Combat for Demon's Souls focuses on the basic and advanced combat mechanics of the game. From indicating the usage of the various weapons that can be equipped, battle movements, player and enemy combat details, and many more. This page covers information regarding combat in general as well as individual mechanics for Demon's Souls.


Demon's Souls Combat


When you die, all the souls you possess will remain on the location where you died, and you'll respawn at the beginning location of the level. You will only get one chance to get them back, though. If you die before taking them, they will all be gone forever. 


When you die, you'll drop all of your possessed souls on the spot. The souls you drop will turn into a bloodstain and will remain in the area you died in. Return to the place where you died, and you'll be able to recover them. If you die again before you can reach the spot, the souls that you've lost will disappear.


Difference between a Crossbow and a Bow

First equip either one and make sure that you also equip ammo for them. Arrows for Bows, Bolts for Crossbows. 

The Difference is that you can only target (R3) with a Crossbow and with a Bow, not only can you do that, but you can also target manually, and even zoom in for accurate snipping. Perfect for luring enemies safely to you. 


Close Fight

The easiest and most effective way to fight is with a 1-Hand Weapon and a Shield. Blocking is one of the most effective tools in the game. Stamina is consumed when attacking, blocking sprinting (Circle Button), and rolling. 


Armor and Defense

  • Wearing heavy armor is very basic and effective option to get through the game.  It will make you slow and heavy, but you will be walking tank.
    Rolling will be very slow and almost ineffective. Be very mindful of your Stamina when blocking. If your stamina reaches zero while blocking, your guard will break and you will be exposed. 
    Heavy Weapons are slow but very powerful.
  • Light Armor will make you quick and agile, but you will take more physical damage. 
    Small fast Weapons are quicker but deals less damage per swing. 
    You will deal a critical hit if you attack from behind. You will see a special animation if you did it correctly. This can be done with any weapon but Daggers do the most damage. 
  • Its possible to hit multiple targets with one swing if they are close together. This is very useful, always keep it in mind. 


How defense stats works?

For example, if an enemy is attacking you with a mace, your Blunt Defense will come into play. 

 Magic and Miracle Spells

There are two types of spells in this game, Magic Spells and Miracle Spells. To buy and equip Miracle Spells you can talk to Disciple of God at The Nexus. Keep in mind that this kind of vendors won't be at The Nexus until after you have beaten World 1-1. To buy Magic Spells, you need to go to the opposite side and speak with other NPC, but these vendors will not sell to you if your Faith and Magic stat isn't at 10 or above, respectively. 

In order to use Magic Spells, you must have a Catalyst equipped. Similarly, to use Miracle Spells, you will need to have Miracle Spell and a Talisman equipped. 


What is the Best Class?

Starting class system doesn't limit what you can use in the game. For example, you can begin with a mage build, but put all of your points into strength and have a good melee build instead. For actual beginners of the souls games we would recommend using the Knight class as it begins with a relatively good armor set, weapons and stats. 


Weapons Stats

All weapons have different type of damage, Normal, Blunt, Slash and Pierce.  Some can have more than ones, for example, Slash and Pierce damage. Also weapons can be benefit from your character stats.

There are six ranks, S, A, B, C, D, and E. S giving the highest and E the lowest. So when choosing a weapon, always keep in mind your highest stat. All weapons can do backstab damage, using Bleed, Poison, Plague and Critical.

You can also upgrade your weapons to do Magical or Fire Damage with the right stones. Shards are the most commonly found, pures are the most rare (you might only get 1 or 2 per play through)
You must keep this in mind when leveling up and make sure are spending your points in the right places if you are trying to use certain Weapons

How many weapons can you equip?

You can have 2 weapons equipped for every hand. Pressing right on the D-Pad will switch your weapon on the right hand, pressing left switches the one on left hand. 



Consumables can be assigned to the quick slot to be quickly used in combat. There can grant both defensive and offensive effects, like Healing Herbs and MP potions. You have 5 slots to use. While in-game, press on the D-Pad to switch between them.

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