Scale Miners

Location Stonefang Tunnel
Enemy Type Basic Melee
Weakness Pierce and Magic attacks
Resistances ??

Scale Miners is an Enemy in Demon's Souls. Enemies have their own behavior and unique attacks, killing enemies provide various drops that reward players with items and souls that can be useful for the player's adventure.


The Scale Miners are strange humanoids, covered mostly in reptilian scales, and clad in crude rags for clothes.

If their mining labor is interrupted, they will become aggressive and will pursue the intruder in an attempt to kill them with an assortment of tools as makeshift weapons, including pickaxes, sacks of ore, red-hot wedges of iron, and even their own fists.


Combat Information


  • Fist attack.
  • Smash.

Ore Bag

  • Heavy swing.


  • Vertical chop.
  • Jumping smash.
  • Spinning horizontal swings.

Fire-tipped Blade

  • Horizontal swing.
  • Thrusting attack.
  • Running thrusting attack.


  • Vertical strike.
  • Spinning horizontal swing.



  • These guys come in multiple varieties. Most will ignore you unless provoked. However, those carrying Pickaxes and will attack and pursue once they spot you. Usually riling the other Scale Miners nearby to do likewise. Their attacks have a bit of range and hit hard, so make sure you're backing up enough, or using ranged attacks. They are vulnerable to thrusting/piercing attacks and Magic. Later on they'll also attack with unfinished red-hot pieces of iron. Switch to the Purple Flame Shield if you need to.


Item Drops



Notes & Trivia

  • As with most enemies including the Crystal Lizards, World Tendency affects the drop. In Pure Black World Tendency, the chances of getting a drop and getting rarer drops are higher. However, the bag carrying miners are an exception. They are a unique enemy that spawn only once her playthrough, and each one of them has a fixed drop that is unaffected by World Tendency. There are a total of seven in Stonefang Tunnel and only one in the Armor Spider Archstone tunnel leading to Scirvir.


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