Tower Knight Archstone is a Location in Demon's Souls. The Tower Knight Archstone is the third level of the Boletarian Palace.



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Full Tower Knight Archstone Walkthrough

1. Your starting position for this map, the Tower Knight Archstone. The door ahead will remain locked until you destroy an Archdemon (the final boss of another world) so go do so if you haven't already. First though, turn around to notice that you can sneak up on the Blue-Eyed Knights that pestered you in the last map. Also, note the locked door on the right side of the Blue-Eyed Knight hallway. Finally, be sure to stock up on arrows for this mission. Bring as many as you can carry; there are a lot of opportunities for sniping and you don't want to run out halfway through. Once you're done examining things here, proceed forward for a quick scene. Enter the courtyard area. Watch out for the two Dogs in this area while you relieve the fallen soldiers of their souls. Note the gate in the upper right hand corner, this will become important later.

2. As you climb this staircase, a soldier will spring a trap and send flaming balls down at you. Hide in the corner. a scene will trigger and the gate ahead will close. As you proceed up the stairs, remember the level's only to the right, and the first time you approach, three Soldiers will burst out of the alley. Take them out and head up to the newly closed gate to grab a Stone of Ephmereal Eyes. make a left into the alleyway. Two Soldiers will be patrolling this area, one in a square just outside the alleyway, and another up and down the stairs. Lure the Soldier patrolling the square out and engage him. Once he's dead, go for the Soldier patrolling the stairs. Because he lacks a shield, he's easy pickings for your bow. After he's taken care of, notice the open ledge at the top of the stairs. This is the perfect spot to pick off the Crossbow Soldier. You can also drop down to find an item, but leave that for now. First go down the stairs and you'll come across a new enemy, one who looks much like a certain Assassin. Lure him up into the square as he is very dangerous in tight quarters. The Imperial Spy can attack quickly with a dagger or throw knives from afar. Watch his attacks carefully and ONLY attack when he's stunned to save yourself some hurt. Once he's down, move downstairs and proceed along the alleyways. Note the ladder you can climb for an item.

4. Keep your shield up, as there is an Imperial Spy on the stairs in the Southeast corner. Another thing to note about these enemies is that they're often equipped with Thief Rings, making them only visible when you come close. Another thing to watch for is the flaming ball positioned at the top, which will come down on you if you proceed up the stairs. Run backto dodge it, then go back up the stairs and enter the first side alley on your left. An Imperial Spy will be waiting, so lure him back into Point for and take him out normally. Now enter the first side alley on your right to find a lone Crossbow Soldier. Keep moving up the stairs and enter the last side alley to find an item. As you procure your prize (A mere Slave's Shield) an Imperial Spy will drop behind you, blocking your escape route. Fight him normally, but be very cautious as you're in such a tight space. Finally, kill the Soldier at the top of the stairs.

5. This is where things get troublesome. You'll notice three Crossbow Soldiers on a ledge ahead of you. Take them out in the alleyway and not out in the open, lest you receive a big surprise, That surprise is a Red-Eyed Knight lurking in the building to your right along with two Soldiers. Try to lure the Knight out and not the Soldiers, as the Knight will require all your attention. If you encountered the Knight in Phalanx Archstone, let me remind you that you do NOT want to get hit by any of his attacks. Play defensively and only attack when he's stunned or trying to heal, and you should be fine. Now lure the Soldier out of the building and take him out. As you enter the building, watch out for a second Soldier lurking just behind the corner to ambush you. Go up the stairs ahead to find a merchant and an item just outside the door. This ledge is a good sniper perch to take some health off of the Fat Minister (given that he's still there) which will make your life easier later. Once you're done, head back downstairs and proceed through the fog door on the left.

6. Use extreme caution here, as inside the long hallway is a Red-Eyed Knight wielding a sword with both hands. This Knight is exponentially more dangerous than the others, so lure him out into an open area before engaging. Your shield is practically useless against him as if you block his attack he'll catch you in a stun lock and kill you if you don't roll away as fast as possible. He'll usually attack twice or three times in succession before recovering, so strike after he stops attacking.

