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Yurt, the Silent Chief

Health 742 magic defense demonssouls 25px 141
normaldefense 25px 204 fire demonssouls 25px 190
bluntdefense 25px
204 bleeding 25px 221
slashdefense 25px 222 poison 25px 221
piercedefense 25px 204 plague 25px 137
Location The Nexus
Tower of Latria
Drops Gloom Set
780 Souls

Yurt, the Silent Chief is an NPC in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. NPCs are the various characters that are encountered by the player throughout their journey. NPCs provide information, others are quest givers, while some are categorized as Merchants and/or Blacksmiths whom you can trade with or request for certain services.


Yurt, the Silent Chief is a deadly assassin whose only business in Boletaria is to aid in the misdeeds of his accomplice, the enigmatic Mephistopheles, and kill all those who have learned the ways of Soul Arts.


Yurt, the Silent Chief Information

  • If the Tower of Latria is in Pure Black World Tendency and all of the Bosses have been defeated, head back to the locked cage where Yurt would normally be, in front of his cage is a pile of his armor
  • Yurt must be rescued from a cage in Fool's Idol Archstone to be available. He is near the first tower with the praying prisoners. Follow the colored Augites of Guidance, which you can see from the top of that tower, and you will find his cage.


  • If the player rescues Yurt, the next time entering the Nexus after defeating a boss there will be two unnamed corpses on the ground. One is on the outer stairs visible from near Boldwin, and the other is at the second level near the top of the stairs. However, Yurt will roam on the platform where you freed him until a demon is actually killed, so you can safely come back to kill him even after leaving the Fool's Idol Archstone stage with the nearby Shard of Archstone or via Evacuate.

If he is left alone from this point, Yurt will begin killing other named NPCs around Nexus in the following order.

  • Two non-NPC bodies are first discovered (one on steps near Boldwin, the other one level up)
  • Freke's Apprentice
  • The Acolyte of God
  • Patches, The Hyena
  • Saint Urbain
  • Sage Freke
  • Yuria
  • After killing these NPCs, Yurt's bloodlust seems quenched and he will not kill any more NPCs. If you go talk to him after at least two NPC's are dead, he will explain that he is 'Yurt, The Silent Chief' and say "My work in Boletaria is almost done. I have murdered every human left, except for one…" Then he will turn hostile.1
  • Yurt will only make one kill after a boss is defeated. He will not have made a kill if you return to the Nexus without having defeated a boss.
  • These NPCs will not respawn until the player begins a NG+
  • In order to prevent this, kill him immediately upon releasing him from the cage in Fool's Idol Archstone or immediately after finding the two unnamed corpses in the Nexus. He is found on the second floor near the unnamed corpse.

Recommended:  Killing him as soon as you release him has no effect on character or world tendencies.

When killed he will drop the following (plague and poison resist plate):

Note. If Yurt falls for any reason, you can quit and reload your game to find his set next to his cage.


Yurt, the Silent Chief Location: Where to Find Yurt, the Silent Chief

Tower of Latria

The Nexus

  • Upper level in a niche to the far right side (unlockable)


Yurt, the Silent Chief Strategies

Melee Strategy

  • An easy melee exploiting the fact Yurt isn't initially hostile upon freeing him. He'll allow you to back stab him with impunity up to 3 times before turning hostile, so you can use this either to use the backstab knock away animation to push him off the tower or to kill him outright if your damage output is high enough.
  • If backstabbing, following him immediately as he leaves his hanging cage will present a quick opportunity to backstab him off the platform, as he initially walks towards, and close to, an edge of the platform.
    Note. If Yurt falls from backstabbing, you can quit and reload your game to find his Gloom Armor set next to his cage.

Ranged Strategy

  • This is a bit tricky as it requires you to backtrack up to the tower above him. Once you get back up however Yurt does not have enough range to shoot back, and if you're a good enough shot you can take him down in a hundred arrows or a few dozen spells.
    Alternatively, let him out of his cage and then cast Evacuate. On return to the Nexus, he will not be there. Return to his area and he will still be walking around. Without dropping down to his level, shoot him with a Bow. He will charge at you, and fall off the edge.

Magic Strategy

  • The Poison Cloud spell can kill most NPCs in one hit if you wait out the duration and Yurt is no exception. After releasing Yurt one needs only to cast the spell and step into the the cage he once occupied to find a safe place to wait for the spell's effect to kill him. A short jaunt back up the elevator after Yurt has died will allow you to pick up your Gloom Armor. Also, you can cast Firestorm and kill him outright (tested with 24 Magic, Ring of Magical Sharpness, Monk's Head Collar and Kris Blade). Soulsucker will also kill Yurt in one hit.

