop that nonsense and charge you, so you'll have to run back out toward the entrance, but you can repeat the process once you've lured him away from the steps.

This method works great for the first play-through. In NG+, Flamelurker has more defense/life and will likely kill you with one hit. 

Alternative Bow Strategy With Thief's Ring

At a generally low level it is possible to stand on the opposite side of the area where the Flamelurker is and fire 2-3 shots at him, then when it hops back and forth to dodge get ready to run away diagonally and then around him in a large arch so to avoid attacks and not have to roll. After it stops its second lunge which it will commonly do, sprint with your remaining stamina to the other side of the area. With the Thief's Ring equipped, about 1/2 the distance of the area your in, will make the Flamelurker stop chasing you with attacks, and from there you may manually aim and snipe him about 2-3 times. Using this method took about 50 or less arrows with a Compound Long Bow +1 or +2.

Poison Cloud Strategy

Since this does slow damage over time, it's best used if you get him stuck somewhere for a while or in combination with a stealth strategy. If you are using stealth, manoevre yourself completely behind him and repeatedly cast Poison Cloud. it will never move or attack. Cast Soul Thirst and use the Ring of Avarice to maximize souls, since you don't need a defense ring. Use the Thief's Ring, and if you have it Cloak to get past him while hugging the right wall until completely behind him.

Soul Ray & Water Veil Combo

This is more of an head on way to fight Flamelurker, make sure to have both these spells at the ready. When you enter the fog cast Water Veil asap, then start a barrage of Soul Ray, backing away or moving in a counter or clockwise motion. If it does lunge at you, roll backwards. You will take very little damage with this method and the battle should be won in a few mins. Avoid getting snagged on the furniture and time your Water Veil re-cast carefully or you will regret it.
Note: Using Warding is not helpful, as Flamelurker does purely fire damage. Warding provides no protection against fire.

Glitch method (bow)

Make sure you have the Thief's Ring equipped. If you want to finish the fight quickly, bring along some Holy Arrows (around fifty should be more than enough). When you enter the fog door, you'll notice a ribcage to your right and a spine to your left. First, head to the ribcage.

Fire an arrow at Flamelurker to get its attention and when it starts moving in your direction, quickly sprint away from the ribcage and run around behind the spine, putting it between you and Flamelurker. Back yourself into the corner and make sure you keep Flamerlurker's attention by either firing another arrow at him over the spine or hitting him with magic. At this point, it should start charging at you or spamming its attacks.

Its pathfinding ability is terrible, so it shouldn't be able to reach you. As long as you make sure you stay in the corner, none of its attacks should hit you. At this point, you can just damage it with your ranged attack of choice. It's possible to take it down with a basic bow and about 30 holy arrows this way.

Note: This will not work on North American versions. The pathfinding was corrected and Flamelurker will find a way around to kill you.
Note: If you adapt this strategy by luring it behind the spine and immediately sprinting back to the ribcage, it seems to get stuck, allowing you to freely kill it with arrows.

Glitch method (soul arrow)

Make sure you have the Thief's Ring equipped for the duration of the fight. For those not wearing bow or crossbow it might be difficult to hit him with soul arrow when behind the spine. Lure Flamelurker behind the spine and roll or dodge out and around the rib cage and move away until Flamelurker loses sight of you, and is still stuck behind the ribcage. Approach while keeping the spine between you and Flamelurker and search for an opening where you can shoot through and hit Flamelurker. It is doubtful you can lock on to him, but you should be able to set up and fire without lock on and hit it. it may jump to the side, but don't panic, just stop firing and it should jump back. Just keep repeating the process until it dies.

Glitch Method - Rock trap

As soon as you enter the room instantly start sprinting past the Flamelurker towards the opposite fog gate, with luck it will delay himself and use an area blast. if you are facing the fog gate run directly up to it and to the left behind some rocks (Note, hug the stair wall once behind the rocks), if you positioned the Flamelurker correctly it should start sprinting towards you and about halfway up the stairs it will get stuck on the fallen rocks, this is a pocket for him so when its AI tells him to run around it it will just lock himself in eternal running against one of the rocks.

