Below The Nexus is a Location in Demon's Souls.  Players arrive at this destination after defeating all the bosses that guard the Archstones, and are giving the opportunity to select an Ending. Finalizing this decision will bring the player to New Game Plus.


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Full  Below The Nexus Walkthrough

Once you defeat all the world bosses, a cut-scene will start and the middle seal in the Nexus opens up. After this point you can no longer upgrade your Soul Level by talking to the The Maiden in Black..

You may still be able to enter any world and farm souls or items, upgrade items and do whatever you want without finishing the game. When you do talk to the The Maiden in Black, she will take you to the end zone.

Here then is the final boss fight against King Allant, who appears to be the captive, deformed, and despondent form of the true King Allant. Whether you feel pity for him or not, it should be an easy fight to win

King Allant in this form has moderate HP and no particular weaknesses. He has only one attack, a short-range ram attack that deals moderate physical damage; this attack grants him hyper armor, so should the player's HP be below ~30%, it would be advisable to carefully watch King Allant's movements while attacking in melee range. He also is incapable of moving faster than walking pace, rendering him completely defenseless against ranged attacks or melee weapons with a long reach (e.g. a Large Sword or a Spear. Once King Allant is dead, the player may either exit the Old One's innards or kill the Maiden in Black; either option ends the current playthrough, triggering the "good" and "bad" ending respectively.

Below The Nexus Map


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Before you complete your first playthrough, be sure to upgrade and collect as many souls as you can to level up. Because once you finish the game the first time, the next playthrough going to be a-lot more difficult than the first playthrough. There are a number of things to consider before progressing to your next game cycle. Information can be found on the New Game + wiki page.


Be sure you don't miss the Soulbrandt after he dies. If you have aquired Demonbrandt, then this is your last chance to make the Northern Regalia before defeating Flamelurker again in NG+. Naturally to do this requires a Shard of Archstone or your Nexial Binding to warp back, as the rear gate is closed after the Allant fight, and walking (but not warping) after the Maiden's speech will end NG. This is the very last chance you have before beginning NG+

After you do finish the game you automatically start your New Game+. Keep in mind that you still can't upgrade your Soul Level until you beat level 1-1 again. So, you will have to carry all your souls earned defeating the last boss of this play-through, plus the souls from the end game, plus the NG+ run through level Boletarian Palace and Phalanx, before you can spend them on levels. Alternately, spend your souls on merchant items before triggering the end.

If you have 300,000 souls and you're starting a New Game+, try not to feel too bad when you die twice in succession and lose all your souls. You should consider playing Boletarian Palace in NG+ in Offline Mode, to prevent Black Phantom attacks, which risk losing you all those precious souls before you can spend them.

The archstone located below the Nexus might be connected to the broken stone among the archstones. Acording to the description of Northern Regalia, it was left in this world alongside the Old One, and its name might be a hint that they first came to be in the northen land, the land of the giants. This would explain why the giants were the first to sucumb to the scurge, as the Old One was sealed and awakened there several times. Also the huge pilars on the ruins below the Nexus also may be a hint that the giants might have ruled that coast once, before they were crushed by the demons.


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