Disciple of God

General Info
Location The Nexus
Drop ???
Health ???
Souls ???

Disciple of God is a NPC in Demon's Souls.

The Disciple of God appears after defeating the Phalanx in Boletarian Palace. He is the basic miracle trainer, and allows players to learn and memorize basic miracles. He disappears after Saint Urbain is freed, or when his dialogue has been exhausted.


Disciple of God Information

  • He can teach teaches basic miracles in exchange for souls but only if the player has 10 Faith or above.
  • The Disciple of God will leave after rescuing Saint Urbain
  • Taking to him multiple times will cause him to leave. 
  • Does not appear until the completion of the Boletarian Palace.






  • After Boletarian Palace (faith below 10):
    • A warrior from afar, are you?
      May you enjoy victory in battle.
  • After Boletarian Palace (faith above 10):
    • Oh, you must be another disciple of God.
      I, too, am on a quest to fight the Demons in the name of the Lord.
      May I share God's power with you? Do not be bashful; we are both cut from the same cloth.
    • A miracle is a heavenly act, but spells are the acts of Demons, the work of soul arts.
      They have similar effects, and yet, one is clearly evil, and the other is clearly good.
      Magicians, in the end, are mere servants of the Demons.
  • Returning:
    • Oh, fellow disciple, you seek the power of God?



  • After Shrine of Storms?
    • Do you seek the power of God?
    • Do you know Saint Urbain?
      Saint Urbain is a true sage. He can hear the voice of God.
      But that despondent disciple over there claims that he has fallen in a trap behind the altar.
      I hate to think that such misfortune could have befallen so eminent a man!
      We intend to leave shortly for the altar, to rescue Saint Urbain.
      God has ordered it done, and we are His disciples.
      I am afraid we may not meet again for quite some time.
  • When leaving without doing business
    • I see. You wish to train yourself in stoicism. Very well.
      I pray we meet again.
  • Leaving while talking
    • Now, come back; I am still speaking.
      That hardly befits an honourable warrior such as yourself.




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