From here you can wail on him with whatever you'd like as long as you attack and then immediately roll back. Its AI will every now and then tell him to jump back away from you and then to 100% of the time jump to its left and then back to its right landing him in the exact same place as when it jumped back. At this point it is important to run up onto the slanted block you've been using to attack him off of. If done correctly, it will run right back into the pocket.

Using this method will make this boss almost impossible to lose as you will receive no damage as long as you jump back. The only down side is that you can only get in one or two melee attacks before it attacks you so this method will take a while but it is worth it because you will receive no damage and if you bring a magic weapon (Large Sword of Moonlight for instance) then this method will be all that much quicker. If you can get it and have the ability to use it, bring the Istarelle and the Purple Flame Shield so you don't have to always roll back and just take whatever it dishes out at you.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Fire Blast: Smashes the ground with one hand. Try to move behind it,  and attack.
Hand swipe: A blockable attack performed with one of its hands. Can be blocked. Roll to the side.
Pounce: Growls and moves both hands to the ground.  Roll straight at him, and land a few hits
Fire Smash: Growls and moves both hands over its head to smash them on the ground and does AoE damage. Back away, can be blockable if it caught you by surprise.

 Weakness & Resistances

  • The Flamelurker is weak to magic.
  • The best two spells are Soul Arrow and Soul Ray. These will do significant damage and the fight will go much faster if the Ring of Magical Sharpness is equipped.
  • Fire magic has little to no effect against it.
  • You can use Sticky White Stuff on your weapon to inflict more damage with it.




Flamelurker Lore

"Since ancient times, a fire demon has been sealed in an underground temple filled with dragon bones."

Trapped deep inside the Stonefang Tunnel, the Flamelurker is a hulking humanoid demon completely covered with fire with powerful claws capable of emitting energy shockwaves. It can also leap for a very long distances to hit it's target with a double hand smash. It usually roars before it attacks and, when wounded, jumps back, leaving fiery footprints in front of him.


Flamelurker Notes & Trivia

  • it is easy to read for the most part, and a single roll straight back will enable you to dodge its attack completely. Do not roll sideways to avoid attacks as it'll usually strike you. The flames surrounding him will damage you when you attack at close range, similar to the Fire Lizard earlier in Stonefang Tunnel.
  • Moving around while casting magic is the easiest way to defeat him. Homing Soul Arrow does quite a bit of damage, and you can even queue it up to hit him when it comes at you. Useful additional equipment is the Water Veil spell, Ring of Flame ResistancePurple Flame Shield (PFS).
  • Try and have as much space behind you as possible to dodge most of its attack, having space left or right of you is also good practice to run if you don't have space behind you. Also try to avoid the stairs leading to the next fog gate, the ares behind the pillars and the dragon rib cages on either side of the room.
  • Most normal melee attacks will do minimal damage, unless you buff with something like Sticky White Stuff.
  • Note that the pools of lava on the floor are, in fact, lava. Although they deal very little damage, avoid standing in them or walking through them when able.
  • Note that as its health drops, it becomes more and more aggressive, and will rush at you more often and attack constantly. its attacks also deal more damage and break guards more easily.
  • If you're struggling, summoning one or two people can be helpful of course. Three people casting magic will almost completely incapacitate him.



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    • Anonymous

      Hit him with 30+ times with Baby's Nail while consistently tanking all the damage, he didn't get plagued, no way he's not immune.

      • Anonymous

        First time DeS player and gotta say, this fight was awesome. Reminded me of my first time fighting Margit in Elden Ring. Flamelurker’s leaping attack hit like a truck! Had a blast with this tho…no, literally. Lots of fire and magic go boom.

        • Anonymous

          I killed him with my battle axe on +2 and the purple shield ,put white slime on your weapon and stay behind him , it’s also better if you have Water veil miracle makes the flame dmg less,Good luck

          • Anonymous

            The ultimate cheese is to wear thief ring and use poison cloud. If you stay at the fog gate and don't move in, he won't know you're there. Never moves an inch. Lob poison cloud at about a 45 degree angle. Takes 4 casts and some patience. Easy peasy.

