Dragon God

Health 4340 206
206 Plague Immune
Location Underground Temple (Flamelurker Archstone 2-3)
Reward/s Dragon Demon's Soul

Dragon God is a Boss in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Bosses are special enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar with its name indicated, a variety of unique moves and abilities, an ambient boss theme, and an Archstone that appears upon their death. Most bosses appear once the player passes through a fog gate nearby.


Dragon God Location

Dragon God is found at the "Underground Temple" (also known as 2-3, Flamelurker Archstone). The player must complete a puzzle to fight the Dragon.




Dragon God Rewards




Dragon God Strategies

Video Strategies



Strategy Writeup

This fight is actually more of a puzzle than an actual battle. At the beginning you'll see him at the end of a large hallway. When he sees you approaching he punches the wall in futility. Notice that his eyes will always turn red before he makes any attack. Just hide behind a pillar and make your move when his head is looking elsewhere. Your pathway will be blocked with rubble. You have three options to clear this rubble:


  • Any large weapon dual handed even if you do not meet the stat requirements will allow you to destroy the rubble with one hit with R1 attack. Equipping Eternal Warrior's Ring may be helpful and make sure not to wear any equipment that reduces stamina regeneration. Lighter weapons

    Alternative: Any Large Shield, e.g. The Adjudicator's ShieldPurple Flame Shield, and Steel Shield, can break the rubble with a Shield Bash attack (L2).


  • You can safely hide behind a pillar and cast. Use something cheap like Soul ArrowFire Spray, or Flame Toss if you have it (Flame Toss is best for melee characters, as you'll use up less MP). You'll need maybe 5-6 Fresh Spice to refill your MP as you go. This way the boss won't even make a single attack.


Coax him into attacking the rubble for you

  • You need to be quick for this, and able to manipulate the camera at will to see when he has committed himself to an attack. You might notice that his eye color may change from yellow to red once you come out of cover. If you stay out of cover too long, then he will attack you. Try to get into cover ASAP when his eyes are red, then run again when his eyes turn yellow.
  • Your first move will be to progress down the hallway to the right. Your goal is to reach the upper platform, it is safe there, with the glowing ballista. Push the button on the side to shoot the boss and reduce his health by a third. He'll punch the area in front of you and clear a path down some stairs and towards the second ballista platform at the far left of the area. Clearing your way through the second level is much easier, as the dragon will occasionally wince in pain from the massive spear in his side; this is your chance to clear rubble. If he sees you, he will stop wincing, so make sure he doesn't see you or this will be a lot harder.
  • There is a Crystal Lizard by the second ballista. After the second shot the boss' head will be pinned down on some lower dirt ramps. Since he has been gravely injured by taking giant spears straight to his body, he will be breathing heavily. His breath is hot and will burn if it touches you. You can melee his chin horn, backing away each time he breathes out. Alternatively you can use arrows or magic (Soul Arrow/Soul Ray for instance). Lock on and attack his horn. Every couple of hits, he will raise his head in pain and then it will fall back down to the ground. Lock on again and repeat.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Dragon God Punch: Uses its hand to punch you. Hide behind a column when the animation is starting.


Dragon God Lore

Lore notes, information on folklore, etc go here

Lore theories should be clearly marked as such.


Dragon God Notes & Trivia

The Atlus wiki reports that a couple of players who died at the same time as the Dragon God, have not been able to proceed to the game's end event. The players were able to collect the dragon god soul, but were still not invited by the Maiden in Black to finish the game. Make sure you do not risk dying when taking your last hit at the Dragon God. Ranged attacks will help. If you must melee, go in with a Second Chance or Warding and full health.

To get the Dragon Bone Smasher the player must have Pure White World Tendency. It can be found in the left corridor from the entrance of the boss area.
The Master's Ring can be found on a narrow walkway behind the second ballista.

The Dragon God can be encountered in the Tutorial prior to reaching Stonefang Tunnel, provided that the player defeats Vanguard. However, it kills the player in a cutscene if he gets too close, making it impossible to kill it in the tutorial; the small citadel that the player encounters it in can be seen from the cliffs in 2-3, opposite the Dragon God's boss area.
The Dragon God appears in the intro cutscene before starting the game, and also is featured on the inside of the North American version's coverslip.



