New Player Help for Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake features information that will help a player understand the basics of the game's mechanics as well as recommended things to do before starting the game. The aim is to help the players to further understand the game and to know what it has to offer.

Helpful Links:

  • Character Creation: For a comprehensive guide on how to create your character
  • Walkthrough: A detailed area walkthrough of the game.
  • Game Progress Route: An overview of your progression plan
  • Weapons: All available Weapons
  • Armor: All available Armor.
  • Rings: All available Rings
  • Shields: All available Shields.
  • Items: all available Utility items.
  • Upgrades: all available upgrades.
  • Miracles: all available miracles.
  • Spells: all available spells.
  • Controls: An overview of the game's default controls for each platform.
  • Bosses: all available and strategies.
  • New Game +: Learn more about what happens when you finish the game.

Getting Started Guide



Demon's Souls New Player Help

Getting Started

See our About page to get some general ideas on the concepts of the game. You should then visit the Character Creation or Classes page and select a class you believe would be approachable to your style. To proceed through the game, you can refer to our Walkthroughs page for an overview of the recommended route.


Movement & Actions

You can control your character movement with Left Analog Stick, or vaulting with Left Analog Stick and holding Circile. See the Controls page for full control configuration. 



The game has a unique online multiplayer system that is integrated into the single-player experience, while playing the game, players will sometimes see the ghostly white transparent figures of other players who are currently playing the same location as you do but in a parallel world.

There are three ways to engage in online play: Cooperative (Co-op) Invasion (PvP) and Summon (PVP) Please check out Online page for the full info.



When you die, all the souls you possess will remain on the location where you died, and you'll respawn at the beginning location of the level.



When you die, you'll drop all of your possessed souls on the spot. The souls you drop will turn into a bloodstain and will remain in the area you died in. Return to the place where you died, and you'll be able to recover them. If you die again before you can reach the spot, the souls that you've lost will disappear.


What is the Best Class?

Starting class system doesn't limit what you can use in the game. For example, you can begin with a mage build, but put all of your points into strength and have a good melee build instead. For actual beginners of the souls games we would recommend using the Knight class as it begins with a relatively good armor set, weapons and stats. 


Where is the Jump Button

The ability to jump is not available in the game. Details on the Control scheme can be found in our Controls Page.


Is there a bonfire equivalent in Demon's Souls?

Unlike the Dark Souls games there are no bonfire or other mid-level respawn points per location. The only respawn point can be found is at the beginning of every world and in the Archstone of the defeated boss. Finding shortcuts are more important in this game to reduce the amount of backtracking.


What are Souls for?

Souls are a form of currency and experience points in Demon's Souls. They are dropped by some enemies when they die, but can also be found as loot. Players spend souls to level up their character as well as to purchase items from merchants. Each level up requires an increasing number of souls. If the player dies however, all the souls that he's collected so far are lost, and are left at the bloodstain where he was killed. If the newly resurrected player can make it back to the bloodstain he can recover the lost souls. However, if he dies again on the way back to the bloodstain he will lose the souls permanently.


What about the Inventory

Highlighting another item will show you what you will gain or lose from your equipped item.

  • At the first column under inventory you will find all the Consumables items you are carrying, like Healing Herbs and MP potions. You have 5 slots to use. While in-game, press on the D-Pad to switch between them.
  • Second column has your stones. These are used to upgrade your Weapons. Shards are the most commonly found, pures are the most rare (you might only get 1 or 2 per play through)
  • The third column shows your Key Items. Some areas require keys to enter, word 3 in particular. 
  • The fourth column shows your WeaponsBowsShields, etc... You can also upgrade your weapons to do Magical or Fire Damage with the right stones.
    You must keep this in mind when leveling up and make sure are spending your points in the right places if you are trying to use certain Weapons.
  • The fifth column shoes your Arrows and Bolts. Bolts are required to Fire Crossbows, while Arrows for Bows.
  • The sixth column shows your Armor and Cloths. Equip burden is based on what you have equipped. The heavier your Armor the higher the Burden. Keep in mind that more Burden = slow moving, slow rolling, slow stamina regen. 
  • In the last column, you can find your Rings. You can only wear 2 at a time. 


Using the Toolbelt

Open the Toolbelt with Touchpad for quick access to additional item slots. You can customize TOuchpad inside Settings.


Using Gestures

From the Toolbelt menu, use Gestures to perform unique motions to communicate with other travelers. This menu can also be accessed by holding down X.