Hyper Range

  • Equip the Morion Blade and the Clever Rat's Ring
  • Get your health below 30% by using the Magic Sword Makoto, the Cursed Weapon spell, or by falling
  • Equip the Lava Bow and go find Yurt. Stand directly in front of him and as far away from him as possible (against the wall).
  • Go into sniper mode and just shoot him. He's got heavy armor so he won't run.


Yurt, the Silent Chief Dialogue

Tower of Latria (Fool's Idol Archstone)

  • Are you here to fight the Demons?
    If so, then help me escape this place.
    I am on your side. I have come to face the Demons.
  • No:
  • Come back here! You will one day regret this.
    I do not forget those who do me wrong.
  • Yes:
  • Thank you. I will remember this. I am certain we will meet again.

Nexus, after defeating a boss

  • I'm indebted to you, for your help in Latria.
    Without it, I would not have made it back to the Nexus.
    Now I can go on with my work, and for that I must thank you.
  • What is it, I have no business with you. Not yet.
    Do not be concerned, life is hardly as precious as one might think…

Nexus, after defeating more bosses

  • Hm, hello brave one.
    I was looking for you just now.
    I am Yurt the Silent Chief, I am an assassin.
    My work, in Boletaria, is almost complete.
    I have murdered every surviving human… except for one.

If attacked

  • Well, what have we here? Do you wish to die so soon?

When killed (in Fool's Idol Archstone)

  • Why, you…!

When killed (in nexus)

  • Why, you…! Mephistopheles was right about you.

Killing the player (in nexus)

  • Meddling souls never last for long…


Yurt, the Silent Chief Notes, Tips, and Trivia

  • Yurt's hitlist is only based upon a single playthrough



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    • Anonymous

      Indeed, meddling souls don't last for long, just as Yurt says as he kills the player... That's the reasoning why people tend to kill Yurt quick as possible when they figure his motives out, and do that every single playthrough from then on.

      Swear i was frustrated when i found out the hard way he was a **** my first playthrough years ago on the PS3 version, so I from then on made it a mission to spam Needle of Eternal Agony on him until he was near death, before soulsucking him if i had the spell on hand. Good times.

      • Anonymous

        I've done some research, but I can't find a definitive answer. Does killing a boss as a blue phantom advance Yurt's assassinations?

        • Anonymous

          I intended to push him, accidentally back-stab him so I killed him on the platform. Even tho he engaged in the fight, I went to check, re-warp the archstone and world tendency haven't change (+1) as it was, same with character tendency, still neutral. I double checked, went to the nexus and came back and still.

          • Anonymous

            Gloom set can apparently be found in PBWT Latria, probably after all bosses have been defeated (unsure about Monk).

            • Anonymous

              Lautrec desperately wanted to be like Yurt. All he got was some emo “hug me” armor, while Yurt not only looks cooler, he also brags about murdering every survivor in Boletaria. Dude is an actual psycho. Lautrec just a wannabe.

              • Anonymous

                Man, I thought he already looked cool in the original PS3 version, and now he looks even better on PS5.

                It’s kinda unreal the level of detail that these armor sets and weapons have in this game. I tried to play the PS3 version again and it looked so blurry I’m convinced the game is 480p. It’s bad to a point where I feel FromSoftware didn’t really get to achieve their vision on PS3 because their engine was so bad at the time.

                • Anonymous

                  i released him and kept him alive and he never did any of these things, is there some glitch that prevents him for completing his goal?

                  • Anonymous

                    Attacked him in his locked cage, now he’s just walking in place and the option to open the doors gone. -.-

                    • Anonymous

                      Recommended:  Killing him as soon as you release him has no effect on character or world tendencies
                      - this, unfortunately, is not true

                      • Anonymous

                        he turned hostile on me and said his "i've killed everyone" dialogue after killing only 2 npc, the worshipper of god first, and the freke's apprentice, is this a bug? i'm playing the ps3 version

                        • Anonymous

                          Yurt fall from the platform where a freed him , his corp is in mid air so a can t loot him , will his loot respawn if game reload ( like the machine gun hunter in bloodborne )

                          • Anonymous

                            "I have murdered every surviving human"

                            Stockpile Thomas, Ostrava, Blacksmith Boldwin, Blacksmith Ed, Filthy woman and man, Dregling merchant, Biorr, Selen Vinland, Satsuki, Miralda, Scirvir, and Blige: Am I a joke to you?

                            • Anonymous

                              For some reason, Yurt never killed any of my NPCs. I freed him in two playthroughs, did not kill him, killed the remaining bosses, and never found any NPCs to be missing. Strange.

                              • Anonymous

                                Hes not in the nexus or at his place in latvia... he killed the two random npcs, and he's not in his spot.

                                Does that mean I need to kill another boss and have him kill the apprentice? Will it screw up Mephistos quest if the apprentice is already dead, or can I just be freke?

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