Shrine of Storms is a Location in Demon's Souls. Shrine of Storms feature the island shrine of the Shadowmen, who worship storms & mourn the dead. Here, the Storm Beasts fly above and the souls of the dead inhabit empty skeletons to move about freely.



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Key Items
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World Tendency Events

White World

  • Satsuki in human form appears at the entrance looking for the Magic Sword "Makoto".

    • If you find the Magic Sword "Makoto" and give it to Satsuki, he will attack you. After you've killed him, he will drop the sword for you to pick up.
    • If you find the Magic Sword "Makoto" and decided not to give it to Satsuki, he will attack you.
    • If you find the Magic Sword "Makoto" and have it equipped, when you talk to Satsuki, he will attack you.
    • Remember that killing Satsuki shifts World Tendency by -3.

Black World

  • Black Phantom Satsuki shows up at the entrance. He drops a Hiltless when killed. Pure Black World Tendency required.
  • Black Phantom Silver Skeleton shows up at the first set of stairs
  • Black Phantom Silver Skeleton opposite the cliff
  • Black Phantom Gold Skeleton on the ledge above the Adjudicator's Shield
  • Black Phantom Gold Skeleton along the edge of the cliff path
  • Black Phantom Silver Skeleton with Bow at the end of the cliff path, before the fog door


Full Shrine of Storms Walkthrough

The Shrine of Storms is a great place to grind as each skeleton you kill will give you around 300 souls. Your start point is the Archstone, marked as point 1 in Map 1.


The first time you come here, you should walk forward slowly, ready to lock on when the skeleton ahead comes into range. These enemies are very weak to fire and blunt attacks, so bring along a mace or equip appropriate magic. The enemy will roll towards you and hurt you with the roll, use ranged magic as it approaches. When it is close, you can block and evade, but you should pay attention to their patterns so that you can tempt them into slashing at you: after they attack, they have a couple of "open" seconds when they are vulnerable.

Marked as point 2 is the spawning point for Satsuki. He will only appear in Pure White or Pure Black world tendency. If the World Tendency is Pure Black, he will be a Black Phantom and attack you as soon as he sees you. He has a low defense against Plague and low stamina, so you could overwhelm him easily. If the World Tendency is Pure White, he will talk to you and ask you to find the "Magic Sword Makoto" for him. The sword can be found in 4-2 (see this section for details). When you bring it back to him, you will be given an option to hand over the sword or not. Whichever you choose he will attack you, and if you win the sword will be yours.

As you continue forward you will see a set of stairs with a number of skeletons. The best approach is to lure them out one by one. When you have finished all the skeletons and get to the top of the stairs, you will be attacked by two archer skeletons from the top of the structure. You can pick up the items later, so ignore them for now and touch the first fog.

You should now walk left into the passway/tunnel directly under the two archer skeletons of earlier. As you go, look down for a square plate that shines slightly: this is a trap trigger! As soon as you step on it, arrows will be shot in your direction. To avoid being hit, as soon as you get to the plate you should turn and face the wall, as if you wanted to walk through it. Step into the plate and continue to push towards the wall until the last arrows fly by you.

When you reach the end, you will see an opening to go outside and a set of stairs to go up towards point G.

If you go outside, you will meet your first "Dual Katana Skeleton" or Black Skeleton. These enemies are incredibly strong, and they are also pretty fast. They can kill you with one hit, so avoid it for now if you are not over level 60. If you want to try it, it is best to have a protection spell and thief ring on, so you can approach until lock-on without him noticing you. You can then shoot some magic at him and run away towards the trap trigger as fast as you can, he will not follow you all the way, but instead walk back slowly to his original position. Repeat this until he is dead and pick up the CRESCENT FALCION +1 behind thim. This weapon will slowly regenerate your MP if you have it equipped.

Go up the stairs: you are now at point G of Map 2.

Items Found on Map 2 (total 2):

  • Renowned Hero's Soul 
  • Crescent Moon Grass x4  


When you get to the top, you will have to kill another skeleton and then face the two archer skeletons that attacked you earlier.

When you finish them off, go towards point H and down the stairs, to get the COPPER KEY marked in Map 1. When you reach the bottom, notice the power plate that will set off another trap. You should avoid stepping on it at all. Once you have the key, go back to the top and return to point G, going down the stairs again towards the place where you touched the first fog of this level.

  • Note: From point H, you can take a shortcut to the boss. Take off all your armor and roll in the direction of the arrow until you land on top of the opposite wall. Once you are there, you can walk to the edge and jump down towards the area that has the Regenerator`s Ring. If you do this, you will bypass most of the level.

You are now at point 3 of Map 1.

From here, you can see Sub-Demon Vanguard waiting ahead. He will not come to attack you, however a skeleton archer from your left might see you, so first walk towards the right of the area.

Wait until you see a flying manta come by, lock onto it, and use magic or a bow to kill it before you go any further. Remain alert to a thunder-like noise, that means that the manta is attacking you, so you should start rolling around if you value your life.

