Some location pages need fix,1up website dont have the maps or the maps no longer availiable. Wikidot use links to geocities, but geocities specially said dont copy their maps.


Some walkthrough need fix, due to original walkthroughs missing or corelatted to maps(which no longer availiable)


Need Maps:Tower Knight Archstone, Penetrator Archstone, Tower of Latria, Fool's Idol Archstone, Maneater Archstone, Adjudicator Archstone, Old Hero Archstone, Valley Of Defilement, Leechmonger ArchstoneDirty Colossus Archstone


All location pages needs fast walkthrough.


Needs walkthrough: The Nexus, Tower Knight Archstone, Maneater Archstone, Valley of Defilement, Leechmonger Archstone, Dirty Colossus Archstone.

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