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    • Anonymous

      What is that floating thing on the left after you enter? I can't tell what it is but the looter in me wants it.

      • Anonymous

        People hated this then they make fights where dragons actually act like dragons and people hate that too. Worst time to be a developer with such an entitled whiny consumer market that barely pays for their games as it is.

        • Anonymous

          Dragon God is all the bad parts of every soulsgame forced into the worst boss fight.

          You like bosses that can instantly kill you? We've got that!
          You like being unable to discern the patterns because "Looking at the Boss" and "Fighting the Boss" and "Survive the boss" are 3 entirely different angles? We got that!
          You like punishing difficulty that doesn't reward anything, and punishes everything? Oh boy, do we have that one!
          You like a giant, amazing, intimidating monster from marketing who gets a big wet fart of an encounter? Well, hello!

          Flamelurker was HARD. Flamelurker was CHALLENGING. Flamelurker was DIFFICULT.

          I overcame it by learning his tactics, learning when to dodge and when to step back, when to go for a full combo, and when only one or two hits was safer. I learned. I fought. I struggled. But I won, and it felt GOOD. Really, solidly good and fun!

          Then there's this *******.

          • Anonymous

            dragon bone smasher and other such large weapons 1 shot the rubble even if you don't meet the stat requirements

            • Anonymous

              Whoever f***ing designed this f***ing stealth f***ing Metal Gear Solid-a** fight should k*** themselves!!!!!!

              • I think this boss would be less annoying if it wasn't so hard to see where he was looking. The way the arena is designed makes it impossible to see him at a lot of key points in the fight.
                Also the absurdity of him just hanging out across from the only thing that can kill him feels uncharacteristically gimmicky fro a Fromsoft game

                • Anonymous

                  The Dragon God is the demon form of the Legendary Big M. That's why his most common attack is punching and the Hands of God are found near his arena

                  • Anonymous

                    I wager 10000 souls that this hunk is a reused asset from the cutting room floor of Ninja Blade's development (or some other adjacently developed Fromsoftware product), just as Vanguard is an Enchanted Arms rip and Armored Spider is a slightly altered asset from Ninja Blade.

                    • Anonymous

                      There some theory that one dragon god from turtorial and the one from the final boss are different dragon gods

                      • Anonymous

                        At the risk of being dislike bombed, I think this is the most underrated boss in Soulsborne history. The design of the dragon. The music. The arena. And even the puzzle! I actually think this is one of the few times where FromSoftware managed to execute a puzzle boss well. I enjoy the concept, the atmosphere, and even the puzzle of all things! The Dragon God is also so powerful that it can damage you by regularly breathing. Let me get to the flaws, though. The Dragon God deals WAY too much damage for a puzzle boss, so in certain cases, one mistake deletes your progress on this boss. The concept is out of place for a Souls game, and would better fit in a stealth game (like Metal Gear Solid). But I still think this is a very fun experience, and is a puzzle boss done right. It’s fine to dislike this boss like the majority of the community, though.

                        • Anonymous

                          First play-through of Demons Souls; I’d only just gotten into the series in 2020 after beating DSR on Switch. First game I bought on my PS5. Was looking forward to whatever the fight with this guy was going to be like. And honestly? Surprised but not upset. Once I actually saw how big this thing was, it made sense that I couldn’t stab my little sword into its heel like an ant wielding a toothpick. It just wouldn’t work.

                          I’m a little bias because once I figured it out and I saw the first weapon go off, I was like, “I know how to play Monster Hunter!” Because of the similarity to the Dragonators. It was very satisfying bopping him once he was down.

                          My takeaway: not a bad gimmick boss, hell of a lot better than the maneaters and their awful AI, and Dragon God may even just be Zorah Magdaros after a huge glow-up.

                          • Anonymous

                            For dexterity builds, who struggle with breaking rubble: Uchigatana in two hands breaks it in one running R1. You can destroy it and immediately continue run forward, what almost eliminates any difficulty or risk.

                            • Anonymous

                              This fight would have been a great time to make Familiar's Prank into a useful strategy, but sadly he seems immune to it.

                              • Anonymous

                                Can you even beat him on ng+? I die in 1-2 hits. I can't even break the rubble to get to the ballista before it kills me.

