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Demon's Souls Remake Changes

  • Two performance modes: Players can choose cinematic mode which offers native 4K with 30 fps, or performance mode offering 4K with 60 fps for “smoother animation”.
  • Character and enemy models have been reworked
  • The Remake version will feature a new weapon called Reaper Scythe, as part of the Pre-order bonus. There are also other weapons, items and armor that are not in the original
  • The Remake is also enhancing the Online experience, bringing the multiplayer number from 4 players to 6 players, similarly to what was done with the Dark Souls Remaster.
  • Carry Capacity: Another key change will be encumbrance, in the original the amount of healing grass consumables a player could carry were in the hundreds, with no real punishment. However in the remake it will limit the supply available, as well as more powerful versions such a Full Moon Grass, will weigh more than the less potent versions. This means you’re going to think twice about how much you keep in your inventory especially when to comes to PVP, giving more balance to fights.
  • Fasting Loading Times: The experience of playing on a brand new console will mean a different experience when it comes loading times. PS5 boasts faster loading time with the use of SSD, Moore ensure you will “no longer have to wait three minutes for the game to load after you’ve died,” meaning you can jump right back in it and alleviate at least some of the frustration when it comes to dying. Moore shared in an interview with Gamespot that there is now “instantaneous loading from the nexus into a level”.
  • New haptic feedback from the DualSense controller, this gives a whole new experience as you gain new visual, audio and feel to the game: "when you do a parry, you feel it in your hands before you kind of visually see it, and it’s that split-second reaction time, it gives you that little edge that you need, that can actually make the game slightly easier than people think"

  • New Photo Mode: The game features a photo mode with many different filters
  • Original soundtrack was recorded digitally only, so the remake rerecorded the soundtrack with a full orchestra consisting of 120 members, with a score by Shunsuke Kida. There was also a full choir, complete with pipe organ.
  • Pure Bladestone drop rate has been adjusted.
  • Omnidirectional rolling: One improvement that gets a modern update is the addition of omnidirectional moves, players can roll in eight directions oppose to the original four. This will change a lot to how players handle situations, and adds a “quality-of-life improvements to the game that people expect.”
  • New Difficulty: While there isn’t levels of difficulty, you can still face a further challenge by taking on Fractured Mode. This mode will throw your world a little chaos by mirroring the world and reversing the map.

Demon's Souls Official Website

Official JP website
Demon's Souls is an IP developed by Sony & Fromsoftware, that brought back the medieval setting of the King's Field series. Announced as a Playstation 3 exclusive at TGS 2008, the game bought Fromsoftware & Sony Japan studios

The game is an Action RPG with focus on strategic combat choices, offering melee and ranged mechanics as well as magic gameplay. Featuring character customization, online components and deep RPG concepts, the game kickstarted a new genre, referred to as "Soulsborne" series.


 Demon's Souls Gameplay Concepts


We have five key criteria on which the difficulty level is judged. We want any player to be able to clear any obstacle simply by learning from mistakes and paying close attention. Then, the reasons for failure must always be clear and understandable. Every problem must have multiple solutions, so that players can tackle it whichever way they want. The game’s controls can never be a factor from which difficulty is derived. And finally, we want to make sure that there’s the possibility for miracles to happen; those magical moments that spread stories outside of the confines of the game world.


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    • Anonymous

      23 Jun 2021 23:57  

      Demon's Souls is hardest game in the series. I cant even kill 1st enemy. Because I have no PS5 to play on.
      Thank you scalpers.
      Thank you Sony for not delaying PS5's release untill you will produce enough of them.

      • Anonymous

        15 Jun 2021 23:12  

        It would have been so much better if they got rid of the sixth archstone from the nexus all together and placed Latria’s one in the top middle. Always feel that bit of sadness when I see the broken archstone knowing we’ll never get to see the content.

        • Anonymous

          13 May 2021 20:06  

          I’d just like to point out that playing the original on the ps3 without servers is really interesting because the loneliness enhances the bleak depressive state of the world. Latria prison with no player messages or spectres roaming around? Now that’s some serious sh*t let’s go.

