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Large Sword of Moonlight

physical attack power demonssouls 25px
0 plague 25px -
magic attack power demonssouls 25px
critical strike 25px
fire attack demonssouls 25px
durability 25px
bleeding 25px
- weight demonssouls 25px 2.0
poison 25px
damage reduction demonssouls 25px 
guard break reduction 25px
Requirements & Bonus
strength demonssouls 25px
dexterity demonssouls 25px
magic demonssouls 25px
faith demonssouls 25px
- - - 24
- - - S
Weapon Type Large Swords
Buffable No
Damage Type Normal

Large Sword of Moonlight is Large Sword Weapon in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls RemakeLarge Swords are usually held with both hands and are capable of inflicting a huge amount of damage towards hostile characters but are slow, making the player vulnerable to fast enemy attacks.


The legendary large sword that reflects moonlight. Widely known in association with Moonlight Knight Vito.

It's one of the few Revelations from God. The blue crystal blade is composed only of light, so it's impossible to block with a shield.


Large Sword of Moonlight Location: 



Large Sword of Moonlight Notes and Tips


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Large Sword of Moonlight Moveset

Attack Type Effect
One-handed R1 Horizontal cuts
One-handed R2 Downward chop
Two-handed R1 Horizontal cuts
Two-handed R2 Downward chop
Running/Backstep attack Charging chop
Rolling attack Low sweeping attack
Push Quick push
One-handed L1 Block
One-handed L2 Horizontal cut




Large Sword Of Moonlight Upgrades



Stat Bonus

Total Requirements

Name physical attack power demonssouls 25px magic attack power demonssouls 25px fire attack demonssouls 25px strength demonssouls 25px dexterity demonssouls 25px magic demonssouls 25px faith demonssouls 25px Special Special
Large Sword of Moonlight 0 100 0 - - - S x1.05 Faith Bonus -
Large Sword of Moonlight +1 0 100 0 - - - S x1.10 Faith Bonus Colorless Demon's Soul
Large Sword of Moonlight +2 0 100 0 - - - S x1.15 Faith Bonus Colorless Demon's Soul
Large Sword of Moonlight +3 0 100 0 - - - S x1.175 Faith Bonus Colorless Demon's Soul
Large Sword of Moonlight +4 0 100 0 - - - S x1.20 Faith Bonus Colorless Demon's Soul
Large Sword of Moonlight +5 0 100 0 - - - S x1.275 Faith Bonus Colorless Demon's Soul



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    • Anonymous

      Can someone precisely explain what does upgrading of this sword does, apart from better faith scaling. This page says faith bonus under special effect, but I dont see it in my character info.

      • Anonymous

        Though best for cleric/paladin types, it’s still a good weapon for mages. Just pair it with the Talisman of Beasts and the extra points you put into faith will strengthen your sorceries as well.

        • Anonymous

          How you get the Moonlight Greatsword in FromSoftware games:

          DS1: By cutting off the tail of the last surviving dragon from the Age of Ancients.

          DS2: By transposing the soul of a magical spider empowered by a bonfire aesthetic or a second playthrough.

          DS3: By transposing the soul of a king consumed by an obsession with dragons that he became one himself.

          Bloodborne: From defeating a monster who used the sword as a guide throughout most of their life.

          Elden Ring: From becoming the consort of an empyrean who you helped defy her destiny and receiving as a gift.

          Demon’s Souls: S l u g s

          • Anonymous

            This weapon is good because:
            1. No split so the damage is reduced only one time
            2. It weighs nothing to be a greatsword
            3. No str/dex requirements
            4. Easily obtainable
            5. It can be upgraded (sadly only the scaling is affected, not the base damage)
            6. Bypass most of the shields
            7. Is cool as **** so the damage is increased by just wielding the sword, it's a psychological buff, the most OP buff of all

            • Anonymous

              Wow. This didn't do nearly as much damage as I was expecting. I only had 16 faith when I found it, and I didn't get it until nearly the end of the game. So I grinded out 8 level at Altar Of Storms. Was super excited to try out the DeS version of this legendary weapon just wasn't very good. Since it was so late game for me, I had multiple other weapons that outclassed it, even my other Crescent weapons out preformed it. Enemies not being able to block it is pretty cool, but there really aren't very many enemies who block in the first place so it's not that useful and I only play PvE. Those 8 levels would have been much more helpful in Magic, Strength or Dex. Shame that it only scales in Faith. Still absolutely love the weapon, but in this case it was disappointing.

              • Anonymous

                I don’t know who needs to hear this and I’m probably 10+ years late but you can use soul remains to pull the slugs off the sword once the pile has dropped. Just throw one to the side every few seconds and eventually the sword will be easily obtainable.

                • Anonymous

                  Looks great. By the time I found it though I had a Blessed Mirdan Hammer +1 or +2 that was already outperforming it at either 25 or 28 faith, which is a shame...

                  • Anonymous

                    Even at 60 Faith this is still inferior to the Northern Regalia, provided you are at PWCT or PBCT. I was kind of bummed with how weak Faith-focused builds feel.

                    • Anonymous

                      As usual info is great but linked timestamp is just horrifically bad, please change it to 27:35 since that's the initial location + how to get to the slug hive then to the sword itself instead of "OH HEY! ITS A SWORD!" timestamp

                      • Anonymous

                        Equipping this in the Remake , while having the Talisman of Beasts and having the God's Wrath Miracle... It just shreds with the AoE ( You do get Bonus Damage while having the Moonlight Sword on , for a pretty Satisfying AoE ). Also works really well against Most Bosses with God's Wrath... Even though i'm mainly a Magic Build character with Blueblood Sword & Magic Spells. But the Talisman of Beasts works really well with a High Magic Stat & decent Faith stat Soul Levels... This is also the only Large Sword in the Remake that cuts through Shields aswell along with Blind , which makes it very viable weapon specialy Late game or NG+ runs.... However , the Blueblood Sword excels at Damage outputs considering it can be Buffed with Resin Buffs & other Spell buffs too for Insane Damage.

                        • Anonymous

                          I'm not getting a lot of damage out of it at 45 faith and +5 upgrade. 300 base magic, but on NG+ its not scaling high enough. Its fantastic for killing shields, but fails to achieve great output. I went back to using blessed weapons instead that scaled higher, and bust this out whenever someone invades. Its a great R1 spammer in that situation.

                          • Anonymous

                            When clicking
                            Moonlight Greatsword in Dark Souls 3 it take you to the Dark Souls 2 version of the sword, not the Dark Souls 3 as it should

                            • Anonymous

                              It ain't just a recurring theme in "Soulsborne"
                              go play some King's Field and Armored Core ya goofs.
                              Best Sword No matter what though.

                              • Anonymous

                                It uses faith?! I skipped over it during my faith playthrogh becuase I assumed it uses intellegence like the other souls games..

                                • Anonymous

                                  A revelation from god? Was this Astraeas weapon until she casted god (and his revelation, this sword) away?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I think the damage chart is off. It goes 100, 200, and then 100 for the rest of it for some reason. I feel like this is not accurate.

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