Locations in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake covers the different areas that can be explored in the game. Players can encounter and discover various Enemies, Bosses, NPCs, types of equipment, and much more for each Location. This page covers a list of the various areas that can be discovered in the game.

After defeating the first Boss, Phalanx, players will be free to decide the order of the Archstones (Worlds) that they visit. All Archstones can be accessed from The Nexus.

Locations in Demon's Souls are divided into different Worlds. There are 5 Worlds, each of them divided into different Locations. Players often refer to Locations by number, for example 1-3 or 4-3. The first number represents the World, while the second number represents the division or location inside that particular World. Example: If a player refers to 1-2 he is Taking about Phalanx Archstone, World 1, Division 2.

  • You can visit our Game Progress Route and Walkthrough pages for a comprehensive guide on how to beat the game following the difficulty level.
  • See Maps for detailed maps of all Demon's Souls Locations


Once you defeat a Boss in Demon's Souls Remake, if you touch the Archstone you now can move within that World's Archstones besides being able to return to The Nexus. In the original version, once you interacted with the archstone you were only able to return to The Nexus.

All Locations in Demon's Souls


Tutorial Area

Tutorial Area

The Tutorial area is the first zone you enter when you begin the game. It teaches you the basic about Demon's Souls. Once you face the boss of the area,  regardless if you beat it or not, you will end up in The Nexus.



Main Hub

The Nexus

This sacred space, which holds together the northern land of Boletaria, connects to all other Archstones accross the earth. 

The Old One is contained inside The Nexus, where The Monumental awaits the slayer of demons.



Archstone of the Small King "Boletarian Palace" - World 1

Gates of Boletaria (1 - 1)

A huge stone castle in the heart of the northern kingdom of Boletaria.
Hungry soldiers attack trespassers, their souls stolen by demons, while nearby terrible dragons have taken roost. 

The Lord's Path (1 - 2)

Past the huge gates of Boletarian Palace lies what is now a feeding ground for dragons, the Cliff Pathway, which leads to the inner ward, where knights make their abode.

Inner Ward (1 - 3)

Inside Boletaria's gates, where the streets intertwine, lie traps set by the much reviled fat officals, themselves living proof of Old King Allant's madness.

The King's Tower (1 - 4)

The King's Tower, once a symbol of Boletaria, stands ravaged by the claw marks of drakes, while silver-haired Old King Allant sits on his crumbling throne, witness to the desolation.

Throne of the False King

The man who wielded untold power, calmly watching over the kingdom from on high, was not in fact Old King Allant, but a demonic imposter who stood in his place. The true king dwells with the Old One...



Archstone of the Burrow King "Stonefang Tunnel" - World 2

Smithing Grounds (2 - 1)

A city of miners who maintain the giant tunnel. Long ago, the efforts of the hard-headed burrowers allowed Boletarian Soldiers to carry out their work, but now, dispossessed of their souls, they have no thoughts of their own, and work in silence, tirelessly, without purpose.

The Tunnel City (2 - 2)

Below the smithing grounds of Stonefang, the Tunnel City is a system of pathways that gave the city its name. Legend has it that deep inside, beyond the molten swamps, is a grave for dragons.

Underground Temple (2 - 3)

Ages ago, a fire demon was imprisoned in an underground temple littered with the bones of dragons. Beyond the prison, in a sea of molten lava, are the resting bones of a dragon of unfathomable size.

Shrine of the Dragon God (2 - 4)

The underground shrine was constructed both to worship and imprison the Dragon God. The miners' ancestors were inspired to faith by the great dragon bones, and paid their respects by maintaining the shrine with great care.


Archstone of the Tower Queen "Tower of Latria" - World 3

Prison of Hope (3 - 1)

Latria, land of the Queen's Ivory Tower.
A vengeful old man claimed the Queen's life, and imprisoned any remaining royalty. The prison echoes with the resentful cries of its inmates, tormented by their inhuman guards.

Upper Latria (3 - 2)

A church devoted to an idol that mimicked the queen gave the prisoners a ray of hope, but no doubt a deep malice awaited them, poised to mercilessly dash what faint dreams they had.

The Ivory Tower (3 - 3)

In the Ivory Tower, prisoners hung in cages, their flesh patched together to create fleshy monstrosities. It was the doing of Latria's new master, an old man who had long ceased to be human, seeking to create demons by his own hand.

Throne Room of Yormedaar (3 - 4)

His revenge complete, the old mand withered away, driven to madness by the golden robes that controlled his body. Now too frail to serve as a vessel, he was fully absorbed by the demon's soul.


Archstone of the Shadowmen "Shrine of Storms" - World 4

Island's Edge (4 - 1)

The island shrine of the Shadowmen, who worshiped storms and mourned the dead. Since the appearance of the flying storm beasts, the souls of the dead have been lured to the island by its demons, where they are revived by finding purchase in the bosoms of uninhabited skeletons.

The Ritual Path (4 - 2)

The Adjudicator bestows tokens of heroism upon the deserving dead, who are delivered by Shadowmen to the depths of the Shrine of Storms, where they are cleansed by brightwater and mourned by the storm.

Altar of Storms (4 - 3)

The heroes' remains were cleansed with brightwater and offered to the Storm King, a beacon for countless storm beasts whose broad wings blacken the sky.

The Monolith Forest (4 - 4)

Perhaps this demon, a flying beast resembling a gigantic stingray, is a manifestation of the thoughts and feelings of the Shadowmen who worshiped it centuries ago.


Archstone of the Chieftain "Valley of Defilement" - World 5

Depraved Chasm (5 -1)

This humid valley is a haven for the used and forgotten. Its inhabitants, afflicted by poison and plague, await their deaths in this forsaken place, attacking those who wander in, hoping to offer their souls to the one woman who showed them compassion.

Swamp of Sorrow (5 - 2)

All that is unclean ends up in the giant swamp at the base of the Valley of Defilement. The swamp is a cesspool of putrilage, vermin, and plague.

Rotting Haven (5 - 3)

Beyond the swamp, filled with poisonous jellyfish and giant slugs is a cavern that absorbs all that is unclean, and a shrine of rotten trees erected in honor of a demon. Visitors offer souls to be freed from their notions of suffering.

Sanctuary of the Lost (5 - 4)

Astraea was once the Sixth Saint, but now she lives beside those awaiting death in the Valley of Defilement. To ease the pain of the Valley's dwellers, Astraea chose surrender to a demon's soul over the cruel God she worshiped.


End Game

Below the Nexus

Players arrive at this destination after defeating all the bosses that guard the Archstones, and are giving the opportunity to select an Ending. Finalizing this decision will bring the player to New Game Plus




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