          • Anonymous

            10 Apr 2021 12:47  

            Please help me to get Pure White Tendency in world 5. I accidently died in Human form :/ I need 1 invasion. Please, anyone?

            • Anonymous

              08 Apr 2021 11:50  

              Good remake in general but it baffles me to see people in discussions say things like “it’s just for graphical improvements they don’t need to do anything else” etc. This is a launch title for the PS5, a game that’s supposed to encourage people to get the new console and aside from good quality of life improvements there was no AI improvement, no additional Archstone when the basic structure of the cut content is in the original files for Bluepoint to work off and expand on with their own imagination, no improvement to the online which is already dying out as a result and no post launch support after the first patch which created some issues of it’s own like the absence of souls gained during MP. I get that the graphics are incredible but is this really how low the majority’s expectations have gotten? Once the graphics are on point the gameplay can be far from perfect and get away with it? I know I’m being negative but I just have to be honest here.

              • Anonymous

                31 Mar 2021 03:06  

                The original code makes it a remaster.
                The rebuilt world makes it a remake.
                The aesthetic change makes it a reimagining.

                If it could strictly be one, which would you choose?

                • Anonymous

                  27 Mar 2021 03:01  

                  Does the remake have the depth of field blur? Man that effect was one of the best things about 5-2 in the original because it added to the polluted look of the swamp and it was even easier to get lost in. Anybody?

                  • Anonymous

                    13 Mar 2021 06:24  

                    FromSoft at their best. This game had the most memorable and brutal mechanics and npcs like world tendency and Mephistopheles. It’s unfortunate but the series popularity post Demon’s Souls was always going to have a huge impact on how strict and filtered the games would become over time. They’re all amazing and have their own stand out elements like DS1 world design, DS2 powerstancing + pvp, Bloodborne’s trick weapons and dungeon crawling etc but as a whole their less risky and much safer in design while DeS just does not care about rules and traditions. It’s the most interesting game of them all and I truly think all players should try to experience it in it’s entirety by going through all tendency events and npc quests in particular because there’s nothing like fighting the black world tendency phantoms and amped up additional enemies when you think you’ve already seen what the game has to offer. It also shows how difficult and unforgiving the game actually is as a whole if you’re willing to experience all of the optional and obscure stuff. It’s a one off gem of a game that had nothing to live up to when it originally came out. No shackles, nothing to lose and every reason to do whatever it wanted.

                    • Anonymous

                      11 Mar 2021 00:45  

                      I wish the remake stuff was separate from the original here, I keep finding stuff on this site lite the sodden ring only to find out that it's remake only

                      • Anonymous

                        07 Mar 2021 15:29  

                        For the few souls left still playing the original version or for those who have returned to it before they get a ps5 (myself included) the demon’s souls wikidot covers everything in the original game and we can use fextras for the remake

                        • Anonymous

                          04 Mar 2021 17:05  

                          It was a bad idea to not include the 6th archstone. Their reasoning that it would tamper with the original vision of the game is very flawed because all of the redesigns have already done that and the 6th world was the perfect opportunity for BP to put their own mark on the game. It would have been a better decision in every way and I have to wonder if they planned to but Sony denied it to keep the full focus on graphics. It just doesn’t seem right to me

                          • Anonymous

                            26 Feb 2021 23:25  

                            I’d rather look at the remake as Bluepoint’s own take on the game rather than a faithful one as most people see it because the visuals, characters and music are so different whereas the gameplay is the only truly faithful part but I think that was out of fear rather than respect for the title. You can’t call it faithful as a whole when only one aspect of it remained the same. If you look at it this way it’s a lot easier not to get frustrated at the changes imo

                            • Anonymous

                              05 Feb 2021 17:31  

                              Can you guys separate the wiki for Demons Souls PS3 and Demons Souls PS5. A lot of concepts, factors, and details about the game do not apply to both.

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