Stonefang Tunnel is a Location in Demon's Souls. City of the burrowers, keepers of the huge tunnel.
Most of the stubborn excavators who supported the soldiers of Boletaria had their souls taken. Lacking their own will, they mindlessly continue working.

World Tendency Events

White World

  • No White World events

Black World

  • A Primeval Demon is located outside, at the bottom of the elevator where enemies are throwing boulders. You can see the demon from the stairs at the archstone.
    • Note: The Primeval Demon shows up one World Tendency lighter than Pure Black and is likely to drop a Colorless Demon's Soul when killed.
    • The wheel to activate the platform is inside the building
  • A Pick Axe wielding Black Phantom Scale Miner is added to the 3 Flame Blade wielding Scale Miners by the second fog-gate. If you break the barrels and cart straight here, it will lead to the outside where you can activate the rotating platform used to reach Blacksmith Ed
  • Two Pick Axe wielding Black Phantoms Scale Miners is added to the group of Flame Blade Wielding Scale Miners and stone throwers. They are alert to rear approach.
  • A Pick Axe wielding Black Phantom Scale Miner is at the end of the last Wooden Bridge, before the Boss area

Full  Stonefang Tunnel Walkthrough

You will gain access to the Stonefang Archstone after you defeat Phalanx on the Boletarian Palace and talk to The Monumental. This level will give you Harstone, Sharpstone, Spidersonte and Clearstone

Your entry point to this level is marked in Map 1 as point 1.

You will have to go up a set of stairs and you will soon see the Crystal Gecko that lies to the left side ahead. In front of you, there is the Dirty Man merchant, and if you U turn you can see the way to continue the level.

First, equip a ranged magic and the Thief Ring, and carefully approach the Gecko until you can lock onto it. If you succeed, you will be able to get a hit in without him noticing you, which gives you time to close in and finish him with melee attacks. If he senses you and starts running away, follow him quickly but be careful or he might fall down the cliff ahead (a deadly fall for you as well).

Once you have done this, you can explore point A. This is a lift that you will activate later and will grant you access to Blacksmith ED and also act as a shortcut towards the end of the level.

Now walk towards point  2. You will see there are two crazed miners throwing rocks down on your way. Stop near the end of the narrow passage and watch them for a while to learn the pattern, then dash forward when you see your chance. Beware that the rock`s "splater" can damage you as well, so you would want to start running when the way is completely clear. As soon as you enter the building, look right and find the handle marked as point 2, and use it to activate the outside lift. Get on the lift by carefully maneuvering to a platform, and use the right stick of your controller to see your surroundings and stop the upper platform in which you will get off.

Inside this building, there is a Fat Minister. This incredibly annoying and powerful enemies attack you with a strong fire spell, and smack you if you get close. You could die in one hit if you fire resistance is low, so be careful! The best tactic is to lock onto them, and roll to evade their attack, and counter with a quick ranged spelll, then roll again. They are ironically weak against fire, and bleeding weapons work as well. If you are a melee user, roll out of the way of his attacks as you close in, then use your shield to parry his melee attack. Once the minister is dead, you can kill the miners and retreive the CRUSHING BATTLE AXE +1

Use the lift to get back to point 2, and continue the level. Note that there is another area on the bottom of the lift. There is a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes there and, if the World Tendency is Pure Black, you will find a Primeval Demon. This enemy is very easy to kill and will give you a Colorless Demon Soul, that you can use to learn an important miracle later on.

Back in point 2, start forward to point C. On the way, you will see many miners, some of whom will attack you. Kill everyone to obtain Spiderstones, but be especially careful of the ones holding a pickaxe or a bag of rocks. Their eyes shine and they are the most agressive enemies. They are weak to fire.

As you continue you will also be attacked by a pack of wild dogs, so it is best to proceed with caution and a raised shield. Keep your Thief Ring on to avoid being detected too early.

After you kill the dogs and all miners, you can face the Fat Minister that is inside the structure, close to where the Chunks of Hard and Sharpstone are on the map. Collect the items after you defeat him and take out your shield and a short melee weapon : you will now enter a narrow set of stairs and be ambushed by pickaxe miners in every corner! To survive this section, you should remember to carefully peek around every corner, and roll backwards to avoid the enemy attack. You can then counter, but these enemies take a lot of damage so it will be a slow process.

As you clear the stairway, you will arrive at point C of Map 1. You are now one floor up. The first thing you must do is  RUN LEFT AND UP. There is a Fat Minister right in front of where point C was, and he has all the advantage, so the first step is to get out of the way. Continue along as if you were going to the fog, point D. When you are on the bridge leading to point D, you should be in range to lock onto the Fat Minister, and kill him with a combination of rolls and spells. Once he is dead, backtrack to point C, and run through the wooden planks (Marked as a brown line in Map 1) without stopping and sticking to the left side (the rest of the path will collapse). Once you have obtained the items here, drop down to point 3 and use the lever to open the gate leading to point D.