            • Anonymous

              The cloak / thief ring strategy is total bullshit. He aggroed even faster to me when I went through the gate and 2 shot me. **** this guy.

              • Anonymous

                For fighting him melee with dodging, what worked for me is backing up while locked on so that his fast attacks miss. This way you don't have to react to whether he's doing a fast swipe or the slower explosion attack. When you see he's doing his slower attack, roll towards him and i-frame through the explosion. Then get a few attacks in before repeating the process.

                • Anonymous

                  I used the Greataxe which staggers on every hit like 90% of the time. just rinse and repeat while baiting his leaping slam. Decent heavy weapon to use early game to take him down .

                  • Anonymous

                    I just brought a bow and a bunch of arrows, locked onto him, fired an arrow, and back peddled around the arena. Rolling away when he jump smashed. I'm awful at this game, and the only dmg I took was from a brief step into lava. Was pretty easy.

                    • Anonymous

                      With Fire Resistance Ring, Purple Flame Shield, Leather Armor and Crescent Falchion+4, it was pretty easy to melee: strafe with shield up until pound or pounce, roll behind, heavy strike a few times, roll back, rinse and repeat. The fire gear kept damage minimal and the magic damage on Crescent Falchion both interrupts its attacks and takes pretty large bites out of its health bar. I was expecting a hard fight; kind of anticlimactic.

                      • Anonymous

                        If you’re having trouble with melee, just grab a bow and fire holy arrows at him. My +2 long bow was doing 130ish an arrow.

                        Free graverobber in 4-1, get to 4-2 and farm the reaper. Grave robber is in the hallway and you can buy 22ish arrows with every reaper kill. You’ll need 50-60 but I recommend bringing like 150 in case you die you don’t have to stock up again.

                        None of the glitchy AI pathing exploits worked for me in the remake. I think they improved his path finding. So I just did bow and lots of rolling.

                        • I beat Flamelurker on first try on NG+ :-) : Brushwood helmet, Burrower's set, Ring for equip burden and Flame resistance, Talisman of beast (Water Veil more , or Warding), Purple Flame Shield +10, Crescent Falchion+5, Full Moon grass ( 5 needed), Aged Spice (I think 2). Soul level 141: Vit 30, Int 24, End 40, Str, Dex, Mag, Fa 30, Luck 7. For those who are interested ( starting class: Knight). I named my charakter Ostrava. :-D

                          • Anonymous

                            A 2H R2 from a heavy strength weapon seems to stagger him predictably. So I would R2 him once and roll away to recover and make some space.

                            • Anonymous

                              its important to not try to roll into or through his explosions, stay in front of him and wait to run in, its better to tank the explosion with a shield rather than roll.

                              • Anonymous

                                I feel like the remake could've gotten away with way more subversion with some of these bosses. Like if hitting him caused his stone carapace to gradually fall apart, revealing his OG design beneath (which would even make sense for his low health buff). ****, they could've gotten away with a phase 2 for the OST and my mind would've been blown. Oh well.

                                • Anonymous

                                  All those Thief Ring and Cloak Strategies don't work for me. It sees me in the moment just before i reach the spine or ripcage and never loses track...

                                  • Anonymous

                                    And so it was, my favourite music in all of Souls, destroyed. Rest in instrument pieces, Theme of Flamelurker.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      The person below is right. The original flamelurker has a human like face and glasses which catches your attention because it’s unexpected and makes you wonder who this demon was previously. It plays on your thoughts which is such a big part of the game and the series. Now that’s just erased and flamelurker appears as a generic looking demon. He looks just like you would expect and that wonder and curiosity of the original design is gone. This is the problem, the remake is focusing on visuals and most likely gameplay and mechanic improvement only while leaving the other elements that made the game special out of the picture. It’s going to look and probably feel great to play but it will be far more forgettable than the original after a first playthrough.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Bluepoint bastardized it's design for the remake. A lot of the remake bosses look worse than the original.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Assuming this thing used to be human like the demon's in Boletaria palace...HOLY*****, talk about a man that had anger issues!

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