Enemy Type Melee Enemy
Weakness ??
Resistances ??
Immune ??

Reaper is an Enemy in Demon's Souls.


Reaper Description

They take the appearance of apparitions cloaked in dark robes and wielding harvest scythes.


Combat Information

  • Strong Soul Arrow attack
    Strong Scythe swipe


Notes & Trivia

  • ??


  • First off, there are only three of these guys. However, being a personification of Death, they have a Touch of Death attack. So, don't try melee, unless you want to be reduced to a red stain on the floor… Well, you can try melee if you're really brave, and proficient. Fire damage dealing weapons, like a Dragon Long Sword, are an effective approach, and will kill them quickly.
    They have the annoying habit of summoning and reviving Shadowlurker.

Item Drop

Enemy Variety
Item Drops
All ??

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