Player Bloodstain

When you die, a bloodstain containing accumulated souls is left behind. These souls can be recovered by touching the bloodstain, but are lost forever if you die again before doing so.


Summoning Signs

Adventurers from other worlds may offer support. Touch Summoning Sighs to invite others into your world. Colored Eye Stones allow you to travel to other worlds.

What about Magic and Spells?

There are two types of spells in this game, Magic Spells and Miracle Spells. To buy and equip Miracle Spells you can talk to Disciple of God at The Nexus. Keep in mind that this kind of vendors won't be at The Nexus until after you have beaten World 1-1. To buy Magic Spells, you need to go to the opposite side and speak with other NPC, but these vendors will not sell to you if your Faith and Magic stat isn't at 10 or above, respectively. Equip Catalyst to use the currently attuned Magic spells and equip Talisman to use currently attuned Miracles.


What is the difference between Miracles and Magic?

Miracle Spells are affected by your Faith Stat, while Magic Spells by your Magic Stat. Another difference is that Magic Spells are a type of magic that is associated with dark or black magic. This type of Spells is used for offensive strategies that can both inflict damage and apply negative status effects against hostile characters such as enemies and bosses, as well as some self-buffs. While Miracle Spells are a type of spell that is associated with light or white magic. Miracles focus on defensive and healing spells which include a variety of utility and augmentation magic as well as a range of offensive magic.


Combat Tips

You can string multiple attacks together to create different, powerful combos. (For example, R1+R1+R1). While sprinting, you can press R1 to deliver a dash attack. 

You can also counter enemy attacks by parrying with L2, then, when the enemy is vulnerable from the parry, follow up with a Riposte R1.

Sneak behind targets to deliver a critical attack. Some enemies are immune to being critically attacked. 

With a Bow equipped, you can shoot arrows with R2. Press L2 for precision Aim mode. While in Precision Aim Mode. Up(Dpad) and Down (Dpad) allow zooming in and out. You can press R1 to toggle ammo when a bow is equipped.


Weapons Stats

All weapons have different type of damage, Normal, Blunt, Slash and Pierce.  Some can have more than ones, for example, Slash and Pierce damage. Also weapons can be benefit from your character stats.

There are six ranks, S, A, B, C, D, and E. S giving the highest and E the lowest. So when choosing a weapon, always keep in mind your highest stat. All weapons can do backstab damage, using Bleed, Poison, Plague and Critical.


What is the Nexus?

The Nexus is your "Home". From here you can travel to 5 different words. Also, here you can level up your character, repair your gear and mage basic weapon upgrades and buy basic items. To do that, you need to talk to Blacksmith Boldwin.


How Can leveling up my character?

To spend your souls (Exp. Points) and level up, you need to talk to The Maiden in Black. You cannot upgrade stats until you have beaten the boss of Boletarian Palace Phalanx
Don't worry about accidentally attacking the Maiden - she'll never become hostile, and, after a short delay, comes back to life when killed.


What's world tendency?

The spiritual standing of the world's souls can shift. As the world's tendency approaches white, the strength of demons dimishes. As the world's tendency approaches black, demons will pose more of a threat. (You can only get certain events/equipment in pure white or pure black tendency)

The spiritual standing of your character is affected by your choices. The strength of your spirit shifts as your Character Tendency approaches white or black.


How is burden calculated?

Item burden is calculated based on what you have in your inventory. If you go over your item burden, you will not be allowed to pick up anything else until you free some space. 

How many weapons can you equip?

You can have 2 weapons equipped for every hand. Pressing right on the D-Pad will switch your weapon on the right hand, pressing left switches the one on left hand. 


How many weapons can you equip?

You can have 2 weapons equipped for every hand. Pressing right on the D-Pad will switch your weapon on the right hand, pressing left switches the one on left hand. 


How do you get White Tendency in Demon's Souls?

Basically, if you die a lot in a word, that word's Tendency will turn black and all enemies will become much tougher to beat. 

To turn it white and keep it that way, you can't die and you need to kill a Boss in that word. 


How do the different Defense Stats work?

For example, if an enemy is attacking you with a mace, your Blunt Defense will come into play. 


Leaving Messages

Form the Toolbelt menu, leave Messages on the ground. Messages travel to the worlds of other adventurers.


Soul Form

When in Soul form, your HP is halved but you can travel to other worlds with Eye Stones. Regain Body form to restore full health.


Equipment Durability

Armor and weapon durability will diminish with use. Damaged or broken equipment has reduced effectiveness. A blacksmith can repair this worn equipment.



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