Once the manta is taken care of, concentrate your attention on Vanguard. You can take this Demon down without taking any damage if you simply attack him from a distance. If you chose to get close, you will have to avoid his clumsy attacks, but he is quite weak overall.

Behind Vanguard, there is an opening in the floor marked in the map as point B. Go down this way and refer to Map 2.

Walk forward and beware of the power plate that triggers a trap. You will then come to what seems like a dead end. marked as point 2 on Map 2. These walls will disappear if you attack them, revealing skeletons ready to ambush you. Attack them as best you can and continue towards point 1 to free Graverobber Blige, who will act as a merchant in this world.

When you are done, you can go towards point F of Map 2, attack another wall to make it disappear, and kill another skeleton. You should then continue up the stairs (beware of skeleton`s ambush!) until you emerge in point A of Map 1.

Ignore the mantas flying in the distance and follow the narrow path until you reach a talking tree known as "the crow" in many game forums. The tree will ask you for "sparkly" (soul remains) and if you drop some on the ground it will give you something in return the next time you load the level.

After you are done with the tree, you should carefully peek down towards the location of the Chrystal Gecko. To get him, you can jump down and follow him as he escapes. Once you are done backtrack to point B of Map 1 to continue the level.

Go through the second fog of the level and up the stairs. Wear a thief ring. You will be attacked by flying mantas, so remain alert and ready to roll out of the way of their spears. You will see a skeleton and an archer skeleton ahead. Lure the first one out so you are not overwhelmed, then go to kill the archer. After you have done it, you can kill the Black Skeleton (Dual Katana) that guards the ADJUDICATOR`S SHIELD, which regenerates your health when equipped.

Before proceeding further into the level, check out the ladder marked as point E in Map 1 and Map 3 for some items.

Items Found in Map 3 (total: 7):

  • Late Moon Grass x3
  • Half Moon Grass x2  
  • Unknown Hero's Soul
  • Splinter of Cloudstone
  • Stone of Ephemeral Eyes
  • Graverobbers Ring
  • Renowned Hero's Soul




Go back down and continue around the structure and take notice of yet another power plate that triggers a trap. Use the wall-facing method to avoid being killed, and drop down some natural steps. You are now in the top left area of Map 1.

To survive this section you will need to have a Thief Ring and fire magic equipped. You will be attacked by the flying mantas and the enemies waiting ahead (the Golden Skeletons).

These skeletons are very strong and have a high physical defense. You should approach the skeletons carefully and lure them to a wider area where you can roll out of their attacks without falling down the cliff. As they walk towards you, use your magical attacks to weaken them, but be ready to roll out of the way of their counters. Try to get behind them when they attack you, to deal with some critical damage.

Carefully make your way to the third fog of the level. You are now in a roofless room with a set of stairs leading up to point D of Map 3 above.

Take all the items and investigate the area to the side to get to the Crystal Gecko and eventually the Regenerator`s Ring. Once you are done, come back to the room and trigger the trap leading to the next room carefully so it does not get you.

You are now at point C of Maps 1 and 4

Items In Map 4 (Total: 3):

  • Half Moon Grass x3
  • Stone of Ephemeral Eyes
  • Legendary Soldiers Stone       


(Maps Used With Permission)

You will see a set of stairs going down towards the last fog, and a Black Skeleton (Dual Katana) guarding it. Kill this enemy with the same strategy as earlier: magic spell and run away, repeat. You can summon allies here if you want to.

*From Skinman* You can kill this Black Skeleton (Dual Katana) very easily with arrows (similar to killing the Red Dragon in 1-1) if you're a melee. Just shoot from the top of the stairs then run back out the door and wait a minute for him to walk back to his original spot. Do this over and over again with about 50-75 Arrows (depending on STR) and you kill him with little effort. This method does take a lot of time though. Using a crossbow might be more difficult because you can't zoom in but a couple of shots to figure out the aim should work. Go through the fog to challenge.


You will need:

  • Protection Spell
  • Ranged Magic (soul light is good)
  • Bow or crossbow

As you enter, go right and down, then do a U-turn until you reach the areas marked as X on the map.

From here, you can lock onto the head of the Demon and fire your attacks. It will attack you with its long tongue or with its massive weapon, but the attacks are predictable so as soon as you see them coming stop your spells and roll to evade.

If you are a melee user, you can easily defeat him by attacking the correct area. Drop to the ground and run up to his left side (on your right as you face him). Lock-on and shift target until you're targeting the weapon buried in his left hip (NOT the weapon he is using), and simply keep rotating around him so you're always at his left hip. He swings in a wide right-to-left arc and telegraphs very, very heavily, so you can easily avoid all of his attacks. Just keep chipping away at the wound (you'll know you're hitting the wrong place if your weapons bounce, and the right place if you hear the normal injury sound) until he falls, then hack at his head. You should never be hit while doing this.



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