Controls for Demon's Souls features the input methods for the player to interact with the game. Listed below are details on the default configuration for the PlayStation®5 as well as the controls for the original that was released for the PlayStation®3. 


Demon's Souls Controls




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Demon's Souls Control

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  • L2: Parry with a small shield and or left-hand weapon, Attack with large shields and some left-hand weapon, Aim while using a bow
  • R2: Heavy attack with the right-hand weapon.
  • L1: Block with a shield in the left hand. Cast equipped Magic Spell or Miracle with a Catalyst or Talisman equipped.
  • R1: Light attack with a right-hand weapon, Rolling attack after Rolling, Running attack after Running.
  • R3: Lock/Unlock on Target
  • Up(Dpad): Cycle through memorized Magic Spells or Miracles.
  • Left(Dpad): Switch between two Left-Hand Weapons or Shields.
  • Right(Dpad): Switch between two Right-Hand Weapons or Shields.
  • Down(Dpad): Cycle through equipped Items.
  • Left Analog Stick: Player movement.
  • Right Analog Stick: Camera Movement.
  • Select Button: Write or rate messages for other players.
  • Start Button: Open the in-game menu.
  • Triangle: Switch between One-handed or Two-handed.
  • Square: Use the currently selected item.
  • Circle: Backstep, Roll, Sprint.
  • X: Interact with NPCs and Environmental Objects.

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