Cling Ring

Effect Increases your Max HP in Soul Form, depends on the players current World and Character tendency.

Cling Ring is a Ring in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Rings are accessories that are equipped by the player to obtain various abilities that grant buffs and effects which can help in the player's journey or certain situations.


A mysterious ring forged in the shape of an eye. Character loses less HP after becoming a soul.


Cling Ring Location: Where to Find Cling Ring


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Cling Ring Notes and Tips

  • Halves HP reduction, allowing players in phantom form to have 75% of their max HP instead of 50%.
  • Has a similar effect to the Ring of Binding in Dark Souls 2.



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    • Anonymous

      Description on Rings page says this increases HP by 40% (70% of body form) if in souls form but this page states HP is 75% of body form. So which one is it? Or is 75% max value and 70% average for neutral world and character tendency?

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