Black Phantoms in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake are special enemies that behave in a manner similar to their normal variant. They may be regular enemies, NPCs, or online players invading your world. The Black Eye Stone has to be used in order to invade another player's world as a Black Phantom


Black Phantoms Description

You can easily distinguish a Black Phantom by its appearance; a soul-like black body with a red aura. Black Phantoms are always hostile, even if they are originally friendly NPCs. Black Phantoms can also be an online player who has invaded your world. Under certain circumstances, some types of enemies and many NPCs have a Black Phantom form which appears. Creating the right conditions to encounter and defeat the NPCs in Black Phantom form is necessary to obtain certain unique items, and therefore earn several of the Trophies.

Black Phantoms Behavior

NPC Black Phantoms have similar abilities, weaknesses, attack behavior and movements as their regular counterpart. Compared to their non-Black Phantom form, they will also have more HP and more powerful attacks. They are also more alert and will pursue more aggressively.


Black Phantoms Types

There are different categories of Black Phantoms which you may encounter. They follow different rules determining when they appear and what the effect of killing them will be.



When playing online in Body Form, your game may be invaded by another player as a Black Phantom. They can invade in any location in a World, as long as you are online and in Body Form. Once you clear an area of its corresponding Demon, you are safe from invasion from that Archstone and backward. Upon killing an invader, your World Tendency and Character Tendency shifts towards White.

  • The Old Monk will summon a Black Phantom to fight on his behalf. 


Each time you enter the world with Black or Pure Black World Tendency, these Black Phantoms appear in addition to the usual foes. These phantoms are guaranteed to drop an item.


Black Phantom forms of NPCs which you may encounter in Body Form at other times. They appear only if World Tendency is Pure Black. They will not reappear after being killed. Killing these phantoms strongly shifts both Character and World Tendency towards White, but only if directly killed by the player. Other damage (poison, falling, etc.) do not count towards changing Character Tendency. The death of the phantom unavoidably changes World Tendency.

Nameless NPCs

These are NPC Black Phantoms that you will always encounter in a specific location in each World. They will always appear in each playthrough. They will not reappear after being killed. Whichever Nameless NPC Black Phantom you kill first in a NG will drop a Black Eye Stone. It does not matter which one you kill first.

 Black Phantoms Notes & Tips:



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