7. There's an assassin lurking in wait here, as well as the Fat Minister from earlier. Take out the assassin first then move to the Fat Minister. He moves and attacks slowly, but will make your life rather miserable if he gets a hit off. He also has a load of HP, some of which you hopefully took off earlier. Whittle him down to nothing and relieve him of his Iron Ring of Keys before moving on. A myriad of foes awaits you on the next landing, including Crossbow Soldiers, Regular Soldiers, and an Imperial Spy. Take out the Crossbow Soldiers first and the Spy when he appears, then finish off the Regular Soldiers. By now this should be simple. Continue onward along the walls to find another Red-Eyed Knight wielding a two-hander. Ouch. Take him out as before, but be careful, as it would be a shame if your journey ended here. Snipe the Crossbow Soldiers across the bridge, kill the soldiers, and keep on keeping on.

8. This entire area is really more of the same. Same Soldiers waiting for you and everything. Note the side path that leads to an item, and just continue along the walls as usual.

9. The Fat Minister that locked you out earlier is here. One has to wonder what he's been doing all this time. Anyway, you can sneak up behind him and get a few hits on him. Kill him quickly though, as your good buddy Ostrava will be in need of help on the other side of the gate. Again. Once the Minister is dead, take his sweet hat and pull the lever to open the gate. Ostrava's gotten himself cornered by two Red-Eyed Knights and a Soldier. Help him kill his adversaries but be careful not to die yourself. Once they're dead, he will thank you by giving you a Pure Clearstone. Sweet. And now that the gate's open you can easily return here without going through all that side alley silliness again. Before we proceed, however, remember that locked door all the way back before you faced the Tower knight? Head back there.

10. Use your Iron Ring of Keys to open the locked door here, and move down into the dungeon area.

11. Another Fat Minister will be waiting for you here, and this one likes to shoot fire out at you, so equip some fire defense. If you've been through Stonefang then this will be simple. Once he's dead, take his Bloody Key. There's items scattered around in some of the cells here, so use your Iron Ring of Keys to open them.

12. One of the cages, however, contains a very helpful ally. Meet Biorr, of the twin fangs.  While he's inclined to continue napping for now, he'll be of great assistance against some of the later bosses of this world. However, we're not done freeing people just yet. Leave the dungeon and return to the iron door.

13. Use your Bloody Key on this door to find…more alleyways! This is a relatively uneventful trip, aside from the Stone of Ephemeral Eyes in one of the side areas.

14. The first thing you'll likely notice is the laughing of a Fat Minister, as well as some items off to the side. Grab them and don your sweet Minister's Cap and the Minister above will lower the stairs for you. He won't be hostile until you take off the Cap or attack him, so feel free to move behind him and backstab him.

15.Yuria the witch waits here to be rescued. Take off your Minister's Cap as she won't take too kindly to you with it on. After talking with her, she'll tell you to go on ahead while she rests and escapes to the Nexus. Now that we've finished this little sidequest, it's time to move on with the level.

16. This is another rough spot, but one that can be handled easily with a good strategy. You'll find all manner of Soldiers, as well as 3 (!!) Red-Eyed Knights guarding a Fat Official. First, snipe all of the Crossbow Soldiers with arrows, and lure out the Regular Soldiers one at a time with them. When they're all dead, move forward for a quick scene as the Fat Official escapes. Now the only things remaining are those three menacing Red-Eyed Knights. The best strategy here is to equip the Thief Ring so they don't all try to come after you at once, and use arrows to lure each of them out, one at a time. By now you should have had some solid experience dealing with Red-Eyed Knights, so they shouldn't be too much of a hassle. Once, they're gone, proceed up the stairs to the final fog door.



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Tower Knight Archstone Map

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Trivia & Notes:

This Archstone is an excellent place to farm Half Moon Grass and Late Moon Grass. Turn around and head back towards the Phalanx Archstone. The two Blue Eye Knights that guard the Tower Knight's arena entrance respawn with their backs to you. Each time they die, they always drop at least two of each kind of grass. The archers behind them have a chance to drop Crescent Moon Grass, this can be repeated quickly and indefinitely.




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