Fractured Mode is a new feature introduced in the Demon's Souls Remake


Fractured Mode in Demon's Souls

How It Works

Enabling 'Fractured Mode' will flip/mirror the game's overworld(s) horizontally. This is intended to provide a refreshing, challenging, and disorienting experience for veteran players who are very familiar with the game's layout. To make matters worse, the character model is flipped as well, visually making the character's main hand their left hand.


Ceramic Coins can only be found within Fractured Mode when in Pure White or Pure Black tendency. Fractured Mode seemingly makes no further changes to gameplay.


How To Enable It

Fractured Mode is enabled in The Nexus, via the statue where the player spawns in. Interacting with this statue will allow you to enable Fractured Mode by offering 25,000 Souls. This is a one-time payment, and Fractured Mode can be toggled on/off freely after it is made.


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    • Anonymous

      Likely a bug: If you haven’t given the soul to Ed, you cannot do so in the fractured world—and he will not ascend weapons/talismans. Switching back to non-fractured allowed delivery of soul and upgrades.

      • Anonymous

        I know about the coins. I will probably find out soon if everyone can still summon me or I am alone with every other fractured player.
        Indeed a refreshing way to play and look at enemies or the environment.

        • Anonymous

          Do npc storylines reset in fractured mode? Like if ostrava died in the normal mode does he respawn or reset?

          • Anonymous

            Alright, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this because the weapon switch feels nasty instead of it just being the map layout but as soon as I noticed the blue eyed knight with switched weapons too I laughed my ass off. This is actually a pretty fun addition and I’m glad there’s at least some incentive to use it with the ceramic coins because it’s quite difficult to adjust and most probably wouldn’t bother otherwise.

            • Anonymous

              It seems like Fractured Mode players can't match with normal world players and vice-versa. If so, what a waste!

              • Anonymous

                Im not understanding. They say only 10 are available but you need 26. So isn't 10 per playthrough and the other 10 i need new game plus and beyond for all?

                • Anonymous

                  I like the idea a lot, but I just hate how the hands are switched. I don't see how that adds any challenge, it's just annoying.

                  • Anonymous

                    Ceramic coins can be found in Fractured mode, 2 in each world. 1 For pure white world tendency and 1 for pure black world tendency. What happens when you find all 10? As of now it isnt known.

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