You can now kill all remaining enemies and drop back again, then retrace your steps to get to the fog. You are now at point D of Map 2

When you enter this area, you can see to your left, on the wall, a Fire Gecko. These enemies are dangerous, so take it out from a distance. Once it is dead, you can pick up your first Splinter of Meltsone. Meltsone is used to downgrade a weapon, but you do not get back any of the ores that you used to upgrade said weapon. It is likely you will never use this item.

Next you should head up the stairs to the left of the entry point (right way towards point E if you are looking at Map 2). You will see a circular room with many fire geckos, that you can carefully eliminate with a ranged attack to obtain splinters of dragonstone. After the fire geckos, you will notice a pool of lava close to some stairs. Ignore that section for now. Concentrate on the 3 miners with hot iron spears guarding the entrance of point E (the next fog). These guards are dangerous because of the effect and range of their weapon: keep your distance and use a bow/magic to kill them one by one. If you are a melee player, lure them out and kill them one by one by evading their initial attack and countering from behind.

After you kill the 3 miners, do not go through the fog. Continue towards point A instead. Some more miners will be in your way, kill them and then get to the handle marked as 1 in Map 2. Use it to activate the lift, that will give you access to the bottom chamber where Blacksmith Ed is available (Map 1 point A). This will also work as a shortcut to the Archstone if you get killed in the future.

Now go back to point E and walk through the fog. You will be ambushed by yet another pickaxe miner. Defeat him and enter a blacksmith room, kill everything in site, then walk forward and, INMEDIATELY after you exit turn right and destroy the barrels to gain access to the roof. From the roof, you can kill the enemies that lure downstairs, without scaring away the Crystal Gecko. If you want, you can drop down behind them and rush to melee them, but it is best to keep a distance as there are many of them. Once they are dead, you can get the Gecko, and jump after him if he drops down, you will safely land in the earlier floor.

Your next objective is point 2. To get there, you will have to go up some wooden stairs towards a square structure that has fire geckos in the walls. Remember to keep your distance as you kill the geckos: there are 2 of them on each side of the square, so a total of 8. After you defeat them, you will start down and be attacked by dogs, so keep your shield up!

Continue and when you reach the area with point 2, be careful of the pickaxe and rock bag miners: stay evasive and run back to safety if you need to eat grass. Once the path is cleared, you can turn the handle in point 2 to drop cold water on the lava, making that area accessible. Drop down the ledge and head towards the area where the lava was, you can now cross and go towards point F.

Standing right in front of point F is a Fat Minister. He has the clear advantage as your way is blocked by explosive barrels, so your first objective is to make him attack the barrels so they explode, but without getting you burnt. One you can get into the room, use the pillars as cover to pop in and out whilst you use spells. If you are a melee user, you will want to use the pillars to get close, and to use as cover when you need to refill your health.

Go through the fog. You are now in point F of Map 3.

Walk forward and notice the spiderwebs around: you are close to the next Demon. You will be ambushed again by a hot spear miner, so walk cautiously! You will eventually come to a darkened area with a square platform-lift marked as point G. Before you use the lever to go down make sure to head up the wooden planks and get the KRIS KNIFE that will give a bonus to your magical attack. If you are coming here for the second time because you were killed, the lift will not be there. Use the handle marked as point 1 to call the lift back.

Once you are on the lower level, look for the Chunk of Spiderstone hidden in a corner, and then you could use a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes to revive yourself and wait in front of this fog until you see a Blue Eye Stone Marker and can call an ally. Do this especially if you are a melee character.

Go through the fog to fight the Demon

Armored Spider

To defeat this Demon, you should have the following:

The easiest way to defeat this Demon is to take a ranged approach, as it has very low magic defense.

Stay right next to the entry point (marked as green in Map 3), lock onto the spider`s head, and dodge the firey rocks the Demon spits at you, timing your ranged attack in between hers. She will throw a web at you that slows your movement, which is very dangerous, so whenever you see her head go up and aim with her tail, start rolling right and left until her attack has hit the ground. If you do not wait until the web hits the ground, it will change directions and get you. Repeat this slow process until you kill it.

If you are a melee user, and you don`t have the bow or arrows, get some sticky white stuff on your weapon, head straight up and left. Have the Total Protection spell on at all times! You should coordinate your attacks from here, and use your shield whenever she lashes at you. Be careful: if you see she is getting ready to do firespray, you should run towards the entrance as fast as you can!

Stonefang Tunnel Map


(Maps Used With Permission)

Speed Run Walkthrough

A fast walkthrough of how to get to the end of the level the fastest, picking up only essential items goes here.
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      05 May 2019 22:06  

      I am barbarian, i picked up purple shield from boletaria, dual hand it against fire spray. That and some weed is needed. Solo it with the crushing axe +1 in left hand.

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        Complaints16 Apr 2017 13:24  

        Sorry I love this website and it's very helpful but when it says you should use stuff like the White bow on the spider I can't understand how I'm supposed to get it this early in the game? And sticky white stuff, and the Total protection spell for that matter... I'm SL 25, bad ass priest :-)

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