Once Royal Mistress

General Info
Location Tower of Latria
Drops ???
Health ???
Souls ???

Once Royal Mistress is a NPC in Demon's Souls.

Once Royal Mistress Information

  • She is also known as the "Former Royal's Wife" and the "Singing Lady."



Tower of Latria

  • 4F East, locked in a cell.










After being freed:

  • You're an ordinary human, aren't you? Where do you call home?
    Dear me, I shouldn't pry. Oh, perhaps you'd like something from my collection?
    I've had better days. I was once the wife of royalty, and I have some nice things to show for it.
  • Before, there were many others trapped here.
    But they went mad, and ventured above, of their own volition.
    Redemption? Hah. There exists no such thing.
  • The Queen banished her depraved old husband from the land.
    He returned in strange golden garb with foul Demons in tow.
    They pillaged great Latria, land of the learned, and locked us in this dungeon.
    Since then, they've been feeding off our souls…
    Telling us over and over that if we go above, we will be granted redemption.
  • I know the truth.
    The church goddess may die, but never for long.
    And we are trapped below forever.


  • Greeting
    • Oh, it's you. Are you looking to purchase something today?
  • Leaving after purchase
    • Thank you. Now I can stay here for a little while longer.
  • Leaving without buying:
    • Well, that's quite alright.
      I wish to stay here, but I need souls to stay sane.
      Surely you must understand this…
  • Walk away without "Leave"
    • My! Don't just run off.
  • Greeting next time
    • You came back…. Are you looking for something special today?
  • When attacked
    • Are you out for blood?
      For heavens sake. Why on earth?




  • Voiced by: Jenny Funnell


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