Rings in Demon's Souls are accessories that are equipped by the player to obtain various abilities that grant buffs and effects which can help in the player's journey or certain situations. Rings are found in various locations or can be purchased from merchants. There are a total of 26 rings available in the game - this page covers a list of all the rings found in Demon's Souls.


Demon's Souls Rings


Name & Icon Ring Effect

Cat's Ring
Nullifies falling damage.

Clever Rat's Ring
When HP is  below 30%, increases attack power by 50%.

Cling Ring
Increases your Max HP in Soul Form by 40%.

Dull Rat's Ring
When HP is below 30%, increases defense by 50%.

Eternal Warrior's Ring
Increases stamina regeneration speed.

Foe's Ring
Increases all damage by 20% as Black Phantom.

Fragrant Ring
Recovers MP over time at 1mp/4secs.

Friend's Ring
Increases all damage by 20% as Blue Phantom.

Graverobber's Ring
Becomes harder for Black Phantoms to detect.

Master's Ring
Increases Sweet Spot damage by 15%, decreases damage for all other attacks.

Regenerator's Ring
Recovers HP over time at 4hp/sec.

Ring of Avarice
20% More soul points from enemies.

Ring of Devout Prayer
+1 miracle slot.

Ring of Disease Resistance
Multiplies base disease resistance by 4.

Ring of Flame Resistance
Add 40 points to Fire Resistance.

Ring of Glash Resistance
Multiplies base bleeding resistance by 4.

Ring of Great Strength
Increases equipment weight capacity by 50%.

Ring of Herculean Strength
Increases item weight capacity by 50%.

Ring of Magical Dullness
Increases magic defense by 20%, while decreasing magic attack power by 40%.

Ring of Magical Nature
Provides one more Magic slot.

Ring of Magical Sharpness
Increases magic attack by 20%, while decreasing magic defence power by 40%.

Ring of Poison Resistance
Multiplies base poison resistance by 4.

Ring of Sincere Prayer
Increases miracle power by 50%.
Increases miracle casting time by 10%.

Ring of the Accursed
Wielder becomes enemies' top attack priority.

Ronin's Ring
Reduces the rate of weapon attrition

Thief's Ring
Becomes harder for enemies to detect


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