                                • Anonymous

                                  There’s clinical depression then there’s dying to Dragon God’s weakened flame breath just as you’re about to deal the final blow

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I don't understand the hate this boss recieves. Yes, it is quite disapointing to see the cool dragon of the intro being a not so amazing fight, but we have to consider how doing a proper fight against a gargantuan beast like this would be even possible. Outside of that, the mechanics and gimmick of the fight aren't really that bad, it's a stealth-like situation where you go foreward while he's passive, and hide when he goes agressive. You shoot the two ballistas at him, he goes down, you slap his thing a couple times, and that's it. The music on the boss fight is pretty great too, and like most of the themes of the game, fits really well with how the fight works. Final conclusions: While not being something amazing like some future dragon bosses in the series, it tries something new and the result is pretty neat, just not as much as some people expected with the intro cutscene. I'd give it a 7/10.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      There is no magic strategy. Or any ranged strategy. The boss is literally invincible until you use the ballistas. I tried shooting him with arrows with 1018 AR and 2k+ magic spell and it had no damage indicator at all.

                                      The upper part seems to be RNG for the most part. No matter when I move from behind a pillar he instantly aggroes and punches even if I move back behind the pillar he won't calm down. I beat him so many times in the original but something seems different in the remake and it ****ed up the timing.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        I’m on NG+ and I think they made him a bit psychic. The places that I used to stand and safely magic the rubble away are no longer safe. And, when he punches, it still hits me even though I’m more than five whole windows away from the impact. What gives?!

                                        • Anonymous

                                          The remake redesigns are very hit and miss. I personally believe the Dragon God is the best redesign in the game and beats the original appearance.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            One thing the remake definitely goofed up on is the visual storytelling. In the original, the ballistae ammo was the same as the golden instruments found in the Nexus and on the back of the Old One. In fact, even the architectural motifs in the arena matched pretty closely to those in the Nexus, which I always took as signs that Dragon God was revered as a replacement for the sealed Old One, and that the spears were there to bind its will, should the need arise. The remake makes this much less apparent with its more fantastical set designs.

                                            Even the way it bows its head in complete submission mimics the Old One greeting the player at its lair. It doesn't even attempt to fight back, even though it can clearly still move its head and torso.

                                            • When trying to destroy the last rubble on the stairs to get to the second harpoon canon, it can be hard to hit with magic. Equip the flame resistance ring and water veil and the run up there and melee the rubble. You will get with his fire breath, but should survive and then just haul a*s to the canon.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                I'm not saying this fight is perfect, but I do like when games stretch the definition of a boss battle like this. Gigantic bosses were all the rage in the 2000's after Shadow of the Colossus, so I always thought of this fight as Demon's Souls' spin on that concept, minus the overdone "climb convenient ledges on monster's back and slowly stab its glowing weak points" shtick. Hard to see how it could be improved much beyond that, unless they had gone the Ancient Wyvern route and had you fight a bunch of enemies while dodging its attacks...

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  I think I'm at world tendency right before pw(I killed dragon god and went back to nexus) and the debris on the left hiding the dragon bone smasher or crusher, was still blocked.. any way I can raise my world tendency one level still?

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    The punch cutscene in the remake is unreal. It’s true that the Dragon God’s roar is a lot weaker but the thump sound and body grind along the stone ground more than make up for it!

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      Being realistic, I believe the boss fight will be the same judging by how faithful they’re being to the gameplay while only altering the visuals of the game. I know it’s a disappointing boss to many but I never minded it myself as it’s a classic demons souls moment. When you see it in the trailer you think to yourself “there’s no way I can take that thing on” and when you reach him you discover that’s absolutely the case as the giant harpoon mechanisms that you need to use are far more powerful than the character could ever be. I don’t expect anyone to forgive the boss because of this it’s just how I feel. It really leans on the reality that even though your branded as a brave hero there will always be impossible odds.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        This is the worst boss fight in a souls game PERIOD and not because it’s “hard” but because of horrible game design. In fact... you don’t even fight him... you have to solve a bad puzzle while navigating a maze that your character and camera get stuck on constantly AND avoiding the dragon’s instant travelling fists and fire AND keeping him in view AND micro managing your stamina so you have enough to hit through stone pillars WHILE making sure to not break your weapon after the 15th attempt... I hate this fight...

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